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学生对 弗吉尼亚大学 提供的 Introduction to Personal Branding 的评价和反馈

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Though the concept of personal branding isn't new, questions remain about how to create one and, more importantly, what it means to maintain and inhabit that brand. Learners will: o Understand both what personal branding means and what it means to inhabit their brand o Establish themselves on at least three social media platforms o Create a mission statement for their personal brand o Build a board of directors for their brand o Become familiar with the basics of digital security and reputation management o Create a system for on-going brand maintenance Join instructor Kimberley R. Barker as she provides a warm, supportive atmosphere in which learners are encouraged to intensively explore themselves in order to create a personal brand that authentically and effectively communicates their values and professional gifts. Together we will build a strong community in which to provide encouragement and feedback, and support each other as learners pursue their goal of successful brand creation....



Jun 22, 2021

This course helps to identify the best way for you to create your own branding, from understand your personality to creating your own mission statement and how to engage your audience on social media.


Aug 29, 2020

Understanding and application of Personal Branding with the fundamental skills to build leadership skills in the personal branding success in business is very important in today's E-network business.


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创建者 Шестова М А

Jan 10, 2020

This material isn't relevant for 2020.

创建者 Gourang A

Aug 14, 2019

I was a very beginner level course.

创建者 Abdelrahman M

Jun 8, 2020

Not what I expected. Very basic.

创建者 Фомин М

Apr 12, 2016

For me this is too artificial.

创建者 Uyen H

May 20, 2020

I didn't really learn much

创建者 Mohamed H E s

Apr 25, 2020

Its too out dated

创建者 Joyce M C

Jun 20, 2020

Very basic.

创建者 Lee K

Jan 31, 2016

Very basic.

创建者 lester a

Mar 27, 2021

Just OK.


Apr 21, 2020








创建者 Yuliia M

May 29, 2020


创建者 Rebel B

Jan 7, 2016


创建者 Sara

May 6, 2022

Between addressing weird issues, like being under her favourite tree to give a lecture (the only issue being the terrible sound, who cares about the rest?), the belief in Myers-Briggs, the main source of reading being linked articles (thanks, I can google as well), and generally seeming like she's selling herself more than teaching how to effectively brand yourself, this course isn't for me.

It might help people who come from different educational backgrounds, work and world experience, and beliefs though, so try it out and see for yourselves.

创建者 Aad d m

Mar 4, 2022

The whole course remained vague and there are no examples of strong personal brands. I have very little new insights (if not none) to work with. That may have been different in 2015 (when this course was recorded), but today this course is by no means relevant.

创建者 Jianjie W

Aug 9, 2021

The instructor is passionate about the topic. Unfortunately it does not feel like a proper course/training, but more like random talks on a few topics.. I was expecting a better coverage, more systematic course from such reputable university.

创建者 Anne-Laure P

Apr 7, 2020

Unfortunately the course was not as helpful as I would have expected. The videos, though with interesting titles, are not covering the topics in depth at all. It feels very empty and a loss of time. But easy to watch in between.

创建者 Jan C

Dec 6, 2020

Totally disappointed with the course. The intructor was very personable, but the contents of the coruse lacked depth--everything was nearly common knowledge. I was expecting something more academic to be honest.

创建者 Anurag J

Sep 9, 2020

The Course touches Subject Matter very frivolously. Almost no concrete ideas to draw from it. Do not waste time doing this. watching few YouTube videos might give you better workable ideas & dos/donts.

创建者 Mohiuddin I

Nov 9, 2015

Not so helpful. This generation already is familiar with everything taught here. Withdrawing the Honor Code Certification is so unethical. Not going to take any courses from Coursera from now on.

创建者 Naeva O

Jul 22, 2020

Absolute waste of time, information (if any) was severely outdated and not broadly applicable. 100% would never recommend this to anyone trying to actually learn anything worth their time.

创建者 Pedro M

Aug 4, 2022

This course do not deserve your time. It's not even basic, it doesn't have structure, it is outdated... I hope you can read this before signing in.

创建者 Лычкина Л Н

Jan 23, 2021

This course is not related to modernity. I guess nowadays these are the basics we all know, therefore the course needs a significant update.

创建者 Zhen

Apr 12, 2020

Worthless course. Poor quality control and full of the instructor's own opinions rather than anything substantial about personal branding.

创建者 Eugénio R

Apr 26, 2020

There was not much information about branding, the course was mostly about your image on social media. The title is a bit misleading.