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学生对 密歇根大学 提供的 Python 数据结构 的评价和反馈

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This course will introduce the core data structures of the Python programming language. We will move past the basics of procedural programming and explore how we can use the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples to perform increasingly complex data analysis. This course will cover Chapters 6-10 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. This course covers Python 3....
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Oct 08, 2017

assignment 9.4 auto grader not working .\n\nLTI unable to launch.\n\nerror message: This tool should be launched from a learning system using LTI.\n\ni am using chrome on mac book air 2 and python 3.6


Nov 10, 2017

I feel incredible that I knew almost nothing about programming just a month ago. Now I have done two of the courses of the specialization and I can actually understand other basic codes. Great course!


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创建者 Mounica R

Nov 17, 2018

I really should be thanking Dr. Chuck for presenting this course! I went through the course while using the Py4e textbook( that's available for free ). It was very informative and clear. The examples provided really helped me form my ow thoughts on the process i was gonna take to solve a problem. Definitely recommend it.

创建者 Suvarna J

Oct 16, 2017

Amazing course. I learned the data structures in Python in detail. The prof makes the course fun to learn with all his enthusiasm and office hours videos and other videos. He explains everything in great detail. Thank you so much Prof. I can't wait to finish the Specialization and earn my certificate. Thanks a ton Prof.

创建者 Juan J C

Mar 03, 2016

I quickly got convinced to take the other courses in this series after taking part in this course. I started programming Python out of need to complete my thesis work, so there were many things about data structures in Python that I was not aware of. Recommended for beginner programmers with little or no CS background

创建者 AMIT Y

Sep 20, 2019

The professor is really wonderful. He teaches the concept in such a manner that any person even from a non technical background can understand computer programming. It is really very awesome, thanks to such an excellent tutorial by coursera and university of Michigan. I truly loved it and it was a wonderful experience.

创建者 Shamik B

Aug 07, 2018

Dear Mr. Severance,

It has been an absolute pleasure to take this course with you. Your simplistic way of teaching complex concepts is wonderful. Am very grateful to you and Coursera for giving the likes of me and millions other the opportunity to learn and grow constantly.

All your courses are amazing.

Thank you again.

创建者 Luo Y

Jul 09, 2018

I love this course. It taught me python programming from scratch and now I am able to do some simple programming and no longer afraid of scripting! Great thanks to the instructor and the teaching assistants who replied the questions in discussion forum so fast. Thank you all and see you guys again in the next course :D

创建者 Joseph S

Jul 05, 2016

Chuck!!! Thanks so much you are an incredible teacher and I can also tell an incredible human being.

Ofcourse im going to keep on going with the next certificates.

This classes are awesome and with this you allow that people with low or non income can learn, grow and improve their quality life.

Thanks so much again!!!

创建者 Sai S

Jan 13, 2020

This was a very great experience, the quality of the course and the teaching was fabulous. For everyone who has just completed (getting started with pyhton) do finish this, as this particular course is a very important part of the overall programming language. I had a lot of fun learning this, hope everyone does too.

创建者 Charae B

May 22, 2019

The Professor is excellent, slides are very helpful, and the course work is challenging. This is my 2nd course with this professor, and I would take another course with this professor. My only regret is not taking the time to meet other students. I really want to do that in the next course I take with this Professor.


Mar 09, 2019

Course is excellent for learning python : if you are an experience programmer in any other language, you can probably finish it in less than a week. If however you have no prior exposure to programming, it will surely take you longer, however you will end up learning the topics pretty easily. The instructor is great.

创建者 vamsi s k

Dec 20, 2016

Simply superve course , I got very good programming knowledge of python looking forward to complete entire specialization. Thanks Charles Severance, you were amazing and bonus lectures of inventors of different programmin languages are very encouraging and you are doing very good job. Thank you so much for the course

创建者 Sijing W

Nov 21, 2019

I will definitely celebrate that I have finally getting started with Python. Dr chuck is super professional and make all that things looks simple and easy to begin. I really grow up my interest in Python and I would review the course content again, watch other basic level course and practice my programmming skills!

