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Learn how the nervous system produces behavior, how we use our brain every day, and how neuroscience can explain the common problems afflicting people today. We will study functional human neuroanatomy and neuronal communication, and then use this information to understand how we perceive the outside world, move our bodies voluntarily, stay alive, and play well with others....


Mar 22, 2020

This course has turned out to very profitable, especially if you are not an expert in anatomical and clinical terms as is my case. In my opinion, this course is extremely interesting, congratulations.

May 24, 2020

It has been, in all, a wonderful experience taking this course, Prof Peggy is really good at what she does, wonderful content, stories, instances, and videos. Learnt a lot from this course, thank you!


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创建者 Brian S Y

Aug 24, 2017

Prof. Peggy is phenomenal! I personally prefer lecturer/tutor to teach with lecture slides, but the way Prof. Peggy teach has totally blew my mind! She helped me understand so much about the basics of neurobiology in our daily lives, and her presentations are clear and easily understandable. 8/10

创建者 Nirzari P

May 19, 2019

There are few questions whose answers contraindicates the teachings of Professor Peggy. Other than that the course is very well explained and gives the basic knowledge about Neurobiology which was exactly that I needed.

创建者 Seosamh D

Dec 1, 2020

I loved this course and learned lots. However it seemed to not have been updated for several years and has not addressed the areas of neuroscience that have developed in those years

创建者 Sreshtha M

Sep 13, 2019

This is a very exciting course and it is the best! However, some things are not explained really well but other than that it is fantastic beyond imagination!!! Excellente!

创建者 Sandeep

Dec 21, 2019

Though it skims the surface the course was a very good introduction. The teacher explained the concepts demonstrating her expertise and communication skills.

创建者 Ellie 1

Jul 1, 2021

Sometimes a bit hard to follow, and the end of week questions felt a little unrelated at times. But overall really really informative and enjoyable

创建者 Elena A

Jul 26, 2017

Very interesting course. The quizzes are a little tricky. I learned many things even though I haven't study neoroscience.

创建者 Tufan K

Apr 26, 2021

It's so nice lesson for me. If you want learn a lot of things about neurobiology. absolutely you must join this course.

创建者 Joy S

Feb 1, 2019

This is a good and interesting review of the brain. It has an expert, engaging, likeable instructor and it goes fast.

创建者 Isaac M

Jun 23, 2019

it's intuitive and interesting by its structure and content. The professors is great.

创建者 Farahnaz A

Oct 25, 2020

Practical and simple but for passing exams one must deeply understand the subject

创建者 Gustavo N V T

Jan 5, 2019

I am learning quite a lot about the details of the neurons

创建者 Brooke P

Sep 24, 2020

Great class very informative and easy to follow online!


Jul 31, 2019

Muy buen curso! Solo que la producción podría mejorar.

创建者 Adam K

Oct 18, 2017

Great Course for people who are new to this field!

创建者 Stuart R

Jun 14, 2019

A good course that sometimes stalled a little.

创建者 javeria a

Jun 13, 2017

its gives us better info about our daily life

创建者 Josiah S C

Feb 20, 2020

Good format and interesting material!

创建者 Ana M R

Apr 26, 2017

very clear and ussefull... thanks!!

创建者 MD S

May 12, 2020

Everything is well designed

创建者 Sandipana C

Aug 27, 2018


创建者 Desta Y

May 23, 2020


创建者 Dr. B S K

Jun 18, 2021


The instructor clearly has extensive knowledge over neurobiology


a) The instructor was sexist in nature. It's all about "her"...

b) Assessment: Clearly whoever wrote assessments had no idea about assessments.

Assessments reflected a huge leap in contrast to the content presented through the videos. It is as if videos were presented for students, while assessments were written for doctors or experts in neuroscience.

At time multiple choice questions had 7 choices. 4 is the maximum. There are other ways to test a participant's knowledge.

Several of the multiple choice questions exhibited select all that apply. Give me a break.

Conclusion: Overall, I learned a lot. However, the assessment for this course needs a new outlook.

创建者 DrGangadhar C

Mar 29, 2018

goood information

创建者 Jonathan G

Mar 25, 2018

interesting course however, you can easily learn this in high school. It is unclear whether to have a written assignment or video bite. You cannot have both. It is simply too much work!