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Managing Your Health: The Role of Physical Therapy and Exercise will introduce learners to the concepts and benefits of physical therapy and exercise. Over six weeks learners will explore: Why physical activity and exercise are important, Exercise and Cardiovascular Disease, Exercise and Osteoporosis, Exercise and Cancer, Common Sports Injuries, Exercise and Arthritis...



Aug 5, 2021

i found this course interesting n enjoyable. i got to know how to manage sports injuries through exercises through this course ,it improved my knowledge about physical therapy and exercises.


Aug 24, 2020

I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot of appropriate exercises for different health populations such for people with osteoporosis, arthritis and cardiovascular disease.


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创建者 Marwa S

Mar 11, 2019

Over this six-week interactive course, I did not only learn about relevant primary prevention guidelines for heart disease, bone disease and other long-term medical conditions, I got help from participants to develop a feasible and personalized exercise plan to improve my weekly physical activity. I learned about the significance of physical therapy for my overall health. It is a course everyone should consider participating in. I have gathered basic knowledge for a healthy lifestyle _ the fundamentals of managing my health that I have involuntarily ignored by giving myself excuses _ knowledge that is eternal.

创建者 Liza D P

Mar 10, 2019

Excellent course, thank you for this opportunity to think about our physical fitness level and make changes to improve our lifestyle through exercise!

创建者 Diana S

Feb 19, 2020

This is a very practicle course with valuable information that will help anyone. I highly recommend this course. It was well designed and delivered and the activites were not only relevant but very helpful and engaging.

创建者 Kaye L

Apr 9, 2020

Amazing, really enjoyed the course and each and every mentor with their detailed presentation. It's made me excited to see myself in Physiotherapy in the future. Thank you!

创建者 Eyhab N

Dec 21, 2019

it's really helpful course, I got many details that will expand my knowledge, Thanks to all of you for the great efforts to do this successful course.

创建者 Lynda V

May 6, 2019

As a retired health care professional, I found the course content basic but well organized and high quality in presentation. I found the course to be slanted towards the role of the physical therapist - which is a great idea as a professional strategy. I would agree most people are not aware of the scope of your role - but that was not what I was expecting from the course name "Managing Your Health". It's also frustrating since most physical therapy requires private pay and is therefore not as accessible as your course makes it sound.

创建者 Purnima T

Jun 6, 2020

It was a great experience learning this course. I got to learn some new skills and the role of exercises in many area.

Thank you course.

创建者 Zaf K

Mar 4, 2019

A must course for everyone!

创建者 Prabhath a

Apr 30, 2020


创建者 Laszlo D

Feb 26, 2019

This course was very educational, very useful. I really liked the videos and the reading material. I also learned from other course participants. Prevention or treatment; exercise helps both. Thank you for the opportunity.

创建者 Karen P

Apr 29, 2020

This was a very informative online class. I am a California resident, but I found the information from the Univ. of Toronto, and other Canada based organization, outstanding. I do have a Master in Kinesiology and Osteoartritis. This was a perfect class to take to review and learn more about the need for exercise, good nutrition, and working with a physical therapist to improve my health.

创建者 Brittany M

Sep 13, 2018

This course provided a great introduction to the benefits of physical therapy and exercise in general and for specific populations (individuals with cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cancer, sports injuries, and arthritis). I really liked the range of learning resources (videos, external links, quizzes, discussion forums, etc.) incorporated throughout the course!

创建者 Moeen A

Jan 7, 2022

A very informative and interesting course which give us knowledge about the injuries and diseases which are common to part of life and also through this course we educate ourselves about Physical Therapy and its benefits in managing health related issues through exercise.

创建者 Sheri M

Aug 24, 2020

I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot of appropriate exercises for different health populations such for people with osteoporosis, arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

创建者 Shanzay J

Sep 16, 2020

Excellent course. I have enjoyed this course and learned a lot about physical therapy and its uses and being a physiotherapy student it's so much informative for me

创建者 kasanagottu c k

Apr 28, 2020

This is great

创建者 Paulina L

Jan 22, 2021

this is the first time I have attended a class in this format(100% online) so the experience was unique for me, I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm very please with the course format, the instructors were very knowledgeable, the information they give us is clear and easy to understand, I did everything on my own pace and most importantly I learn that Physical activity can reduce the risk of developing several chronic diseases and can have immediate and long-term health benefits improving my quality of life.

I highly recommend this course.

创建者 Judy P

Mar 6, 2021

Excellent, the modules are designed very well, explanation is just right. Makes it easy for the learner to understand every concept. The questions in the quiz enable you to recall what you have learnt and they make it effective. Never during the entire course I had to go back and clarify any points such was the intensity. Would be excellent to include the benefits of Yoga and meditation, have benefited enormously and happy to be part of the design should you need assistance. All participants will benefit from the course

创建者 Robin S

Sep 17, 2020

I really enjoyed taking this course. The layout was very user friendly and if need be, you could easily review the modules over and over again or go back to peer reviews to grade. Peer reviews also give you insight to how other people interpret the assignments I found this course to be a valuable learning experience. Exercise truly is medicine; a life safer and more people neeed to know this!

创建者 Andrea U

Jul 6, 2022

I am very happy to have completed it, and I want to thank all the teachers and people responsible for this amazing course! It is a very complete, dynamic course, it contributed a lot to my learning, and to the management of my own health. Gratitude to Coursera, the University of Toronto for the great opportunity, and congratulations for providing us with such rich and important content.

创建者 Kiran

Jul 5, 2020

i personally recommend this course to all. it has pointed out importance of physical activity with every aspect of disease. assignments like making out you physical activity and diet plan would help every student to polish their abilities to design plan even for their clients in their professional life. they also have introduced amazing websites to their students.

创建者 Prennay C

Sep 25, 2020

I am a Sport Therapist and I always searched for information that could help me improve my skills and also help those that have Arthritis and sports injuries. This course has helped me so much beyond words can not explain! I now can manage exercise and treatment accordingly and with caution. Thank You so much for offering this course. Highly recommended!

创建者 Hadzheha V

Apr 2, 2019

I am very pleased with this site, he helped me find out a lot of different and interesting information, as well as how to make a plan for physical activity for patients. I want to advise everyone, try to attend courses, and get experience, assessment and certificate from the Courses sites ... Thank you

创建者 Katie E C

Oct 8, 2021

I absolutely loved this course! Everything was clear and easy to follow which is a bonus for me because this was all new! I learned so much! I didn’t know almost anything about physiotherapy and now I see how valuable it can be. It’s actually made me want to pursue this as a career.

创建者 Pamela S

Feb 6, 2019

I really liked this course and how it touched on the role of PT in managing the health of so many different populations of people. I wish it had included the role of PT in the management of neuro populations....especially for those with Parkinsons Disease.