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学生对 印度商学院 提供的 IT Project Management 的评价和反馈

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The concepts and use of project management tools, techniques and methodologies are becoming all pervasive. This course addresses project management in the context of IT projects, including software projects. Using the framework of project life cycle, the course covers various aspects pertaining to (i) project initiation, (ii) project planning and scheduling, (iii) project monitoring and control, and (iv) project termination. For planning and scheduling of projects, the use of project network and estimation of time and cost are covered in detail. Scheduling of projects with resource limitations is covered next. Risk assessment methods including simulation and risk reduction approaches are also be covered. The students will be required to use the software @risk to simulate project completion times. The use of Earned Value Analysis for Project Monitoring and Control is emphasized. For Software Project Management, the Waterfall Model and Agile Project Management are covered in detail....


Jul 5, 2020

although i was from project back ground sir has given lot of ideas on project management which will be beneficial in near future ...thanx a ton....and secondly this course has been design very well

Jul 18, 2020

This course will teach you the perks of managing an IT Project. The experienced faculty articulated the topics very clearly and comprehensively. Recommending it to every IT professionals out there.


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创建者 sholitha A

Sep 18, 2020

It was an overview kind of thing of thing to understand the terminology. It would have been nice if it was a little more in depth.

创建者 Suraj G

Jan 16, 2021

not good they need to visualize thing linear programming section lack clarity , no solved example on resource leveling

创建者 Mahesh N

May 21, 2020

Over all course was very useful. The reading material was not sufficient as per my experience for doing crash course

创建者 Vernon M

Feb 18, 2021

Formulas and calculations needed more explanation. The presenter's diction was difficult to understand sometimes.

创建者 Suraj S

Aug 19, 2020

theoretical knowledge was given more need to explain how to manage a project with practical knowledge

创建者 Edgardo

Apr 1, 2017

I think the teacher has opportunity areas in terms of keeping the audience engage...

创建者 Shubhra V

Jun 26, 2020

The Quality of presentation can improve and also the way it as put for explanation

创建者 Nitheesh Y

May 22, 2020

There are no Physical movements and body movements by the trainer.

创建者 Ana L N F

Aug 24, 2020

I would have like that the course would have been more dynamic,

创建者 Denis K

Dec 26, 2020

Sometimes hard to understand. Get's boring.

创建者 João F

Oct 29, 2019

It has less content than I expected

创建者 Sanchit G

Jan 8, 2021

videos are not very interactive

创建者 aru m

Jun 1, 2020

Could have reduced Week 2.

创建者 Joy K

Jul 6, 2020


创建者 Hannah K

Feb 16, 2020

The content was good in terms of a basic introduction. I have my PMP and was looking for more content around PM as it relates to IT PM specifically, and found that this course was more-so a refresher on concepts you will learn while studying for your PMP, with the exception of maybe week 4 that goes a bit into agile PM. The content itself needs to be reviewed, as there are various issues that create distractions while trying to learn. For example if you are following along with the transcript, a lot of times parts of the text will say "inaudible" (ie whoever was writing the transcript was unsure what the professor was saying), typos in the transcript, or words used in the transcript that don't match what the professor was saying (which creates confusion). Separately there are errors with a few quiz questions (ex information in questions related to PV and audits for small projects directly contradict what's in the transcript). And the transcript is wrong for part 2 of monitoring and controlling (it starts over w/ part 1 so there's no way for you to follow along with the text). The other issue is that as the professor is just reading from a transcript, it might be difficult to grasp certain concepts related to calculations because you are just listening to formulas being read with little context or background to help illustrate the concept better. Overall I think this is a good intro to PM, but for a learning platform I was surprised with so many errors in the content.

创建者 Ashish B

May 9, 2020

Modules were monologue. Very less use of graphics, animations, and/or case studies. Mathematical concepts were plainly spoken in English without adequate examples or number crunching. The physical posture of the instructor was very odd and he seemed to be reading out from a script.

创建者 Aditya G

Sep 5, 2021

Content is gold while Sorry to say and no offense to senior professor, style of presentation is not apt for online course. Sometimes it is too fast as he is probably reading from a board and sometimes it is extremely boring. 2 Stars is for the content of the course.

创建者 Sudeep M G

Sep 3, 2020

This course is actually not a IT PM course - its more of Operational management. Secondly, the instructor was just reading the contents with a delivery of speech at a set pace with no variation resulting in boredom. The interview part with Prasun was very good.

创建者 Kalvis K

Jan 28, 2021

+Much useful information, text, calculations

+Additional materials

-Hard to understand English, for European

-Worst lecturer ever seen! No energy, reading from screen, sitting in chair, lmao

-Hard to understood all text,

-Calculations was "just to be there"


创建者 Matthew C

Apr 28, 2020

You can get better courses elsewhere,

If you really want to finish this for the specialization or from the ISB, then play it at 2x speed any less than that will make you pry your hair out on how slow and monotonous this will be

创建者 Vyachaslav G

Jun 9, 2020

Men learn English before you make such courses PLEASE. Sometimes even subtitles translators can't understand what you speak about - just look how many "INAUDIBLE" marks in these subtitles!

创建者 C. L S B

Oct 18, 2020

Content on Agile Project management should have been more. Unnecessary focus on cost accounting made the course look like accounting course rather than IT project management.

创建者 Abdullah a

Jun 23, 2020

the instructor language is not clear, way of presenting is not appealing, and the example provided are hard to understand, could be simplified by using other clear examples

创建者 Andres G C

Apr 20, 2020

Good course content; bad speech from the professor with a very linear speaking without any motivation; one module in which the subtitles are not coincident to the speech.

创建者 Divyang M

Apr 12, 2020

Teaching style is really boring and makes you fall asleep. Content is great though. Someone who watches all the videos without dozing off even once deserves an award !