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学生对 密歇根大学 提供的 Python 数据结构 的评价和反馈

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This course will introduce the core data structures of the Python programming language. We will move past the basics of procedural programming and explore how we can use the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples to perform increasingly complex data analysis. This course will cover Chapters 6-10 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. This course covers Python 3....
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Jul 19, 2019

This was a super-fun course! The materials were very easy to follow, and delivered in a very friendly and engaging manner. I highly recommend this course to anyone just getting started in programming.


Nov 10, 2017

I feel incredible that I knew almost nothing about programming just a month ago. Now I have done two of the courses of the specialization and I can actually understand other basic codes. Great course!


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创建者 Doron S

Feb 05, 2018

Excellent course - clear explanations, usefull examples.

2 things I think are needed:

More exercise - to help things sink in.

Exercises should include some digging into the python tutorial (e.g. use of more methods)

创建者 Jason N

Feb 08, 2016

I enjoy how Charles has broken up the Python lectures in to bite sized pieces. It makes learning a lot easier to schedule. I've even taken other Python courses at the same time to taylor my educational needs.

创建者 Emilie G

Mar 31, 2020

much more difficult than the first part, the autograder did not work a few times for me which caused me to spend much more times that I should have but overall very good course and the teacher explains well

创建者 Tanay P

Jan 04, 2016

I know Python but wanted to refresh and brush up my basics. I have not gone through the video lectures and doing the exercises directly. I found the exercises very well built. Good for learning the basics.

创建者 keshav j

Feb 19, 2020

the course was really amazing and I got to know so many new things about this python and that makes me feel more confident in my class and I am looking forward to learning more and more through Coursera.

创建者 Alin-Gabriel D

Mar 10, 2019

Good overview of the different types of data structures.The assignments were fun and the autograder is really cool! Maybe a bit more assignment work just to make sure that everything is fully understood.

创建者 Julie M

Jun 12, 2017

The courses are excellent, but I really wish there were more, and more in depth assignments. The amount of assignments does not really allow students to absorb course content without additional practice.

创建者 abhinav y

Jun 10, 2018

Very good one for candidates who are new to comp science and programming, helps one gain a lot of abstract understanding about computers, internet and networks.Assignments could have been more engaging

创建者 Vikas R

Aug 18, 2017

i have learned what exact python is now on this stage i can program in python and i recommend everyone want to study about the python to take this course and experienced and really thanks to Dr. CHUCK

创建者 Halimat A

Jul 16, 2016

I really liked the course. I just wish it was more practice heavy and the lectures were broken up more and there were quizzes during the lectures to keep you engaged more and make it more interactive.

创建者 Piotr C

Aug 11, 2017

Very good course. However some data is served in too large chunks so it is hard to remember the stuff from videos without making a notes. I would recommend to write a code along when watching videos.

创建者 Gabriel V

Mar 08, 2016

It could review the use of tuples/lists on variables like the settings variables on Django. Also, it could review more complex operations over the mentioned structures, like the list insert() method.

创建者 Matthew J S

Feb 04, 2020

Very well done course, instructor/instruction was good and the contents (materials, quizzes, assignments) were of good quality. I recommend if you are beginning your journey into Python, as I am.

创建者 Kevin L

Jan 18, 2016

Very informative class. Some of the hard topics in the last 2 chapters are not explained in a way that matched with the code terminology but good examples were given to help figure it out further.

创建者 Abhijit T

Feb 25, 2019

Great course! Very succinctly presented. The course material and content is very well put together too. Just put in more coding assignments for each week and I will definitely rate this a 5 star!

创建者 Thomas P H

May 28, 2016

Things are really starting to get interesting. Videos are generally very helpful. I had a tough time with the lecture on tuples. That one may require some fine tuning (or maybe I require some).

创建者 Amr M

Oct 11, 2019

Extra Nice, but I am not still feeling the power of Python over other Programming Languages, I guess I still have to study a bit more to get to know what is fascinating about this language

创建者 Mark F

Jan 08, 2016

I have gotten what I needed from these classes. They where intended for someone with less programming background than myself so I occasionally found them tedious. That is on me, well done.

创建者 Rehan K

Oct 15, 2015

This course covers python data structure very efficiently. The course mainly focuses on most commonly used features. Examples used in lectures as well as the exercises are very practical.

创建者 Jorge H L

Aug 29, 2018

El curso es muy interesante y los conocimientos son claros y precisos, pero la segunda semana se puede aprovechar mejor, ya que instalar Python no debería tomar tanto tiempo de explicar

创建者 Axel G

Jun 08, 2018

Great course, the lectures are comprehensive and easy to follow. The only recommendation which I have is to offer more optional assignments for those who would like some extra practise

创建者 Samir S

Jul 19, 2017

The real advantage of using tuples to solve a problem was not terribly clear. Lists and dictionaries could solve all problems. Some features are useful though like multiple assignment.

创建者 Feroz u K

Nov 12, 2017

Excellent course , I learned a lot of basic thing of python which I believe really enhance my programming capability and established a strong grounding of data structure of Python .

创建者 Nikee

Mar 21, 2020

This course was insightful and easy to follow! This course would be more beneficial if there were more example problems and step-by-step solutions to the example problems. Thank you.

创建者 Martin W

Nov 19, 2015

Great way of learning how Python works as well as what you can do with Python, and it's all relevant

I really enjoy the tutoring style and the bonus interviews are really informative