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学生对 印度商学院 提供的 IT Project Management 的评价和反馈

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The concepts and use of project management tools, techniques and methodologies are becoming all pervasive. This course addresses project management in the context of IT projects, including software projects. Using the framework of project life cycle, the course covers various aspects pertaining to (i) project initiation, (ii) project planning and scheduling, (iii) project monitoring and control, and (iv) project termination. For planning and scheduling of projects, the use of project network and estimation of time and cost are covered in detail. Scheduling of projects with resource limitations is covered next. Risk assessment methods including simulation and risk reduction approaches are also be covered. The students will be required to use the software @risk to simulate project completion times. The use of Earned Value Analysis for Project Monitoring and Control is emphasized. For Software Project Management, the Waterfall Model and Agile Project Management are covered in detail....


Jul 5, 2020

although i was from project back ground sir has given lot of ideas on project management which will be beneficial in near future ...thanx a ton....and secondly this course has been design very well

Jul 18, 2020

This course will teach you the perks of managing an IT Project. The experienced faculty articulated the topics very clearly and comprehensively. Recommending it to every IT professionals out there.


376 - IT Project Management 的 400 个评论(共 401 个)

创建者 Vyachaslav G

Jun 9, 2020

Men learn English before you make such courses PLEASE. Sometimes even subtitles translators can't understand what you speak about - just look how many "INAUDIBLE" marks in these subtitles!

创建者 C. L S B

Oct 18, 2020

Content on Agile Project management should have been more. Unnecessary focus on cost accounting made the course look like accounting course rather than IT project management.

创建者 Abdullah a

Jun 23, 2020

the instructor language is not clear, way of presenting is not appealing, and the example provided are hard to understand, could be simplified by using other clear examples

创建者 Andres G C

Apr 20, 2020

Good course content; bad speech from the professor with a very linear speaking without any motivation; one module in which the subtitles are not coincident to the speech.

创建者 Divyang M

Apr 12, 2020

Teaching style is really boring and makes you fall asleep. Content is great though. Someone who watches all the videos without dozing off even once deserves an award !

创建者 Marcos M A C

Oct 30, 2021

El curso se dicta en ingles, el texto es en español y se pierde tiempo al intentar ver la imagen del video reproduciéndose en un recuadro tan pequeño.

创建者 Lucy ( G

Aug 17, 2020

Instructor is reading and voice is very monotonous, which makes it hard to understand and makes it boring. Some subtitles were wrong.

创建者 Vadim U

May 21, 2020

The way it's presented is very boring. No hands-on experience provided, reading materials are outdated.

创建者 Ardalan S

Jul 17, 2019

it was hard to follow the instructor on difficult numeral topics when he was not using any visual aids.

创建者 Amey M

Jun 6, 2020

Seems to be generalized course. Could be better if was focused towards IT as Specialization is in IT

创建者 Naman A

Apr 20, 2020

Was too theoretical, more examples & task can be included to make it interactive

创建者 Mohammed H

Jan 14, 2018

Not engaging and not enough examples and illustrations

创建者 Dhruvil S

May 8, 2020

Good Content and very poor and flat toned explanation


Apr 24, 2020

A more comprehensive course is required.

创建者 KJ G

Apr 9, 2019

Not interactive or interesting enough.

创建者 Mohammed A

Jul 13, 2021

Boring course, motionless Trainer

创建者 Diego P

Jul 9, 2017

Nedd more examples.

创建者 Alex M Q

Apr 7, 2021

Un curso plano donde el expositor lee sin énfasis ni intencionalidad el contenido es muy difícil de seguir. Si a eso le sumamos una traducción discreta y errores en la traducción de algún módulo (lo reporté) hace mucho más difícil seguir el contenido.

Respecto del contenido me parece bueno.

创建者 Nitin S

Apr 19, 2021

The overall course was very theoretic and for the most part very outdated as well. As the world moves to Agile, the concepts around Agile were only briefly touched upon.

ISB needs to seriously look at refreshing this course.


Jan 9, 2021

very few illustrations on board..only verbal communication...could not understand the steps of the numericals

创建者 orwah m k a

Oct 27, 2020

instructor is very weak and its obvious that he is only reading from ready made presentation

创建者 ireen m

Jan 18, 2021

I can't continue with the class because I can't understand the professor when he speaks


Aug 26, 2021

T​oo difficult to understand the lecture. No practical exrecise. As not as I expected.

创建者 Saurabh K

Jul 30, 2021

Very poor narration, very boring and dull moments

创建者 martin d

Aug 31, 2020

Poor presentation. Bad communication skills.