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Fundamentals of Parallelism on Intel Architecture, 英特尔

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This course will introduce you to the multiple forms of parallelism found in modern Intel architecture processors and teach you the programming frameworks for handling this parallelism in applications. You will get access to a cluster of modern manycore processors (Intel Xeon Phi architecture) for experiments with graded programming exercises. This course can apply to various HPC and datacenter workloads and framework including artificial intelligence (AI). You will learn how to handle data parallelism with vector instructions, task parallelism in shared memory with threads, parallelism in distributed memory with message passing, and memory architecture parallelism with optimized data containers. This knowledge will help you to accelerate computational applications by orders of magnitude, all the while keeping your code portable and future-proof. Prerequisite: programming in C/C++ or Fortran in the Linux environment and Linux shell proficiency (navigation, file copying, editing files in text-based editors, compilation)....


创建者 AV

Aug 31, 2018

Nice course, really enjoyed every challenge in the course. Well laid out goals for a Computer Science student.

创建者 RV

May 14, 2018

Please bring advance courses by Intel also such as FPGA based courses.


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创建者 Perry Sakkaris

Apr 17, 2019

I really learned a lot and enjoyed this course. I am much better versed at factorization, openMP and MPI as a result. I had experience with GPU programming but the methods here are vital for high end CPUs

创建者 Nicolas Auger

Feb 21, 2019

A nice introduction to parallelism on Intel Architecture, some problem with cuts in some videos but we have the lecture on our side for complementary informations.

创建者 Richard

Feb 21, 2019

Perfect course

创建者 Tung Son Nguyen

Feb 12, 2019

Good course, nice material

创建者 Ravi Agrawal

Jan 08, 2019

The material and learning is great! Cutting 1 star because some of the assignments have inaccurate information about how to run the program, so there could have been more care on part of the instructor there, but overall, a very useful course for enhancing your understanding about parallel computing

创建者 Рамиль Бикбаев

Nov 07, 2018

Хороший преподаватель, материал излагается приятно и доступно. Однако курс довольно поверхностный и потребуются дополнительные источники информации для базового освоения OpenMP и MPI. Есть презентации, но конспект лекций отсутствует.

创建者 Omar Farag

Oct 18, 2018

1) No supervision from instructors.

2) Assignments are not very clear

3) Forums are dead

创建者 Feilin Jia

Sep 03, 2018

Very good course.

创建者 Chun Soo Park

Sep 03, 2018

A very, very helpful course for learning parallel computing.

创建者 Aswin Vijayakumar

Aug 31, 2018

Nice course, really enjoyed every challenge in the course. Well laid out goals for a Computer Science student.