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When taking this course, you will raise your own self-awareness and gain self-confidence for a better leadership. You will discover a new approach to leadership based on trust and sense. The “Savoir-Relier” leadership, a new approach of leadership, taught to HEC MBA’s student and top executives, enables better team leadership and encourages relationships between people in spite of their differences of opinion. You will develop relational skills, self-knowledge and self-awareness on the way to unfold your own leadership style. You’ll learn the skills of The Savoir-Relier (SR) methodology for better connecting with yourself or others by going through the following 4 steps for successful leadership: Introspection, Conversation, Resilience and Responsibility toward Value Creation. In this first MOOC of the "Inspirational Leadership" specialization, you will practice the first two steps of the method for successful leadership: Introspection and Conversation. You will get to know yourself better during the Introspection part and get a chance to improve your communication skills in order to better interact with others. You will meet people like you who will share their stories and their experience with Savoir-Relier and why it is so inspiring for them in their life. Together, you’ll develop greater self-awareness by developing a leadership self-portrait and going through fun activities to increase your empathy and communication. Leaders from different organizations and participants of the HEC Paris Leadership Certificate, the program from which this course and specialization are inspired, will share with you their insights about what it takes to become a great leader and what they are able to achieve now that they apply The Savoir-Relier methodology. This course is part of the specialization “Inspirational Leadership: Leading with Sense”. In the next courses, you'll go through the second two steps of leadership: Resilience and Responsibility toward Value Creation....



Aug 29, 2018

Exceptional and outstanding program. thanks a ton SR team... I am thoroughly enjoying it while learning. Highly recommended for people who wants to explore his/her hidden treasure of Leadership


Apr 27, 2020

I was pleased with the result as it was a challenging experience that I was able to successfully complete .\n\nThe course is suitable for all kind of professionals which enhancing soft skills.


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Dec 28, 2020

An excellent course that teaches how to raise self awareness through the Savoir-Relier approach!!

创建者 Mussarat J

Nov 13, 2018

The contents of the course are very brief. It would be good if more emphasis is given on the practical applicability of the techniques.

创建者 Francois R

Jun 29, 2016

I am giving 1 star to this MOOC because giving 0 is not an option.

The "savoir relier protocol" might be efficient when taught face to face in a classroom but as a MOOC it is a massive waste of time and money (I paid for the capstone project and I'm feeling robbed).

I learnt absolutely nothing.

This MOOC is a major disappointment from a school such as HEC.

创建者 Stephen R

Oct 17, 2015

This course really doesn't offer anything substantial in a practical sense. It has the feel of some sort of odd "New Age" repackaging of things already obvious to anyone with even a modicum of leadership ability. This is the first Coursera course that I have ever wanted to rate zero stars.

创建者 Johanna H

Jan 4, 2016

I just started the course and I'm going to stop this course right away. In my opinion showing Hitler as an appropriate leader is not the course I want to visit! I do not upport any racist mindset.

创建者 Javier F

Oct 21, 2015

I didn't finish the course yet, but I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in these skills. Even if you cannot read the books proposed because you don't have time like me, it gives all the aspects you need to understand, and maybe learn that in the future. The quality of the videos and explanations are overwhelming, I don't know if you can see such level of patience and great speech in other courses and it's FREE. If you take this course please be aware that the method Savoir Relier takes you to a profound journey into your own life, you will revisited things inside yourself, how you are inside this world with another person, a group and the society. It follows introspection, relationships, reflection, experiences and senses, emotions. You need to be ready to open your mind and heart.

创建者 Jacqueline C

Oct 16, 2020

I love this course! The instructor is engaging and the video/lectures are informative and entertaining. it's a new way of looking at leadership that relies more on soft skills and on one's own self-awareness. The only downside is that the alternative website used for this course is not easy to navigate and not that user friendly. I set asides two hours as suggested to do the self-reflection and it didn't save what I wrote. It was on the third attempt that I was able to save my material and progress with the course. That part was frustrating because I did not want my obtaining a certificate to be jeopardized by something beyond my control. That said, I still love the course and hope the kinks are worked out. I also hope I still get my certificate.

创建者 Tatiana R

Sep 26, 2017

I enjoyed taking this MOOC. The content is very valuable and the format it was delivered in was intuitive and interesting. I have already reccomended it to friends and family!

My only constructive criticism is that switching form one website to another for completing assignments sometimes bothersome, and that the videocall app on the savoir relier website did not work on my computer. These are only technical issues, but in terms of the value of the course, they are only minor.

创建者 Thierry G

Sep 5, 2017

This course is focused on the ability that we have to self identify our characteristics based on observation. there is an interesting approach by connecting with each other through an open exchange. the examination is not hard at all, but only checks that you have understood the concept. Do not expect to be a ready to go leader getting out of the module, but to be prepared to correctly work on yourself and listen to your needs to become the leader you think you can be.

