Recommender Systems, Introduction. Part II

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Big Data Applications: Machine Learning at Scale
13 评分
13 评分
课程 3(共 5 门,Specialization Big Data for Data Engineers


  • Vladimir Lesnichenko
    Vladimir Lesnichenko

  • Pavel Mezentsev
    Pavel Mezentsev
    Senior Data Scientist
    PulsePoint inc
  • Emeli Dral
    Emeli Dral

  • Alexey A. Dral
    Alexey A. Dral
    Head of Big Data and Machine Learning
    Algorithms and Programming Technologies dept. MIPT
  • Ilya Trofimov
    Ilya Trofimov
    Principal Data Scientist
  • Evgeny Frolov
    Evgeny Frolov
    Data Scientist, PhD Student @Skoltech
    Computational and Data Intensive Science and Engineering