创建者 Tom G

Apr 13, 2018

DRC , dr. chuck, continues to build the foundation started in the first course and then demonstrates how the lessons built from the trivial to the substantial. I like how we the basics are intertwined with best practices in writing the code. I plan on continuing this series. The light-hardheartedness is wonderful

创建者 Nikhil N

Jun 18, 2016

It had taken me to the next level of expertise in programming and gave enough confidence to take on data analysis using python as a beginner in programming. All excited to take the next level of the course to continue the learning.

Thanks to Dr. Charles Severance and the Coursera team for this wonderful opportunity.

创建者 Naela C P

Oct 05, 2016

Excellent course with an excellent teacher, I had a hard time completing the last assessment but I finally did it by my own! That's what I like the most of this course, that for people like me who are not used to programming, it turns out to be challenging yet it leaves you with a great satisfaction when completed.


Dec 17, 2015

Thanks a lot Coursera staff and Professor Charles Severance!!! Great job!!! The course is help me a lot. Python is my first programming language. I started my bachelor degree in Information Systems at UFPE (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco) from Brazil, and our first discipline about programming was with Python.

创建者 Pradeep S

May 01, 2019

Excellent course module with a very dynamic instructor(Dr. Charles Severance). I just loved the way he teaches and the contents that he covered with so many exercises, assignments and quizzes. It was really challenging job to do the assignments. Thanks coursera and a very special thanks to Sir Charles Severance.

创建者 Vamshi T N

Feb 02, 2019

This course is very useful for not only to new bees, but also the to the experienced one. The professor taught the tutorials in such a way that it will be understood by any one of us. The information which is taught here is very crystal clear with no confusions. Thanks course era and thanks University of Michigan

创建者 Derrin O

Jan 27, 2018

I have previously attended other programming courses and never really got in the groove. This course has woken up the programmer in me and I am truly enjoying the experience. I hope to complete the five courses on Python programming.

Sincere thanks to Professor Severance for his easy to follow style of teaching.

创建者 yashvinder h

Jan 27, 2017

Dr. chuck is unmatchable. I wasn't sure about taking online course but my elder brother who is an Engineer at Intuit in silicon valley encouraged me to go for it and i am very happy to have virtually met with Dr. chuck.

I am going to learn rest of the python courses as mentioned in p4informatics book by Dr. chuck

创建者 Luke R

Mar 15, 2016

Good intro to python data structures. If you are experienced in other languages, you will probably find this course very easy, but it still provides a decent foundation, and introduces you to some concepts that may not be present in your dynamic language of choice (e.g. there are no tuples in javascript or ruby).

创建者 Jonas D L

Jan 21, 2017

This a great course for people that wants to learn programming but do not have much free time and need a deadline to complete tasks. I have learn a great amount in the short time. Though the book is free, I purchased a copy from Amazon so I can read it during my commute. I am telling everyone about this class.

创建者 Gabriele G

Mar 26, 2019

Amazing course getting deeply into the use of lists/dictionaries/tuples w/ Python; Fundamental assets to start writing your own scripts to read file logs/gather info and present them as needed; I would have enjoyed more if there would have been additional optional exercises but completely worth it in any case!

创建者 Ibadurrahman

Jan 31, 2020

it's the second part of the python course.Dr. Chuck is really a great teacher and instructor.You will be directed to python programming with a clear understanding.I wanted to say more, but I only can say this:"This is a beautifully great course, and Doctor Chuck is gonna change you."Thank you Dr Chuck, always

创建者 Sumitha P

Jul 29, 2019

Prof. Charles Severance conducts this course with an excellent pace using easy to grasp examples. I took Python for everybody and Python Data structures. I thoroughly enjoyed the course structure with the quizzes and coding assignments. This online course felt like a classroom experience. Thank you Professor!