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In the first course of Machine Learning Engineering for Production Specialization, you will identify the various components and design an ML production system end-to-end: project scoping, data needs, modeling strategies, and deployment constraints and requirements; and learn how to establish a model baseline, address concept drift, and prototype the process for developing, deploying, and continuously improving a productionized ML application. Understanding machine learning and deep learning concepts is essential, but if you’re looking to build an effective AI career, you need production engineering capabilities as well. Machine learning engineering for production combines the foundational concepts of machine learning with the functional expertise of modern software development and engineering roles to help you develop production-ready skills. Week 1: Overview of the ML Lifecycle and Deployment Week 2: Selecting and Training a Model Week 3: Data Definition and Baseline...


Jun 4, 2021

really a great course. It'll really change your way of thinking ML in production use and will help you better understand how can you leverage the power of ML in a way that I'll really create a value

Dec 5, 2021

I have been involved with deep learning for more than 5 years (in academia), nevertheless learned a lot already. I am very curious about the next courses. Thanks for putting together this course!


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创建者 Dao M D

Sep 2, 2021

Great course for people who want to get the idea of putting Machine Learning notebooks' code into production!

创建者 Kacper T

Jun 6, 2021

Clear and concise. The lecturer approaches the subject with objectivity but also with immense passion for it.

创建者 Sushant B

Nov 13, 2021

it was an awesome introduction to an important part of AI/ML that is going to decide the future of the field

创建者 Mahtab S

Oct 11, 2021

This course opened my eyes on how to tackle any AI projects in a business environment. Thanks a lot Andrew!

创建者 Zanuar E R

Jul 26, 2021

Great explanation from this course, now I know how to develop a machine learning problem for productivity.

创建者 Jonah M K

Jun 30, 2021

Great course on the introduction of ML in production. Well presented and useful background information.

创建者 Marija M

Jul 12, 2021

Beautiful and inspiring overview of hows and whys in any AI project, with hands-on notebook examples.

创建者 Jiangchun L

Jun 30, 2021

Thanks for this great course and everything, Andrew! You are awesome, fantastic, great and wonderful!

创建者 Sreechowdary T

Aug 5, 2021

Very informative but mostly therory, let me go throught next course in the sequece to work on handon

创建者 Vladislav G V

Jul 23, 2021

This is another great course by Andrew Ng: clear explanations, great examples, curious case studies!

创建者 Hussein M

Jun 17, 2021

It is very valuable and includes insights how to handle data, model data and how to deploy ML models

创建者 vadim m

May 19, 2021

Succinct but full of meaningful examples, holistic approach to MLOps. Well done, Andrew & the team!

创建者 Aman S

Jul 8, 2021

Explained in best way helped in understanding the thought process behind setting up ML in prod.

创建者 Reza M

Aug 31, 2021

T​his is about the whole picture. What comes around model, or where model is in big picture.

创建者 Erica B

Nov 28, 2021

Andrew Ng is the mentor I've been searching for! Very grateful for this course, thank you!

创建者 MoChuxian

May 17, 2021

Learned very useful insights about Machine Learning engineering from Andrew, thanks a lot!

创建者 19020418 L D S

Sep 12, 2021

Thanks Andrew and deepai for bringing very informative and easily learnable course for us

创建者 Lúcio R

Jun 22, 2021

The presented topics were perfect to give a overview the major steps to deploy a ML model

创建者 Ivan O C

Dec 11, 2021

An amanzing and useful introduction to start any ML project in a industrial context...

创建者 Nitin M

May 30, 2021

Very useful and complex material made easy to understand by an excellent instructor!

创建者 Trikoder

Jun 1, 2021

Very useful topics covered! Andrew explains in a clear way, with a lot of examples.

创建者 Sunwaee

May 17, 2021

Excellent course, as always. That's a really good introduction to ML in production.

创建者 AserGarcia

Jun 7, 2021

Great introductory course on the operations to keep a system afloat in production.

创建者 Steven I

Sep 28, 2021

T​he flow of this course and explanation with examples, made learning quite easy,

创建者 Susan M

Jul 25, 2021

Have not yet competed labs - course in progress. Request for review premature.