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学生对 国立托木斯克大学(National Research Tomsk State University) 提供的 Translation quality management 的评价和反馈

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Professional translation is a complex process that usually involves collaboration of multiple people. The course will show you how to build this process correctly: analyze content, determine requirements and risks, select appropriate jobs and vendors, evaluate translation quality. You will know why user manuals should not be translated in the same way as you would translate promotional or legal documents. You will see why every content type requires a special translation approach and learn to prioritize quality blocks during project planning. This course will also teach you to select translators and editors based on the content analysis, so your projects could always stay within budget and deadlines. This course is based on the Palex’s corporate educational program. Since 2014, it has already helped us train dozens of localization and translation quality managers for our company. Now we want to share these knowledge and experience with the entire community of the translation industry. Along with the theoretical knowledge, you will also get skills that can be applied to your work right away. All the lectures are accompanied with tests that will help you understand the topics, and every module comes with a practical exercise that is based on the real-world situation. The aim of the course is to present the expertise of Palex in the field of localization and translation, packaging the corporate training program into an online format....


Jan 29, 2020

Great content! Helpful for translators who want to understand translation from the PM's side. Quizzes should be improved, though.

Sep 5, 2020

Very detailed and informative. I went from no knowledge on the topic to being almost proficient. Thank you


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创建者 Carla D C M C

Feb 4, 2020

This course has a lot of useful information, and I do mean A LOT. The 5 weeks seemed a bit rushed to try to memorize it all. The course content is well structured and the video presentations are well done and offer useful practical examples, but there are several issues with the subtitles. The quizzes could have used some restructuring and a different format for certain questions, particularly the ones that ask to order items. One was especially impossible, regardless of following the exact order shown in the respective module video. Perhaps questions like these would be more appropriate to present in a "match letter to number" format. The few quiz issues have been since been corrected, which shows attention on the part of the instructor. Very interesting final assignment, I was very glad to have received feedback from the instructor on a peer review assignment! Mr. Barabash is very dedicated to his profession and it shows throughout this course.

创建者 Amaia W F

Sep 6, 2020

Very detailed and informative. I went from no knowledge on the topic to being almost proficient. Thank you

创建者 Effrosyni T

Jan 13, 2021

Overall, a good course with gradual difficulty. Ideal if you are already a project manager (and wish to gain insight into the secrets of this challenging job) or if you aim at becoming one. As a linguist, you will have the chance to see how they are working at Palex, a translation agency in Tomsk, Russia. The instructor knows his profession well and I learnt a lot from him. The only reason I gave 3 stars instead of 5 is because the subtitles are problematic and, as a non-native of the English language, it does matter to me. They should be impeccable. Also, what other tools do they use at Palex, apart from Verifika? Which CAT tools do they prefer? I have a feeling that such knowledge should be shared in a course. I'm looking forward for more translation courses from Coursera in the near future. But that was a very pleasant and interesting experience, thank you!

创建者 Nadejda M

Feb 21, 2020

The course has a lot to offer - it is an excellent introductory course for beginners in the field of translation quality management. The course is well structured and informative. The scripts and communication need improving, though.

创建者 Liron S

Aug 30, 2020

Many mistakes in most of the quizes, which you end up spending many hours trying to guess instead of learning. Also, there are many mistakes in the CC of spelling and words themselves, and since the instructor speakers many times unclearly, it's hard to understand.

I should have asked for a refund when I was eligible for it!

创建者 Priscila L

Mar 9, 2020

This is an excellent course; the contents are well organized and the examples are clear. Moreover, it made me reflect upon some aspects of the translation process I had not considered before. I highly recommend it not only to PMs and QMs, but also to linguists who wish to know more about what happens before and after they deliver a project.

创建者 Gardenia N

Jan 30, 2020

Great content! Helpful for translators who want to understand translation from the PM's side. Quizzes should be improved, though.

创建者 Maria E F M

Jan 23, 2020

I would like to work as a PM , so this is an excellent approach! clear and complete!

创建者 Ivan B

Mar 28, 2021

The course offers a theoretical overview of translation process as well as teaches how to manage and organise the workflow of a translation project team. It is delivered in a partnership with an actual translation agency with years of experience in the industry. There is number of quizzes and taks to be completed in each module and a final project at the end of the course.

What can be improved:

1) Passing threshold for some quizzes is unreasonably high. It happened to me once or twice during the course that one mistake ruined my score and I had to retake some quizzes although I was pretty sure about my comprehension;

2) On a number of occasions I noticed that lecture transcripts contain mistakes or don't correspond the words in the video. It would be okay if it weren't for the fact that I often found myself in need of those because it was difficult to understand the instructor's speech.

创建者 Baikenova B

Dec 30, 2020

Very informative and detailed. The only problem - there are many mistakes in quizzes, sometimes it is difficult to pass a test. Please fix these problems.

创建者 Fatma S A

Feb 15, 2021

This course is a good introduction to translation quality management. I like how they organized the course content but there are some errors in the quizzes that needs to be fixed.

创建者 Iris S

Aug 24, 2020

While waiting for my final grade, I can say for sure this MOOC is a must-have toolbox for translators, whether they are starters or confirmed. I definitely liked the final project.

创建者 Belinda B D F

Jul 27, 2020

¡Muy útil para afinar los procesos de calidad en el área de traducción!

创建者 Gilda D S

Apr 13, 2020

Excellent material! It taught me the basics of translation quality management in very little time using simple and logical explanations.

创建者 Mostafa T

Feb 9, 2020

really informative course, excellent aside from problems regarding the pronunciation and subtitles.

创建者 Alexander M

Sep 29, 2020

Although I’ve been already familiar with some topics prior to taking the course, I still found it useful. Those insights I got from the course help me systemize my knowledge about the localization industry and I hope that will help me in practice. Thank you for putting this material together!

创建者 Marco A

Jan 22, 2021

Muy instructivo curso para quienes deseamos conocer y profundizar conocimientos en esta industria, gracias a él puedo familiarizarme con términos que previamente no conocía y manejar eficientemente mi trabajo.

创建者 Ahmed M

Aug 31, 2021

Informative, simple, and enjoyable, I recommend this course to those who are interested in understanding how to manage a translation project.

创建者 Колотовкин М А

Sep 18, 2021

Thank you very much for this course, I would be using gained valuable knowledge and skills in my professional activity


Jun 27, 2021

Excelent course! will surely provides you the competence to manage translations projects with quality

创建者 Adrianne C d S

Mar 29, 2021

Excellent course! It will help me a lot in my work as a translator. Thanks for the opportunity!

创建者 Jessica A

Oct 29, 2020

Good content, but English subtitles must definitely be improved (I'm writing on Oct. 30, 2020).

创建者 Abdellaoui H

Sep 26, 2020

I recommend this course. it totally gives you a new glance on translation field in practice.

创建者 Nazire K

Mar 18, 2020

It's a very effiecent course and with its practices, forces its students to learn it deeply.

创建者 Vanessa D D d S

Jan 14, 2022

A looooooot of valuable knowlegde. I'll recommend it to everyone!