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学生对 Google 提供的 Introduction to Git and GitHub 的评价和反馈

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In this course, you’ll learn how to keep track of the different versions of your code and configuration files using a popular version control system (VCS) called Git. We'll also go through how to setup an account with a service called GitHub so that you can create your very own remote repositories to store your code and configuration. Throughout this course, you'll learn about Git's core functionality so you can understand how and why it’s used in organizations. We’ll look into both basic and more advanced features, like branches and merging. We'll demonstrate how having a working knowledge of a VCS like Git can be a lifesaver in emergency situations or when debugging. And then we'll explore how to use a VCS to work with others through remote repositories, like the ones provided by GitHub. By the end of this course, you'll be able to store your code's history in Git and collaborate with others in GitHub, where you’ll also start creating your own portfolio! In order to follow along and complete the assessments, you’ll need a computer where you can install Git or ask your administrator to install it for you....


May 6, 2021

Awesome and well balanced course for working professionals. Clear explanations and coverage of typical use case scenarios. The labs were manageable and did not require a lot of time to complete them.

May 17, 2020

Awesome !!! I tried to learn git many times but things always slips over my head but I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this course and voila, I have learned so much in this course. Thanks a lot.


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创建者 Ashutosh P

Jul 29, 2021

Amazing Journey in learning this course, Looking forward for contribution to Open Source Projects and Collaboration with other fellow developers!!! Cheers!!

创建者 Joaquin M S

Aug 29, 2020

I really enjoyed this course. I believe the concepts were clear and well explained. I would like to met the teacher IRL. Thanks Coursera for the opportunity

创建者 Harla

Jun 28, 2020

Loved the hands on Assessment ! The course content was extremely helpful and of really good quality. Loved this course ! The instructor explains really well

创建者 Juan C G

Oct 21, 2020

Excelente experiencia, las practicas van acorde a lo explicado en los videos. Existe un paso a paso que te va guiando. Y los problemas son ejemplos reales.

创建者 Cristian A L V

Jun 15, 2020

Great!! I didn't have any pre-course knowledge but after I finished I learned the basics and concept and I want to keep practicing to improve my knowledge.

创建者 kushal k

Jul 19, 2020

I learnt github and git and version control system but the course was amazing but first 2 weeks i found it tough then last 2 weeks it was easy and amazing

创建者 hrithik k

Jun 6, 2020

the instructor was very good at in communication and teach hard concepts in easy manner ,also in time to time he make some jokes also which was very good

创建者 Mukul G

Apr 28, 2020

This course is really good. I learned so much from this course. Instructor is also really good and knowledgeable in the field.Looking forward to use this.

创建者 Soni N

May 9, 2020

It was an amazing course.The instructor was amazing. His teaching skill is awesome and the course is really gonna help you for collaborative programming

创建者 Marco A G C

Nov 30, 2020

Muy buen curso, muy didáctico, pero sería mejor si incluyera más ejercicios en Qwicklabs, eso potenciaría más al curso. Muchas gracias a todo el equipo.

创建者 Gulcan C

Mar 12, 2021

I learned a lot of new things about GIT and GITHUB, then I can apply them in my own project. I also like the instructor, he explains everything clearly

创建者 로봇

Feb 25, 2021

I've used GitHub often since a long time ago. I am happy to learn the exact theory through this opportunity. Korean subtitles are a bit disappointing.

创建者 Daryna I

Dec 6, 2020

Everything was told in a very understandable format, the instructor just the best of the best - very easy to understand and interesting to listen to.

创建者 Larry M

Apr 8, 2020

The course took away the mystery of version control and helped me feel confident that I could use the git VCS and the github as a collaboration tool.

创建者 A 0 A K A

Jun 26, 2021

The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful.

创建者 Aemarajan

Jun 12, 2020

It's really awesome course. Explanations are very clear and thanks to instructor to make a session clear.

And practice sessions are make very useful.

创建者 xin h

Jun 30, 2020

Very good. Everything well explained and in an easy-to-understand way. I highly recommend this for everyone wants to learn Git from an entry level.

创建者 RAJA S N Y K S - A

May 9, 2020

the course is very intresting and its the topics are properly scheduled, so that any person irrespective of programming background can learn easlly

创建者 Jayaram R

Apr 3, 2020

This course helped me immensely.

But, the overall course certificate format is not that great.

Kindly, provide us with better formatted certificates.

创建者 Özer Ö

Jan 23, 2021

If someone is looking for a comprehensive git and github course, it's the one. You'll use git in a real world. I absolutely recommend this course.

创建者 Aman R

Nov 28, 2020

This was like sauce on the bread, VCS is the most useful things that i have came to know and how to use it is the another most important chapter.

创建者 Patricia D A

Nov 24, 2021

I​ really like the course. Great teacher! I've been using git for a time now and I never understood some of the commands until now. Thanks a lot!

创建者 Divinity S

Sep 11, 2021

Very thorough and comprehensive course. Even as a long time practitioner, doing this course gave interesting insights to Git usage and practices.

创建者 Bala G G S

Jun 1, 2021

This was so helpful in knowing all about working with git an github. Thanks to the tutors and team for making a wonder content struct and visual.

创建者 Asmit M

Apr 22, 2021

This is one of the best courses available on Git and Github. Got to learn something new and will definitely apply my skills in upcoming projects!