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学生对 阿姆斯特丹大学 提供的 定性研究方法 的评价和反馈

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In this course you will be introduced to the basic ideas behind the qualitative research in social science. You will learn about data collection, description, analysis and interpretation in qualitative research. Qualitative research often involves an iterative process. We will focus on the ingredients required for this process: data collection and analysis. You won't learn how to use qualitative methods by just watching video's, so we put much stress on collecting data through observation and interviewing and on analysing and interpreting the collected data in other assignments. Obviously, the most important concepts in qualitative research will be discussed, just as we will discuss quality criteria, good practices, ethics, writing some methods of analysis, and mixing methods. We hope to take away some prejudice, and enthuse many students for qualitative research....



Dec 21, 2018

I found this a very useful way of getting a basic introduction to qualitative research methods, without just sitting down with some text books. The content was engaging and at the right level for me.


Aug 31, 2019

Really enjoyed this course. The lectures were engaging, the assignments applicable. I really enjoyed being able to review other classmates' assignments from around the world. Very cool concept.


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创建者 M. I F

Mar 15, 2016

Great teacher and class!

创建者 Tomas B

Oct 27, 2017

Great course, loved it.


Feb 27, 2018

Excelente disertación

创建者 Abdirahman M

Dec 05, 2017

This is great course.

创建者 Abdul

Feb 06, 2016

Great Learning site

创建者 Swift N X

Nov 29, 2015

excellent teacher!

创建者 Carolina B

Sep 30, 2018

So good teacher!!


Dec 05, 2019

excellent course

创建者 Sobia K

Aug 11, 2019

Excellent course

创建者 Martina C

Sep 27, 2016

very good course

创建者 Madhumita P

Jul 25, 2016

Great Course !!!

创建者 Santhosh K R

Aug 06, 2019


创建者 Victor H

Apr 28, 2019



Feb 11, 2016


创建者 Leandro L L

Oct 11, 2016

Muito bom.

创建者 Xie Q

Sep 21, 2016

Great job!


Sep 07, 2016


创建者 王金娜

Oct 13, 2016


创建者 Jonathan J d S P

Nov 10, 2015



Aug 18, 2017


创建者 Arwin v d P

Jun 21, 2017

This course is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge on Qualitative Research. Prof. Gerben Moerman is one of the most excited teachers you'll ever 'watch' during any lesson, which makes it even more fun to watch all the lessons. On top of that, the course really touches upon the most important things about this kind of research in a very enjoyable (and not boring-lame-exhausting) way. You have to invest some serious time in doing your weekly tasks, but they are all interesting and easy to make you grab the essence of doing Qualitative Research. Overall, I enjoyed this course very much. It's a lot better than the experience I had at the faculty of religionstudies in Groningen, The Netherlands.

创建者 Julieta R G

Nov 17, 2017

Excellent in everthing! Fun and very interesting! One thing only would make it perfect. Instead of having the slides as notes, the same info could be organised differently in a word document, as it would be easier to read and to print out. But other than that, it was excellent! The prof. is engaging and the lectures very well orgaqnised. Besides, difficult material was made easy.

创建者 Stephanie S

Apr 14, 2016

Very enthusiastic lecturer, which made learning that much more enjoyable! The course content is fantastic. My only comment is the grading system for the assignments / how the assignments are designed - in my opinion the grading system could be improved to reflect efforts and correct submission done by students.

创建者 zeba a

Sep 20, 2017

Its a good introductory course on the topic. Of course, the subject is too wide to fit in a month-long mooc but I felt it was a good primer and touched about key aspects of Qualitative Research Methods, with good references and sign-posting to further in-depth study on the specific topics.

创建者 Danielle L

Nov 07, 2017

Overall, a very good course. I'm more analytically minded so I took it as a part of the sequence and there was a bit of a reckoning since it's not a way that I usually think. Regardless, the material was well presented and the lecturer is nothing if not enthusiastic.