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学生对 圣彼得堡国立大学 提供的 Japanese for beginners 2 的评价和反馈

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Japanese language has become extremely popular among learners in recent years, since it is the best way to explore one of the richest and most mysterious cultures of the modern East. This course is aimed at those who are interested in understanding Japanese way of thinking and view of the world through learning the language. Course materials are provided by the teaching staff from the Department of Japan Studies. Upon completion of this course the learners will be able: 1. To read texts in Japanese and write using the hiragana and katakana scripts as well as the kanji characters. 2. To understand basic vocabulary in speech and use it in everyday communicative situations (shopping, traveling, visiting friends, phone conversations etc). 3. To form their own sentences using the provided grammar material. This course introduces a lot of new grammar constructions, useful vocabulary and conversational phrases to the learners, who already completed Japanese for beginners 1. Five units of this course aim to enrich learners oral and written speech and help in acquiring fluency in Japanese....


Nov 18, 2021

It was really a great course and a super source of learning a new learning .\n\nEspecially the teaching methodology and a unique style helped me a lot !

Aug 29, 2020

I like u thanks to give a Good skill for me , thank you very much


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创建者 Simon B

Sep 3, 2020

Scond part of a very helpful class if you want to revise your Japanese or if you want to learn new concepts that weren't available in your previous courses. Allowed me to learn new words and new grammar rules. However, there are a few things that I find worthy to improve.

1) The employ of verbs in neutral or formal ways is a bit confusing at times. Would be nice to have a list showing all the verbs taught and, for each verb, all their forms that they can be employed (formal, neutral, etc.).

2) In a couple of tests and PDFs, I noticed some typos that could have been corrected.

3) In some of the quizzes and exercises, the Japanese text and the English one are not properly contrasted with calligraphy elements like bold characters or italics. Which makes the reading of the quizzes complicated. Might be helpful to either put bold characters or to separate the two text in tables.

4) For the vocabulary sheets, would be nice to distinguish and separate words into according topics instead of jumbling them through a long list that can be confusing to read at times.

5) As a language learning class, the absence of available reading material is evident. Any chance of putting links to websites or blogs or books that students could read to practise their Japanese reading skills. Any chance also of making videos on YouTube to help students witness a dialogue between participants.

These are some of the details that I noticed within the course that could be improved. Hope these points will help you.

创建者 Varun R

Nov 2, 2020

Course material has been plentiful and adequate amounts of test and practice was available. Some more clarity could be expected in the video lectures so as to maintain the flow. The dialogues section was also very helpful. If more practise material was available to practice grammar exclusively it would be even more productive.

创建者 Aizzy D A

Jan 27, 2021

A good day to all the staff, all the instructors of this course, and to the coursera team. I am totally grateful for giving me the opportunity in getting a certificate by accepting my financial aid request. I sincerely want to apologize for having overdues, I was busy with school requirements and didn't have enough time to finish my course week requirements on time. Nevertheless, I finished all of them to make up for my shortcomings. Thank you again, and may God Bless your everyday lives.

创建者 Ben R

Aug 1, 2020

Good materials, packed with information, so there’s a lot to read and learn. The regular comprehension tests were valuable. Make sure you have printer access for the coursework materials, and take time to learn the characters by writing them down and testing your memory. Overall, a very good beginners course for the motivated learner.


Nov 19, 2021

It was really a great course and a super source of learning a new learning .

Especially the teaching methodology and a unique style helped me a lot !

创建者 Christofer R F

May 10, 2021

An overall good course. Would be a great idea to open more courses to improve the basics.

创建者 ALOK K

Aug 30, 2020

I like u thanks to give a Good skill for me , thank you very much

创建者 NI P R S D

May 11, 2021

The course is beginner friendly

创建者 shivaranjani g

Jul 20, 2021

Good for beginners

创建者 Pranav s

Nov 26, 2021

Its a good course and is for beginners

创建者 Elisabeth R

Oct 21, 2020

Could be better organised

创建者 Elizabeth N C

Jan 16, 2021

more clarification on the sentence structure

创建者 Ishaan J

Oct 8, 2020

OK and good...

创建者 Ming H

Sep 10, 2020

I don't think it is for someone who knows nothing about Japanese and wants to learn this language from scratch. Maybe I am not used to this kind of teaching method, but I feel like I did not learn too much from this course.

创建者 Shirley D

Oct 27, 2020