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学生对 Coursera Project Network 提供的 Create Your First Web App with Python and Flask 的评价和反馈

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In this 2-hour long project-based course, you will learn the basics of web application development with Python using the Flask framework. Through hands on, practical experience, you will go through concepts like creating a Flask Application, using Templates in Flask Applications, using SQLAlchemy and SQLite with Flask, and using Flask and WTForms. You will then apply the concepts to create your first web application with Python and Flask. This course is aimed at learners who are looking to get started with web application development using Python, and have some prior programming experience in the Python programming language. The ideal learner has understanding of Python syntax, HTML syntax, and computer programming concepts. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....



Jun 28, 2020

It gave me an good overview of how routes, forms and sqalchemy works in flask. I just felt this project a bit hard, I think because I don't know much about backend yet.


Sep 20, 2020

Very nice project on Flask. The instructor covered every topic clearly and go for this if you want to learn to do web apps easily and fast.


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创建者 Doss D

Jun 26, 2020

Thank you

创建者 RAVI P

Jul 25, 2020


创建者 p s

Jun 29, 2020


创建者 tale p

Jun 16, 2020


创建者 Yacob H

Sep 12, 2020

The teacher was great, I wish I could give it five stars but RHYME is TERRIBLE. Very sluggish and performs poorly. A 1 hour course will take 2 days to complete because the platform is very sluggish. i try to complete it on my own environment so I could follow along while watching but the video automatically pauses. Maybe you want students to use the RHYME. Maybe all the LAGGING will help you to learn. New learning technique I guess.

Coursera you have to listen . I am reading all these comments and they are saying the same thing.

Idea for all your Guided Projects:

-Create an optional section to help user setup the tools needed for the project so they can work on their own machine

-Find something quicker than rhyme. You could even build an editor that looks like VSCode. People are trying to learn, not train their brains to deal with latency.

创建者 Duddu v s a h

Jul 31, 2020

That was more hands-on and useful too!... I expected a project at the end too but only hands-on work. Still, I learned some new things through this course on the flask. Definitely worth the time for a beginner.

创建者 Benjamin K A

Jul 13, 2020

Flask using python is very powerful and simple to understand. Building web apps using python and fast is amazing. Thanks, fo this project

创建者 Shubham P

Jul 01, 2020

Thank you coursera for providing the project on flask and how to build apps using it.It was an amazing experience withe flask enjoyed it.

创建者 Zaw Z W

Jul 31, 2020

Great Course!! I like that kind of teaching method on hand on practice . It's helped me to get more deep in flask.

创建者 gari j c g

Aug 07, 2020

nice introduction. It won't make you a master, but it will certainly spark your interest.

创建者 Girish D K

Jul 26, 2020

Godd enjoyed learning only for those who know python and html.


Sep 08, 2020

Very Nice Course. It will help you to learn flask more.


Jul 19, 2020

loved this course and learned a lot

创建者 Akanksha P

Jul 09, 2020

It was really useful.


Jun 26, 2020

شكرا لكم

创建者 Aniket M

Jun 25, 2020


创建者 Lavanya A

Jul 21, 2020



Sep 22, 2020


创建者 Bhushan

Aug 13, 2020

Sometimes, I felt that instructions were not clear, like why we are doing it, what's the exact use of that function/library.

创建者 Aditya G

Aug 01, 2020

More elaboration on databases required, other than that its a good course even for non-programmers

创建者 Claudio B

Jun 22, 2020

Course was Ok. I expected to have more info about API/REST protocol.

创建者 Mayinuzzaman S

Sep 07, 2020

The instructor's teaching approach was good and overall the project was good. The reason I am not giving it 5 star is because the whole time during the project I couldn't access the localhost of the cloud desktop provided by Rhyme and couldn't run any code on the browser of the cloud desktop. It was a frustrating experience.

创建者 Tina K

Jul 06, 2020

Unfortunately, this is not a good course, which is disappointing because I expect more from Coursera. The external virtual desktop platform that Coursera uses (Rhyme) is slow, sluggish and overall user experience is so bad I had to move away from it and work locally.

On the platform, there are students constantly messaging to get help with bugs, but the platform is not supported by anyone. It should be noted that the code for this course is provided on the Coursera website, not on Rhyme, I spent so much time trying to find/access it.

The project feels very unfinished, there is not enough content - even the basics such as instructions for web deployment (which should be a part of every *web* app tutorial) and the course skips over other major concepts. If you actually want to learn Flask, unfortunately I have to recommend looking elsewhere.

创建者 Guo X W

Jul 09, 2020

I think I came into this project with misguided expectations. I have working knowledge of Python and was hoping to learn how to deploy web apps for generating visualisations etc. The course is not suitable for those without knowledge of HTML syntax. I had difficulty following the instructor (the laggy interface compounded the problem) and the whole learning experience felt very mechanical. I felt like a blind follower. It would be very useful if the instructor could set the context of what he is doing before every step.