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学生对 科罗拉多大学波德分校 提供的 Introduction to Embedded Systems Software and Development Environments 的评价和反馈

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Welcome to the Introduction to Embedded Systems Software and Development Environments. This course is focused on giving you real world coding experience and hands on project work with ARM based Microcontrollers. You will learn how to implement software configuration management and develop embedded software applications. Course assignments include creating a build system using the GNU Toolchain GCC, using Git version control, and developing software in Linux on a Virtual Machine. The course concludes with a project where you will create your own build system and firmware that can manipulate memory. The second course in this 2 course series , Embedded Software and Hardware Architecture, will use hardware tools to program and debug microcontrollers with bare-metal firmware. Using a Texas Instruments MSP432 Development Kit, you will configure a variety of peripherals, write numerous programs, and see your work execute on your own embedded platform!...



Jan 5, 2020

I have done a few computer science courses already and some of them were related to embedded systems. This is one of the best so far.\n\nHigher level than a introductory course.\n\nHighly advisable.


Oct 9, 2019

The course was excellent for me, as a beginner. Of course, the learning curve was steep and the assignments challenging, but I learnt a lot. Thanks you Coursera and University of Colorado, Boulder.


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创建者 Venkata R C

Feb 15, 2018

Excellent course. Could do with more videos on Makefile and more interaction of the instructors and mentors in the forums.

创建者 Gunjan B

Dec 28, 2019

If you want to learn about gcc, git and memory segment basic then this course is best for you.

创建者 Karan M

Nov 1, 2019

Was very helpful, I can now understand the hardware level functions of an embedded system

创建者 GOPI G

May 16, 2019

Course content structure and refresher question in between video was very useful.

创建者 Adair G V

Jul 30, 2021

more detail into make writing syntax and examples would be very useful

创建者 Hassan N

Jul 3, 2018

Good material. Too much specialty jargon, difficult for non-CS majors.

创建者 Jun L

Aug 1, 2019

It'd be even better if it's available with teacher's online help ;)

创建者 Kaijun F

Apr 3, 2018

Very helpful information, but sometimes a little bit overwhelming.


Sep 18, 2020

Good Concepts on Embedded, sadly MSP432 board will never be used

创建者 Deleted A

Jan 18, 2018

Great course, give you a big picture. But where is course 2?

创建者 Vidhi V V

Jul 4, 2020

It was amazing and great...Learn something completely new.

创建者 Frank B

Nov 24, 2020

Good class, good knowledge gained, great instructor

创建者 Malek M

Aug 29, 2021

This course is a must for every ES engineer.

创建者 Bourama T

Aug 23, 2020

that is a great course

创建者 Nerella S S A 1

Jun 5, 2020


创建者 Beshoy A W

Apr 26, 2020

Good and easy contant and well explain

But i become so disappointed with the assessment it's so hard and not match the content

I agree it's about the learning contant but it's not easy like it

There weren't many examples to understand the assessment and do it easily

I made many Searches on Google to understand and to be able to do the assessment

I suggest and hope that you prepare some new videos to practice more and to be able to solve my assessment problems

创建者 Rosa C

Mar 17, 2021

I learned a lot! I think the assignments need to be explained in a better way, sometimes they get really confusing and the instructions are not in order sometimes. As college student still, it gets pretty confusing on the assignments, I was lucky to enroll in the course with 3 other peers and we helped each other when we got stuck. Besides this, I did learned many things.

创建者 Danillo M S

Sep 27, 2021

T​he course material is good, the videos are clear and the assignments really complete the learning. However, as a embedded systems introductory course I would expect more hands-on activities, flashing microcontrollers and debugging the code in the target would be the bare minimum to cover on this phase.

创建者 varun m

Sep 18, 2019

The course is good and well structured, but do not expect any support from the instructor or moderators during the course. There is no way for you to review a decision during peer reviews. I had to upload the same submissions again due to incompetent peers marking my answers as wrong.

创建者 Dwayne I

Aug 31, 2017

An interesting course but the assignment goals aren't always the clearest. While i understand the importance of code reviews, I don't believe that they are the best way to grade assignments due to the varying skill levels of persons taking the course.

创建者 Matias S

Apr 13, 2018

The content is well crafted, there are some rough issues around the homework and the support in the forums is null.

创建者 Xinyun Z

Jan 13, 2021

The topic is good but lack of maintenance in these days. Also, no access to the downloadable slides.

创建者 Shady H M

Mar 19, 2020

It's a good basic Intro but does not go into details as I would expect.

创建者 Ganesh S

Jun 5, 2020


创建者 James M

Dec 12, 2019

While this course has some very good information, the way it's presented is really poor.

After the information tsunami of every video, at the end of each week there is an assignment which does a bad job of bridging the gap between what was taught and how it should be applied. It feels vague, and I spent hours merely deciphering the requirements of the project. The last assignment was a huge letdown - almost no 'true' embedded programming at all, simply pointer tricks, fumbling with makefiles, gcc flags, and print statements. It was a repackaging of all the other assignments into one ambiguous conglomerate.