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学生对 Google 提供的 Project Execution: Running the Project 的评价和反馈

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This is the fourth course in the Google Project Management Certificate program. This course will delve into the execution and closing phases of the project life cycle. You will learn what aspects of a project to track and how to track them. You will also learn how to effectively manage and communicate changes, dependencies, and risks. As you explore quality management, you will learn how to measure customer satisfaction and implement continuous improvement and process improvement techniques. Next, you will examine how to prioritize data, how to use data to inform your decision-making, and how to effectively present that data. Then, you will strengthen your leadership skills as you study the stages of team development and how to manage team dynamics. After that, you will discover tools that provide effective project team communication, how to organize and facilitate meetings, and how to effectively communicate project status updates. Finally, you will examine the steps of the project closing process and how to create and share project closing documentation. Current Google project managers will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on approaches for accomplishing these tasks while showing you the best project management tools and resources for the job at hand. Learners who complete this program should be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as project managers. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Identify what aspects of a project to track and compare different tracking methods. - Discuss how to effectively manage and communicate changes, dependencies, and risks. - Explain the key quality management concepts of quality standards, quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control. - Describe how to create continuous improvement and process improvement and how to measure customer satisfaction. - Explain the purpose of a retrospective and describe how to conduct one. - Demonstrate how to prioritize and analyze data and how to communicate a project’s data-informed story. - Identify tools that provide effective project team communication and explore best practices for communicating project status updates. - Describe the steps of the closing process for stakeholders, the project team, and project managers....



Mar 8, 2022

facilitators for this whole programme have presented this so well, I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to start a career in project management as I believe they will be set up for success.


Aug 1, 2022

Loved the detail and pace of course. Extremely useful for new project managers and experienced project managers. Templates used in the course are very useful to perform daily job.


126 - Project Execution: Running the Project 的 150 个评论(共 724 个)

创建者 Jasmine H

Feb 3, 2022

I loved learning with this instructor, some points didn't really get hit but the reading was spot on to fill in the gaps.

创建者 Thomas C B

Nov 18, 2021

Extremely thorough. I learned quite a bit about the ins and outs of project management and feel empowered to keep going.

创建者 YURI M D S

Jul 9, 2021

Great course,

The instructor is an amazing person, the videos were very precise, lots of readings, quizzes and activities.

创建者 Peter S

Nov 14, 2021

I​t's not until you do this 'Running the project' do you really know if you know the stuff in the five previous courses.

创建者 Jorge A P P

Sep 11, 2021

Mucho aprendizaje, me sirvió mucho recordé conceptos y los mismos son muy rápidos de aplicar, voy por lo dos que faltan.

创建者 Dhwanit J

Oct 19, 2021

This is a very good source of the project management so the candidate can be able to understand how to run the project

创建者 Noe R P

Mar 4, 2022

Great Course, all activities and lessons are directed to have a comprehensive knowledge of how to apply the concepts.

创建者 Karolina Z

Sep 19, 2021

V​ery good teacher, she made it entertaining and at the same time easily digestible. Teaching is clearly her passion.

创建者 Rebecca R

Jan 20, 2022

The presenter, Elita, was the most engaging so far. Great material and more focused on the necessity of soft skills.


Feb 9, 2022

I am SANTU KUMAR JANA. I successfully completed Google Project Management : Project Execution: Running the Project.

创建者 Jamal M S

Dec 9, 2021

Thanks all for the good and valuable content. All the details and processes a project manager should familiar with.

创建者 Mochammad R

Feb 5, 2022

Thank you Google and Coursera for making this course and prgram available! I enjoyed it and learned a lot from it.

创建者 Filipa F

Nov 11, 2021

Bastante útil para conhecer a real importância das diferentes fases desde o início do projeto até à sua conclusão.

创建者 Rodrigo

Aug 6, 2021

G​reat course! Helped me to learn the fundamentals and different tools to successfully becoming a Project Manager.

创建者 Sybel S

May 11, 2022

Very intensive program. Tthere is a lot of material to reiterate and reinforce learning.

Great learning experience

创建者 Rosalia N D

Mar 15, 2022

I'm really enjoying this program... Really useful material and well organized. I will recommend it to everyone...


Aug 24, 2021

Excellent designed course, very helpful, very valuable knowledge. The instructor was really nice & knowledgeable.

创建者 Ayman M A H

Sep 23, 2021

It is was very interesting section with ritch information and practices, more over, the instructor was excellent

创建者 Moisés C B

Apr 1, 2021

I loved the real examples. The instructor really help me understand many opportunities areas, totally worth it^^

创建者 adan y S

Jul 17, 2022

it's great course that gave me lot of knowledge on how project run, which i think is most important task to do.

创建者 Julio R Q

Apr 9, 2022

Very interesting all the valuable insight provided by Elita on project execution. I really enjoyed this course.

创建者 Jose T R

Oct 29, 2021

I was not a huge fan of online learning but this course has been very productive and enjoyable to take. Thanks!

创建者 Damaris G

May 9, 2021

Excellent experience. All course's information are so easy to understand and to practice. Totally recommended.

创建者 Hitesh R

Sep 20, 2021

The course content is well structure, really helpful to understand the current organization working in depth.

创建者 Marilyn A

Nov 8, 2021

The information is very thorough and as I complete each course I feel more equipped to be a project manager.