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学生对 IE商学院 提供的 Making Architecture 的评价和反馈

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Making architecture offers a unique insight into the mind and work of an Architect, starting with the basics of the profession and culminating with the production of a scaled site model. The course should act as ideal preparation for those interested in undertaking an undergraduate degree in Architecture, although its flexible, intriguing and enjoyable content makes it accessible for all those looking to increase their knowledge in the field. Delivered primarily by Professors from the IE School of Architecture and design in Segovia (Spain), the course begins by examining the mind-set of an Architect - asking how they think and what they do to train their creative minds, moving on to using inspiration from the environment to stimulate design ideas. Finally, the course concludes by looking at some of the more technical aspects of Architecture - such as composition, form, space and hierarchy - and stressing the importance of creating a story that helps define your design. This fascinating content is delivered principally from the stunning design studio at the IE school of Architecture and features external videos from a few beautiful locations in the city of Segovia. Finally, it includes interviews from Pritzker Prize executive director - and Dean of the school of Architecture and design at IE - Martha Thorne, with a number of award winning practising architects such as Sarah Wigglesworth and Cristoph Ingenhoven....



Sep 7, 2020

The content is really good for beginner architects, the instructors were amazing and supportive. Examples of project and their analysis is really interesting so perhaps more examples could be added


May 2, 2021

I love this course.It is very nice.I would like to thank all the proffecers and all the crew.I really enjoyed this course and got some important tips for the life.Thank you very very much.!


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创建者 Richard H

Jan 9, 2017

Really enjoyed the videos; I felt I learnt a lot and I enjoyed the presentation. Many thanks.

创建者 Juan S C

Jan 9, 2019

Excelent Course for Everybody, dinamic, clear, the videos are worth seeing once and again.

创建者 Rakesh K P

May 24, 2017


创建者 Tanyawan T

Apr 7, 2017

Good introduction for someone who has zero knowledge on architecture

创建者 Matthieu K

Sep 29, 2017

Here's an advice for teacher Manuel Perrez Romero : if you don't speak english, don't teach in english !

It makes the lectures really painfull to follow.

创建者 Salma S K

Sep 8, 2020

The content is really good for beginner architects, the instructors were amazing and supportive. Examples of project and their analysis is really interesting so perhaps more examples could be added

创建者 Antonina T

Mar 13, 2017

It is amazing course, which gives you great knowledge meanwhile you doing your assigments.

创建者 Sara O

Jan 16, 2017

a very good course, it helped me to evaluate my thinking in a creative way.

创建者 Muhammed T S

Nov 4, 2017

this course is very efficient .I like it!

创建者 Amanda

Feb 28, 2017

Very inspiring and interesting course

创建者 Lu C

Mar 12, 2018

Very useful course for freshman

创建者 Muhammad B

Apr 16, 2019

best course ever

创建者 Vadim K

Oct 27, 2016

Very promising!

创建者 Isha H

Oct 31, 2016

amazing course

创建者 Doris S d A F

Nov 22, 2016

Great course!

创建者 Henry R E

Apr 8, 2019


创建者 Natthamon W

Jun 2, 2020

Overall, I enjoyed doing something creative during this lockdown period (making models!). The lectures are generic concepts that are easily understandable but hard to execute. It pushes your creatively if you aren't working in this type of field. As the course name implies, you are making a piece of architecture. What I dislike is the introduction of the video, I wont judge if they have it for the first video of the week, but it takes 20 secs which combines to many minutes.

创建者 mxlearnpython

May 23, 2017

the course is good, but the evaluation of the assignment has some problems. if the peers do not evaluate seriously, you may fail

创建者 Ishaan V

Feb 21, 2019

It was quite a lengthy one. It made me look at architecture from a different perspective as compared to before.

创建者 Milagros E

Jan 12, 2018

a little confusing

创建者 Suzanne K

May 6, 2020

This is a very interesting course. It does somehow make you fall in love with architectural studies, its details, and the wide answers and questions you might face. It does tell you become a different person as an architect.

It is really appreciated if they also share the difficulties, and the negative situations you might face as an architect.

创建者 mirelle

Mar 9, 2020

I don't really like that the teachers don't grade you, but it is a great course and I definitely recommend it... Everyone is so supportive and you learn a lot.

创建者 Pablo F W P

Sep 15, 2020

This is a good beginners course if you are interested to see if Architecture is something that you would like to explore more. It is a short course but it is one where you would make at least a model that would serve you well, if you are really committed to improve yourself.

Besides this, the dynamics of this course is something that should be revised. First of all, my native language is Spanish and I'm not going to hate on a Spanish speaking person, but two of the professor of this course are non native English speakers. So this makes me wonder, because at some point was really difficult to keep paying attention on the videos, who and why took the decision of everything has to be in English. What is wrong with Spanish and then adding subtitles? This is something that really should be revised.

And taking about subtitles, there were several errors during the videos where the subtitles were disconnected from what the person was saying. I'm talking for example of the professor naming the German architect Frei Otto and the subtitle was "Freyoto", like really you guys couldn't ask what he was trying to say?

Overall this is a good experience, but also there is a steep price for this short course and this things should be 100% smooth.

创建者 jeanette a

Feb 22, 2020

I enjoyed this course very much. I got somewhat side-tracked by looking up references to the various architects mentioned throughout thus learned interesting things about origins of brick work for example. The video presentations were well done with one exception - I quickly learned how to skip the 27 second musical introduction as it was a unnecessary use of my time. The four assignments were fun to complete. I am not fond of peer-graded assignments but as a semi-retired online university instructor I understand that given the low cost $64 for enrollment the cost for instructor graded assignments would be prohibitive. I wish there were more courses in Architecture other than those that focus on using computer software such as Autodesk Certified Professional: Revit for Architectural Design exam. Which I will probably take as that is all I have been able to find in the course catalog. Thanks to the course presenters they did an excellent job!

创建者 Will H

May 24, 2017

I'm certainly not a professional architect, and not a person who intends to pursue being one, but I do love the study of the classification of objects,entities,things, forms, etc and their corresponding functions, methods, actions, events; almost system level. Without this class I never would have looked at how space is utilized by so many more factors than just those two major components of the world around me. Week 1 of this class was an incredible realization of so many more elements at play that I fell in love with the concepts and how they were presented that I felt obligated to at least pay for the class. The information is wonderful, thanks for making this available. -Will