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Welcome to Course FOUR! In Modules 1-4 you will cover the final elements of the Specialization necessary to round out this introduction to the fundamentals of Photography, and prepare you for creating your own exciting project in the Capstone! You have come a long way since the beginning of this journey from Smartphone Basics to DSLR and Beyond. Just think of all the information you have absorbed and put to use in your assignments and quizzes, and the confidence you have gained that you CAN control the camera to make pictures you are proud to share. Here in Course Four you will start by gaining knowledge related to content in photography, from fact to fiction, documentary to purely expressive. Next you will learn principles, tips, and techniques for using the essential element of Light in Ambient/Natural settings. The flash/strobe unit, whether it is built-in to your camera or an add-on "hotshoe" model, will finally be something you, not the camera, controls! You will prove to yourself that those former mysteries of Controlled Continuous and Strobe lighting will no longer be mysterious, as you apply your knowledge to creation of assignment photographs in various situations. Sharing those pictures in Peer Review will give you the opportunity to learn from your fellow photographers' solutions to lighting challenges, and to gain insight into your own work and creative approaches too. There is an important word to share about Peer Review assignments for this course. As photographers who have accomplished the quiz and photography requirements of Courses One through Three, you have the knowledge and capability to create quality photographs at a much higher rate of success, and in a much shorter time, than when you began. You have also proven that you are a dedicated Learner, someone who has a passion for photography and is willing to put forth the extra effort necessary to accomplish your goals. This Course is the last before the Capstone Course, in which you will be tasked with creating a project over a 2-month period of dedicated photography. The Peer Review photography assignments have been structured with both your advanced capabilities and dedication in other words, they will require both! Be prepared to allocate more time than you have in previous Courses for the assignments, because they will take more time and because you will really enjoy them! Course Four ends with an overview of methods for finalizing your pictures in print form, including simple but effective matting techniques, and in web page designs as well. The pleasures and perils of sharing in social media sites are also yours to discover. Protecting your copyrights by understanding that concept and the ways that you can assert them, being careful about blogs and other outlets, and recognizing you are part of a community that respects the individual's creative effort, well that is important knowledge to have in preparation for the Capstone too! Let's get started with Module One!...



Dec 02, 2017

Great course structure. Great Professors and Mentors. This course has really help me grow a lot as a photographer. I'm so thankful to Coursera & MSU for putting such a great course for learners.


Jan 11, 2018

This is an excellent course. I found the description rather intimidating but was very pleased with how it worked out. At least according to the peer reviews I submitted my best work in Course 4.


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创建者 Leticia A N

Mar 19, 2018

As in overall comment for all this specialization, Professors have a very good didactics and you can progress on your rythim balancing theorical and practical. I definitly recommend this course for all photography lovers who want to get the basic knowladge and advance on their skills!

创建者 Marcy W

Apr 30, 2018

Sometimes find it difficult to be judged by others, I wish that the professors would grade the photos.

创建者 Vavalios K

Jul 17, 2017

The content might me good but the presentation and the presenters mostly, are so boring! Dull speech in front of a green screen lost me at approximately 15 minutes.

创建者 赵兴

Oct 07, 2019

The sound is too low and comes with too much noise

创建者 Elyasin S

Feb 03, 2019

Very helpful and useful course. It is a bit US focused, but that is ok for me.

创建者 Karen W

Feb 04, 2019

a very very helpful class that delves deeper into lighting. the section on copyright and the internet was outstanding

创建者 Joshua H C D

Feb 26, 2019

One program that help me with the basic and that proves that this course has help me a lot and I am improving all days with this course.


Mar 12, 2019


创建者 joy o

Mar 20, 2019

professors are amazing. learned so much about improving my photos with light and cnen, balance, etc.

创建者 German A S B

Mar 31, 2019


创建者 Shamily K

Feb 07, 2019

I like my professors teaching

创建者 Abdurrahman S

Jan 25, 2019

old but good

创建者 George B

Jan 13, 2019

Principles of Light is a nice course. It is merely an overview to the concept of light in photography.

创建者 Aygul M

Dec 10, 2017

Loved it! It was very useful

创建者 Adler J

Nov 08, 2017

One of the best courses I have ever taken

创建者 Bradley M H

Sep 12, 2016

Great experience taking this class and meeting other learners through social networking.

创建者 Tinto J A

Apr 11, 2017

Great course.

创建者 Sana I

Oct 03, 2017

This is very nice, very motivational course for new photographers.


Sep 24, 2017

Very knowledgeable course. Thank you for the lessons.

创建者 jamilamostafa

Jan 12, 2018

at the first course after a while i wanted to go and try to take a picture then i took at and my family liked it coursera is a great opportunity to help you learn or creat

创建者 Qamar A A

Jun 09, 2018

I really enjoyed this course and looking forward for capston. learned a lot

创建者 Erich-Dieter G

Sep 07, 2017

This was the most useful and most needed course in the specialty. Many thanks for an excellent program.


Sep 01, 2017

Now I know how to use my camera! I have changed from a point-and-clicker to a budding photographer. I am not yet a pro but I am on my way. Thank you to Peter Glendinning and Mark Valentine Sullivan, who have both helped me learn and also inspired with their own work.

创建者 Robert d B

Feb 25, 2017

Sometimes we might think we know a lot, but this course adds very well to your photography knowledge in very many areas.

Highly recommended.

创建者 Joe S

Jan 08, 2018

Excellent course, Prof. Glendinning is the best and so entertaining!