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Critical thinking – the application of scientific methods and logical reasoning to problems and decisions – is the foundation of effective problem solving and decision making. Critical thinking enables us to avoid common obstacles, test our beliefs and assumptions, and correct distortions in our thought processes. Gain confidence in assessing problems accurately, evaluating alternative solutions, and anticipating likely risks. Learn how to use analysis, synthesis, and positive inquiry to address individual and organizational problems and develop the critical thinking skills needed in today’s turbulent times. Using case studies and situations encountered by class members, explore successful models and proven methods that are readily transferable on-the-job. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Choose and apply appropriate problem solving and decision making processes and methods 2. Identify common obstacles to effective problem solving and decision making 3. Recognize the human variable in problem solving and decision making 4. Assess major conceptual blocks and significant situational challenges 5. Apply concepts to enhancing personal development and organizational performance 6. Explain the key elements of problem solving and decision making and the barriers associated with them...


Sep 5, 2020

A very informative and easy course. I loved studying it, the professor was very well versed and delivered the lectures in a way so that students find it easy to understand the text and context.

Feb 5, 2021

A concise and informative course. The course consolidates my fundamental knowledge about the different components and concepts of problem-solving and decision-making. I really learned a lot.


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创建者 Warda M S

Jul 20, 2019

It's a great

创建者 Francisco P

Jul 1, 2018

Great course

创建者 Bhushan N D

Jul 26, 2020

Good course


Jun 27, 2019


创建者 Amit K B

Nov 2, 2015

Good course

创建者 Amol G T

Oct 1, 2020

Nice Exp.

创建者 Mohammed M S

Feb 14, 2020

Very good

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Nov 12, 2020


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Oct 3, 2020


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Oct 1, 2020


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Jun 7, 2020



May 13, 2020


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Jan 16, 2020


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Dec 15, 2019


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Dec 4, 2016


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Feb 11, 2020


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Nov 9, 2020


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Dec 22, 2019


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Jul 3, 2017


创建者 Ramachandran S

Feb 6, 2019

First 3 weeks content were really light and can be completed in a day. Last 2 weeks some of the assessment questions were out of the video and left for the candidate's assumption. It would have been great, if some other books or Videos from Youtube are referred to provide more insights on the concept. Each of the charts and usages could have been explained much better. Also we can see some editing issues in week 2 video. Also the continuity for the data collection, analysis through charts and change management could have been little more comprehensive. Overall the course content is valuable and if the above points are considered, it would become amazing for the learners

创建者 Quinn R

Dec 6, 2020

There is no discussion forum and an 8 hour wait between quiz attempts. The first modules contained a helpful mix of audio, visual (text and image) content in lectures and slides. The last modules did not, forcing students to decipher what needed to be learned and applied. Quizzes applied directly to lectures, so nothing tricky there. Overall, this course could have been much better but for the most part it's content was clear and applicable.

创建者 Shailesh S

Dec 8, 2015

Concise but too concise I feel. Maybe it's meant for more foundation/beginner level ? Else, need more details. Not just overview.

And, need more involvement/engagement from students, need multiple (randomized per attempt) questions in quizzes, need participation from course producers/TAs for questions and clarifications needed by students (in discussion forums).

创建者 Shobham S

Sep 29, 2020

The course was very brief and to the point. However, faced some technical difficulties in the video where Audio is lagging behind the instructor lipsync. Also, the PPT can be improved more by providing more examples on the PPT or at least a little more explanation on the PPT. The instructor explanation of the course was good.

创建者 Pola G

Jul 11, 2020

the course is really very good ...but i think he miss apart ok more practice problems and issue in daily life and in a company ......and point that i have a very big problem is the instructor is speaking and talking very fast and i cant understand him but i repeat the video many times