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学生对 弗吉尼亚大学 提供的 Introduction to Personal Branding 的评价和反馈

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Though the concept of personal branding isn't new, questions remain about how to create one and, more importantly, what it means to maintain and inhabit that brand. Learners will: o Understand both what personal branding means and what it means to inhabit their brand o Establish themselves on at least three social media platforms o Create a mission statement for their personal brand o Build a board of directors for their brand o Become familiar with the basics of digital security and reputation management o Create a system for on-going brand maintenance Join instructor Kimberley R. Barker as she provides a warm, supportive atmosphere in which learners are encouraged to intensively explore themselves in order to create a personal brand that authentically and effectively communicates their values and professional gifts. Together we will build a strong community in which to provide encouragement and feedback, and support each other as learners pursue their goal of successful brand creation....



Jun 22, 2021

This course helps to identify the best way for you to create your own branding, from understand your personality to creating your own mission statement and how to engage your audience on social media.


Apr 16, 2022

This course was very useful to promote me as a brand , with an emphisis to utilize the social media for it. I like this imaginative course as a timely innovative one , and will recommend to friends .


2501 - Introduction to Personal Branding 的 2525 个评论(共 2,532 个)

创建者 Paula B

Sep 13, 2020

Lacks concrete examples on how to use social media tools. Repetitive explanations and rather concentrated on the lecturer's person.

创建者 Alexandre M

Jul 13, 2020

Most of the content is common sensee, there are a few take away of interest but this could be shrinked to a week of content.

创建者 laura l

May 14, 2020

I did not learn a lot and didn't like the course that much. My expectations where really different. I'm sorry.

创建者 Gustavo G A

Aug 7, 2020

Totally useless, you can assume all this knowlegde. Just basic info that you can find anywhere online.

创建者 Erika B

Jun 6, 2021

relies on 3rd party articles, links to author's material are broken, lacking content such as quizzes


Aug 30, 2020

0.1% rating from my side. A big disappointment. Nothing to learn. An excellent way of wasting time.

创建者 Konrad Ł

Jun 26, 2020

Production is bad. I think you would get the same amount of knowledge 20 page ebook on the subject.

创建者 Andrea G M

Jun 22, 2020

The course instructor is not someone I would want teaching me how to manage my personal brand.

创建者 Igor A d C

Jun 9, 2022

The videos are not professional, the content doesn't help me and I hated it. Waste of time.

创建者 abhijeet g

Jun 12, 2019

This course is not focused on a single topic. The topics are merged and no value.

创建者 Abdullah A

Aug 24, 2021

it's very old course and I think that social media have been changing rapidly

创建者 Vildan E

Nov 13, 2020

It was very unprofessional and I could learn nothing about personal branding

创建者 Buddhi

Nov 18, 2020

Instructor is nice.. but Content is 0.. It does not worth for the time..

创建者 Manav M

Jul 24, 2021

The course is not really helpful and course content is not that good

创建者 Boris B P

Nov 17, 2020

Очень общий курс. Больше похож на рекламу Кампуса университета

创建者 Данилов О А

Feb 16, 2021

Курс потерял свою актуальность 4 года назад. Не рекомендую.

创建者 Charlotte F

Jun 23, 2020

Can't even be bothered to get past week one. Sorry. Boring.

创建者 Vivek R

Mar 31, 2016

Background is not clear and not able to understand lecture

创建者 Subir G

Jun 17, 2021

​A lot of the stuff is either flippant or patronising.

创建者 Ayisha L

Apr 23, 2020

It is very basic course, nothing so useful!

创建者 Ioanna N

Dec 10, 2020

It was not as useful as I expected.

创建者 Francisco V

Aug 31, 2018

Demasiado Basico / Too much basics

创建者 Patrick W

Aug 30, 2020

One star is even to much.

创建者 Yohan_G1

May 5, 2020

No valuable at all

创建者 Dr. P F

Nov 8, 2018

Not that great...