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学生对 伦敦大学 提供的 Quantitative Foundations for International Business 的评价和反馈

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This course provides the essential mathematics required to succeed in the finance and economics related modules of the Global MBA, including equations, functions, derivatives, and matrices. You can test your understanding with quizzes and worksheets, while more advanced content will be available if you want to push yourself. This course forms part of a specialisation from the University of London designed to help you develop and build the essential business, academic, and cultural skills necessary to succeed in international business, or in further study. If completed successfully, your certificate from this specialisation can also be used as part of the application process for the University of London Global MBA programme, particularly for early career applicants. If you would like more information about the Global MBA, please visit This course is endorsed by CMI...



May 25, 2020

It was interesting course and i really enjoyed a lot. Thanks to all professor to deliver the great lectures and thanks to University of London to organized such a great course.


Aug 31, 2020

This course was really good because I remembered all the maths I learned during my career and now I understand why these mathematical operations are so important in Business.


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创建者 Jaime S

Sep 26, 2020

Great! But, could be better if the professor (the man) could explain better. He asume that all of students know the basic.

创建者 Wei K L

Jul 1, 2021

Week 2, Video 6 Linear Functions Time 2:55 error Shown y=3x+2 IF x=2 y=3(1)+5=8 Should be y=3x+2 IF x=2 y=3(2)+2=8

创建者 Bernard D V

Nov 2, 2018

A nice course about equations, functions, derivatives & matrices. However, I felt a lack of explanation sometimes.

创建者 Ryan M

May 18, 2019

Good Course, but I would want the examples to stay on screen as they are being presented.

创建者 Rodrigo E C R

Jan 24, 2022

El material es bueno en general pero algunos examenes están mal redactados

创建者 Travis B

Dec 29, 2017

Sometimes hard to understand the instructor but good subject materials.

创建者 Debbie O

Jul 3, 2017

Fantastic. I did however have to go through twice to fully understand.

创建者 Reza R

Aug 23, 2017

Good course for who wants to know about networking in business.

创建者 Nicole C

Feb 5, 2020

Gives you experience of the Quantum World and Maths.

创建者 vyonne l w

Oct 18, 2021

i enjoyed and understood the whole learning process

创建者 Fy M

Jan 9, 2019

the quiz questions have several typos

创建者 Tom G

Mar 9, 2017

good content and lessons, quizzes

创建者 Evans A O

Oct 22, 2021

Excellent course

创建者 Deleted A

Jun 4, 2018


创建者 Juan P P

Nov 14, 2019

Some topics are not well explain (for example matrix) and for several topis you need some previous knowledge. Also as some other comments refer, the profesor that explains the first video of each course never explains anithing, insted, his students explains all the topics (and they try their best with lot of effort, but they are not the best teachers... they only read the equations!!!) Just to improve, make better videos, maybe only with a board and a penn and just explain all the topics!

创建者 domenico s

Jan 20, 2020

the PhD teacher simply and clearly reads what she says, even in bad way. Sometimes she gives the impression she doesn't understand what she reads. I can't believe UofL can consider this approach a way to teach.

The material offered is not enough to pass the test, so i had to surf on internet and check on my old math books to study in deep

创建者 Kyle E

Sep 3, 2019

I felt there should have been more reading material, I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggled to follow the videos. I add the instructors were excellent but my preference is to read rather than continually watch. It can be exhausting stopping and starting to catch all notes.

创建者 Yaser T Y H

Jun 3, 2020

The Lecture should be more practical as I recommend the lecturer show more examples as it was confusing and I had to refer to different resources .

创建者 Manoj K

Aug 12, 2020

Prefer if more examples could be worked out in a whiteboard with interaction questions to solve the answers based on session progress.

创建者 Jim

Mar 13, 2018

Difficult to understand the lecturers English but otherwise insightful when reading each video.

创建者 Shahrukh S

Sep 9, 2017

the pronunciation of the lecturer was at times very difficult to understand !

创建者 Melida G J

Jul 4, 2019

I think the course could be better, some of the lessons were really basic.

创建者 Chris T

Jul 7, 2018

The main instructor lacks enthusiasm. Very boring lectures.

创建者 Ander C

Dec 27, 2017

Good overall, although concepts are high-school level.

创建者 Khayala J

Feb 12, 2019

Very interesting but at the same time very easy one.