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Materials in Oral Health, The University of Hong Kong

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The drive for development of new and novel oral biomaterials has never been more important with many people using oral biomaterials today and seeing their benefits in restoring and improving their oral health for a more enjoyable lifestyle. The unique properties of biomaterials such as titanium (Ti), zirconia (ZrO2) and various polymeric materials have made them materials of choice in oral health: dental implants, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and even regenerative medicine. Oral biomaterials research today is an exciting and intensive multidisciplinary area that encompasses contributions from a wide range of fields from professional dentistry to biology, chemistry, physics, material science, and engineering. Materials in Oral Health is a FREE 4-week course open to all interested learners. In the course, you will learn about the special properties and benefits of biomaterials including, titanium and titanium alloys, zirconia and other alloys, ceramics, and modern composites. You will gain insights of the practical use of these biomaterials in different aspects of dentistry and clinical implications. You will realize how contemporary dentistry is about unifying synthetic materials to living tooth and bone tissues. You will get in touch with the crucial roles of digital dentistry and learn about CAD/CAM technology in crown fabrication, 3D printing and digital orthodontics. And lastly, you will be introduced to procedures and testing methods used to test significant mechanical properties of biomaterials in the research laboratory. We cordially invite those of you who wish to make a difference in tomorrow’s dental materials and oral health development to join us in the 4-week journey in Materials in Oral Health. You can get recognition for completion of the course by obtaining a Course Certificate. You can refer to details on:


创建者 AA

May 23, 2018

It was really interesting. Thanks HKU and Coursera. I won the best learner's essay for the 1st session of the course.

创建者 PP

Sep 27, 2017

excellent course for the dentist as well as dental material professionals


27 个审阅

创建者 Maftoon Ahmed

Sep 03, 2018

nice ever courses started by Hongkon University im very glad that im the student of this university , I like here to study with keen interest and aspirations , i also thankful all Professors and whoke Team of this university for registrating me in this Niceee University


Jul 06, 2018

Very helpful course

创建者 Nawras

Jul 01, 2018

very strong topics and very int resting course

创建者 Andres Angulo-Benavides

May 23, 2018

It was really interesting. Thanks HKU and Coursera. I won the best learner's essay for the 1st session of the course.

创建者 Patryk Janasik

May 04, 2018

Why the adhesion was on the end of the course?

创建者 Valeria Rivero

Apr 19, 2018

Excellent! Recommended for everyone interested in the subject.

创建者 Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Sheikh

Apr 14, 2018

Thanks Hong Kong candidates for this greatful course

创建者 Juan Giuseppe Castillo Márquez

Feb 19, 2018

I consider that I have not had enough background knowledge to ENJOY this course, It has really been a challenge to complete it for me. But I can say that it was very interesting journey! I think the course is worth it.

创建者 JaniceYoung

Jan 05, 2018

excellent course

创建者 Froment-Chatre

Oct 31, 2017

Very interesting, thank you