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学生对 密歇根大学 提供的 员工管理 的评价和反馈

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In this course, you will learn best practices for selecting, recruiting, and onboarding talent. You will also learn about the key approaches to measuring performance and evaluating your employees. In addition, you will learn how to develop and coach your talent so that they can realize their full potential at work. Altogether, you will gain a thorough understanding of the complete cycle of managing talent and creating a robust talent pipeline for your team and organization. Managing and developing talent is one of the top 3 issues on the minds of CEOs from around the world. In fact, CEOs cite managing and developing their leadership talent as the issue that is most important to the future success of their business but that their organizations are least capable of addressing effectively. This course will provide you with the insights, frameworks and tools to effectively manage and develop talent in your teams and organizations....



May 12, 2017

Great lectures, important thinks pointed out. Not always is clear how important is taking care of employees. Without good HR management, whole business can struggle and not grow as could.


Jun 20, 2017

Thank you for the wonderful information and tools to keep me on track! I recommend for anyone in any type of a supervisory or leadership role whether in work or in a community setting.


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创建者 Harini

Jul 18, 2019

The course was engaging and enriched my knowledge as a HR professional. Course material was apt and well structured.

创建者 Bertrand K

Nov 06, 2016

Really good course about the do's and don'ts of the day to day management of a team.

创建者 Konstantin K

Nov 29, 2017

HR's stuff (half of the course, first and last weeks) is quite inflate and unuseful

创建者 Chude, C C

Feb 10, 2016

Interesting and educative course. Recommended for every management staff.

创建者 Alexandre M

Aug 10, 2017

Good course, I have already apply some coaching principle at our office.

创建者 Jerry O D

May 03, 2016

I was especially encouraged by my progress in this course

创建者 Ankitkumar S

Jun 12, 2019

Very well designed course. Learnt hot to manage talent.

创建者 Yogesh

Jun 09, 2017

Good content, good delivery, need more on coaching.

创建者 Vipul K G

Mar 22, 2016

Overall nice course, a must one for team leaders.

创建者 Ricardo S

Mar 04, 2019

Good to refresh the value of recruiting people!

创建者 'Dele O

Jan 21, 2016

I find it really informative and practical.

创建者 Andre B

Apr 24, 2019

Link to paid content should be reviewed

创建者 Maria J G M

Apr 28, 2017

week 2 an week 3 was extremely long

创建者 Filipe A V L

Nov 13, 2019

The Video's tasks is hard to do.

创建者 Ebenezer E

Aug 19, 2018

Good course, good instructors.

创建者 David C H J

Apr 12, 2019

Very interesting course!

创建者 Raghda H

Nov 22, 2015

very good one :D (Y)

创建者 Ahmed M Z

Nov 17, 2019

very good course

创建者 Agustí M

Feb 25, 2016

clear and ussefu

创建者 Leandro C M

Oct 16, 2018

Useful course.

创建者 RJ A

Jun 28, 2017

great course

创建者 Megan A

Feb 29, 2016

I enjoyed the course overall, but the HR component/perspective was only somewhat useful. Beware of the final unit (week 4): the takeaways and the final quiz are not well aligned. In the week's final project, though the questions doesn't ask for them, be sure to explain your rationales. When reviewing your peers' work, the points rely on whether you've explained yourself. Cheri Alexander's inclusion of videos felt like filler and the notion of having to create a video as an assignment is time-consuming and ultimately not necessary to our learning. Because I experienced a great course with two of the three professors in Leading Teams, I can only conclude that Professor Alexander designed the final assignment, criteria, and quiz. These components were not clear. Fortunately, my classmates were very supportive and understood the spirit of the assignment. It's a good class, but I enjoyed the first one in this specialization more.

创建者 Andrey P

May 21, 2016

For some reason, I cannot stand the way Cheri Alexander teach the class. The rest of the teachers of this course deliver the material in a much better way. It feels like if either she reads the notes or do not understand the material. She sugarcoats every word, read it in a monotonous way, smiles a lot. I would prefer someone who feels like actually knowing what he/she says, someone who cut to the chase right away. With Cheri I feel bored. Scott and Maxim are the best.

创建者 Karlijn B

Oct 13, 2016

I was expecting a bit more after the great first course of this specialization. Although I enjoyed week 2 and 3 (would give 5 stars), and walk away with relevant information that I can implement in my work, I found week 1 and week 4 difficult to get through. Long lectures, not always relevant stories, a presentation style that did not speak to me, and a bit slow. Nonetheless, I still learned some interesting concepts and I am looking forward to course 3.

创建者 Juliano M B

Dec 15, 2019

Videos are too long and disengaging. The most useful part of this course were the interviews with the CEO because they were 'to-the-point'. The material needs to be more condensed and the information, easily accessible. Some lecturers are 11min when the info could be given in 5.