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学生对 耶鲁大学 提供的 谈判概论:如何成为一名既有原则,又有说服力的谈判者 的评价和反馈

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This course will help you be a better negotiator. Unlike many negotiation courses, we develop a framework for analyzing and shaping negotiations. This framework will allow you to make principled arguments that persuade others. It will allow you to see beneath the surface of apparent conflicts to uncover the underlying interests. You will leave the course better able to predict, interpret, and shape the behavior of those you face in competitive situations. In this course, you will have several opportunities to negotiate with other students using case studies based on common situations in business and in life. You can get feedback on your performance and compare what you did to how others approached the same scenario. The cases also provide a setting to discuss a wide-ranging set of topics including preparing for a negotiation, making ultimatums, avoiding regret, expanding the pie, and dealing with someone who has a very different perspective on the world. Advanced topics include negotiating when you have no power, negotiating over email, and the role of gender differences in negotiation. To close out the course, we will hear insights from three negotiation experts: Linda Babcock, Herb Cohen, and John McCall MacBain. Enjoy....



Jun 11, 2017

I have completed over 12 courses on Coursera and this one is the best presented of them all. You can learn a lot of un-intuitive things about negotiation that will serve you well in life and business.


May 30, 2020

Great course .. being an Indian Negotiation is very natural to me. It starts with street vendors in India. I would like you to upload more case studies industry based .. I loved the way you teach ...


1301 - 谈判概论:如何成为一名既有原则,又有说服力的谈判者 的 1325 个评论(共 1,336 个)

创建者 Edgar V L

Mar 16, 2021

El curso me pareció muy interesante, aprendí nuevas técnicas para abordar negociaciones.

创建者 Robert P

Mar 29, 2016

Superb presentation of objective methods to approach negotiations, with exercises and

创建者 Anshuman S

Dec 4, 2019

Great course! Well designed and articulated! It is fit to any level of student.

创建者 Lawrence

Mar 25, 2017

I thought the active negotiations with other students were very effective...

创建者 Natalia V

Jun 2, 2020

very good material, but more like a theory - not very well for sales people

创建者 Tugba S

Jun 23, 2019

I really enjoyed the course. You could improve the structure of each week.

创建者 Ricardo G N

Mar 13, 2018

Curso más que recomendable; sumamente didáctico y a la par entretenido.

创建者 Ayse G C

Dec 22, 2015

very well organized and I esp like the way we have the case studies .

创建者 Shuang R

Oct 16, 2015

Interesting course, useful principles and good animation lecture.

创建者 Juan F V

Jan 24, 2017

Very well structured and gives very good tools

创建者 Melvin J

Apr 26, 2020

Really good and engaging materials

创建者 Ka H M

Jul 9, 2017

It is tough, but worth the effort.

创建者 Gabriela S

Jul 16, 2020

Very good course , learnt a lot.

创建者 Ahmed W

May 11, 2020

Amazing interactive Course

创建者 Kadambeswaran B

Jun 7, 2019

Good insights and examples


Aug 28, 2020

wonderful experience!!!

创建者 Vinamra M

Mar 5, 2019

Very useful course

创建者 Francisco M T

Jun 20, 2016

Muy interesante

创建者 L T

Aug 6, 2020


创建者 andy t

Sep 7, 2016

Thank you!

创建者 Emmanuel O

Mar 1, 2019


创建者 Momoh O

Jul 29, 2021


创建者 Anton S

Aug 23, 2015

Some pretty interesting start based on mathematics, but too lengthy obvious advice for someone who gets the concept right away.

创建者 Vernicia N R

Jul 22, 2020

This isn't a course for me. While the educator is very well versed, I find myself not being able to keep up.