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Web Connectivity and Security in Embedded Systems, EIT 数字

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Welcome to Web Connectivity and Security in Cyber Physical Systems! In this course, we will explore several technologies that bring modern devices together, facilitating a network of connected things and making devices internet enabled. We will discuss rules, protocols, and standards for these devices to communicate with each other in the network. We will also go through security and privacy issues and challenges in cyber physical systems (CPS). We will explore measures and techniques for securing systems from different perspectives. Possible attack models are introduced and solutions to tackle such attacks are discussed. Moreover, some basic concepts related to privacy in cyber physical systems are presented. The course comprises altogether five modules and is split up into two main sections. The first section contains three modules and centers on the problem of web connectivity in cyber physical systems. The second section consist of two modules focusing on security measures in such systems. Each module ends with a graded quiz, and there is a final peer reviewed exam at the end of the course covering the two main sections of the course. After completing this course, you will have the basic knowledge and capacity for designing the network architecture of your cyber physical system. This includes putting together different components, selecting suitable communication protocols, and utilizing these protocols in your system. You will also be able to define security requirements for your system and choose and implement a proper security and privacy technique to protect it....


创建者 EL

Jan 30, 2017

Liked the course a lot. Good lectures, well organized and very useful for obtaining a first intro and overview of the topic.

创建者 AA

Jun 02, 2017

Excellent Well Done... Focus Great Analogies and Excellent Methodologies


13 个审阅

创建者 kim gross

Mar 13, 2019

Great course

创建者 payal gupta

Dec 13, 2018

good course

创建者 Khaled Ahmed Ali

Oct 11, 2018

it is a good course, but it needs for update

创建者 Zeeshan Mahmood

Jun 28, 2018

Its very informative short course. Its good for refreshing or learning basic concepts about web connectivity, internet protocols, and cryptographic techniques applicable for embedded systems.The examples and use cases are contemporary, which makes this course quite interesting.

创建者 Liliana White

Mar 20, 2018

Learned a lot about embedded systems even from a network communications perspective, this is a great course to take to familiarize yourself with the Iot and/or Smart Grid technology and communications.

创建者 Soham Jani

Sep 13, 2017

Should make this course more practical and less theoretical. There should be a few assignments along with the quiz. All in all a good overview but will require some practicals/labs.


Jun 14, 2017

Very Comprehensible course for the networking of IoT and sensor devices

创建者 Josué Samuel Barrientos Castañeda

Jun 10, 2017

Good overview of many different concepts and technologies used in connectivity and communication of devices in IoT. It is purely theoretical, just videos no exercises, coding or anything of the sort. To improve I suggest making a PDF with all the content of the course so one can review it months from now when necessary.

创建者 Anthony

Jun 02, 2017

Excellent Well Done... Focus Great Analogies and Excellent Methodologies

创建者 Brandon Ruiz Vasquez

Apr 03, 2017

I wish there was something more interactive than videos and multiple choice questions.

Maybe a simulation software or something fun like that.