创建者 Naveen G

Mar 1, 2021

i thoroughly enjoyed Self Portrait and more than that Duo conversation. Self Portrait was like summing up me so far and Duo was getting a new dimension of me and a wonderful feeling. The short videos doesn't make it boring and evenly placed quizzes make it challenging. I also like the concept of retaking the quiz which focuses not on pass or fail but on giving you the right understanding of the concepts. thank you Savoir-Relier team!


Apr 23, 2021

En mi concepto es muy bueno ,si realizas todas alas actividades a conciencia y como el curso las demanda. Siempre será difícil realizar trabajos de análisis internos, por que generalmente no nos gusta identificar nuestras debilidades y siempre las escondemos mediante comportamientos. Se que ser líder o buen líder es el tema de este curso, pero creo que lo primero es liderar nuestras vidas para así liderar otras.

创建者 Graziella B

Oct 30, 2021

I am so glad I enrolled this course.

As our instructor said, it makes us develop our self confidence. While I find it hard talking about myself, this course helped me highlight a lot of skills, I am proud today to talk about.

In this course, I feel we need a lot of emojis to react on every single touching thing that our instructor or her youth gests say.

Many thanks to Coursera for giving me this opportunity!

创建者 Emir B D

Nov 1, 2020

A great course on understanding one's self and its surrounding with crafting his/her leadership skill based on the outcome. Had an opportunity to get feedback from a peer on evaluating leadership skills on top of my observation. Really practical approach to discover your traits to align your resources to build up on your leadership skills.

创建者 Sylvie C

Jan 23, 2016

I greatly enjoyed the course. Valerie is very intriguing person. I enjoyed listening to her and doing all the exercises. I was nervous about the self portrait at first. In the end it was a wonderful exercise to look into yourself. I also enjoyed the conversation as I met a lovely lady called Ruth. Thank you to HEC and savior-relier team!

创建者 Shubham A

Aug 8, 2021

At the initial stage of course I was Jack but as the course continued, I felt that Leadership is not a function function & any motivated person can lead a team. Savoir Relier is a nice technique to develop Leadership. Moreover, online learning is wonderful & I felt that I am not in Classroom & learning online. Thanks.

创建者 Diana L B M

Mar 2, 2016

This has been a great learning experience for me, I developed an appropriate routing was the exercise of a conscious leadership, where I have raised awareness of the connection with people to establish meaningful communication . Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity , thank you .

创建者 Royster M

Jul 2, 2020

I am really glad for the great opportunity given by the Coursera to participate in this course. It has taught me great lessons for life and formed me to be better person. Please continue this good work so that many unreached children, adults and working men and women may benefit from this.

创建者 Assad H G

Mar 17, 2020

I appreciate Professor Valérie Gauthier and her team for allowing me to learn Savoir-Relier methodology. I benefit a lot from the course and it shaped my way of thinking about myself and others. I strongly recommend taking the course, because it will provide a paradigm shift in leadership.

创建者 Gurumurthy

Nov 9, 2021

Writing your self portrait (Solo) and open, non-judgemental sharing of your Solo with your Duo partner is an eye opening exercise when done honestly. Another aspect I appreciate, even though it may sound just a wordplay, is to use characteristics rather than Strengths/Weaknesses.

创建者 Bala K

May 11, 2022

Valérie Gauthier is a leader herself, try to transform us to a Sensible Leader.

She has extensively explains all the topics with a wide range of examples and had a clear vision.

It is my pleasure to be part of it and I have learned a lot on the leadership skills, with more senses.

创建者 Fabricio A

Jul 28, 2020

Great start! In this short preview of the Savoir Relier methodology, it is impossible not to soar and explore deep within in and also around your immediate, general, and macro surroundings, all important aspects to be able to 'craft' being genuine, generous, and generative!

创建者 Alexandre M S

Feb 29, 2016

The course was excellent. very hands-on approach. It enabled me realize important behaviours and attitudes of a good leader. The first step was focused on introspection and understanding yourself to develop your type of leadership. Great beginning for the specialization!

创建者 Lisa L

Jan 15, 2021

I really like the videos and examples of peoples success stories. How they overcame fear. and how they became more confident in there role. On a personal level I have learned so much, and I am taking away my fears of being a leader TO becoming the leader within me.

创建者 Vikram B

Mar 11, 2019

This is an amazing online course, which provides me to improve my characteristics & tell how to remove darkness in your life. Thanks to the facilitator, who provided proper guidance to look forward in your life and increase confidence level to being a bet

创建者 Kate S

Sep 9, 2018

One of the best online courses I've ever taken. It's so immersive and contains lots of quizzes and exersises, absolutely unexpected but amazingly powerful. Will definitely continue with the specialization and advance myself in SR world. Merci Valerie!!!