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学生对 Google 云端平台 提供的 Introduction to Google Workspace Administration 的评价和反馈

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Introduction to Google Workspace Administration is the first course in the Google Workspace Administration series of courses. This series will serve as the starting place for any new Google Workspace admin as they begin their journey of managing and establishing Google Workspace best practices for their organization. These courses together will leave you feeling confident to utilize the basic functions of the admin console to manage users, control access to services, configure security settings, and much more. Through a series of readings and step-by-step hands-on exercises, and knowledge checks, learners can expect to leave this training with all of the skills they need to get started as Google Workspace administrators. In this course you will sign up for a Google Workspace account and configure your DNS records for Google Workspace. You will learn how to provision and manage your users, and will create groups and calendar resources for your organization. You will be introduced to your Cloud Directory and will learn how to split your organization into organizational units to simplify user and service management. Finally you will learn how to delegate admin privileges to other users in your organization. IMPORTANT - To get the most out of this training course, learners should be prepared to: - Purchase a new domain through a registrar such as enom or GoDaddy. Note: If you already have a domain that you would like to use for the trial you can do this but this course does not provide detailed steps on how to associate an existing domain with a Google Workspace trial account. For detailed instructions on how to do that, please refer to this Help Center article: - Provide credit card details as part of the Google Workspace account setup. You will be using a 14 day trial Google Workspace account during this course. As part of the sign up flow you will be required to provide credit card details. No charges for Google Workspace are made to your credit card until the trial period has ended. You must ensure that you CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION before the trial period ends to avoid and charges. This is very IMPORTANT so don't forget! - Install and be ready to use the latest version of Chrome web browser available at



Aug 15, 2019

I loved the parts on Organizational Units and Custom Directory. If Google Could build a course on the Google Cloud Directory Sync that would be more awesome. GSuite remains the best by far.


Oct 26, 2019

I had already set up a couple of GSuite accounts for small businesses, but this course gave me a number of tips & tricks which helped me fine tune the accounts. Worth the time to complete.


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创建者 Jukka P

Jan 13, 2020

Videos would be nicer and also that you have to subscribe and cancel a domain is bit of inconvenience.

创建者 Irem W

Feb 23, 2020

Very well prepared but time estimations are not realistic. I needed much more time to succeed.

创建者 Matthew C

Dec 11, 2021

it would be better if you created videos than make me read all the contents of this topic

创建者 Hiren P

Apr 3, 2020

Some of course material need to be redesign. Its not easy to find solution to problem.

创建者 Deleted A

Jun 26, 2020

I would have given this 5 stars if there'a path to follow regarding G Suite skills.

创建者 Matthew R B

May 20, 2020

Boring but necessary fundamentals...most people could just google most of this.

创建者 Jhonny E V G

Mar 23, 2020

Falta contenido más dinámico, para entenderlo se debe leer mucha documentación

创建者 Caio R R

May 12, 2020

Acredito que a utilização de mais videos auxiliariam no entendimento

创建者 Santhosh S

May 17, 2020

Could Reduce Reading sections and include videos

创建者 Jorge I M R

May 29, 2020

Too much text. I need more multimedia lessons.

创建者 Kalli P

Nov 9, 2020

not that clear- system needs to be updated

创建者 MD. M H S

Jul 29, 2020

This is really nice also helpful

创建者 Yami C

Apr 28, 2020

A few typos in the scenarios.

创建者 Widasun W

Oct 29, 2021

course must be updated

创建者 Adesanya K

Oct 5, 2020


创建者 Caroline R

Nov 17, 2021

While the exercises and scenarios in the course were useful, the instructions were occasionally out of date, and since the quizzes were confusingly worded and no explanations given for the "correct" answers, I was left to guess and check whether my understanding of the material was wrong, if had misunderstood the question, or if the quiz was just outdated and incorrect.

创建者 Arié L

Sep 4, 2019

to many question and answer are OUT OF DATE

Based on current console option and possible configuration, to many answer asked by the test are wrong

Out those old answer asked,

Basic information for the admin console are good and usefull to start understanding how the admin console work

创建者 Nicole L

Sep 20, 2020

Several things were confusing and questions to answers were misleading.

I felt that most of the training was just links to GSuite help documents. I signed up for the course in hopes that the training materials would be more engaging than GSuite help documents.

创建者 Frank P

Jan 26, 2021

Very basic, mostly links to the Google Help Centre (which are freely available anyway). Little or no content that was actually bespoke to this course. Disappointing, as I could have obtained all of it for free outside of Couresera.

创建者 Aman G

Jan 11, 2021

Plenty of mistakes in the instructions, especially for the practical exercises. Desperately needs to be updated to reflect the current functionality of Google Workplace.

创建者 Mohammed I M

Sep 16, 2020

If the content is full of videos It will be much interesting to study as like as the technical fundamentals course

创建者 David F H

Feb 20, 2020

Contenido totalmente en ingles

创建者 A. I

Nov 15, 2021

some content is out of date.

创建者 Richard S

Apr 7, 2020












创建者 Richard M

Aug 2, 2021

Very dry material (read, read, you try, quiz)

Also, if you don't have the right plan, you don't get to see what the instructions are talking about. I would lose so much time trying to figure what the reading was talking about, only to find out that I don't get those features with my plan. However, it does not state this when you are doing the activity.

Pretty frustrated with this course. I love that you try to teach people all this new information, but you guys are definitely not teachers!!