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学生对 GitLab 提供的 How to Manage a Remote Team 的评价和反馈

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Remote management is much more than just implementing a work-from-home policy. In this course, you’ll learn and apply remote work best practices, build your remote work policy, and prepare your team for success. This course is ideal for current managers, executives, and human resources professionals who want to learn how to lead and support a high-functioning, scalable remote team. GitLab is one of the world’s largest all-remote organizations; experts from throughout the company will guide you through in-depth lessons for leaders, people managers, and HR professionals to build, manage, and scale. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Lead in a remote environment - Build a remote organizational culture and practices - Assess teams’ and managers’ readiness and preparation for remote work - Create a foundational strategy for executing a remote transformation For the final project in this course, you will create a real or hypothetical strategic plan to transition a team to remote operation. You will assess your organization's remote maturity and infrastructure, and identify the best team structure for remote operation — including determining whether to use an all-remote or remote-friendly model. You'll outline plans for documentation, education, leadership, and equipment or resource needs for your unique organization. This is an intermediate-level course, intended for learners who have previous experience managing or leading people. To succeed in this course, you should have at least one year of management experience. No remote experience is required....



Jun 15, 2021

Amazing! I am happy to see how it is possible to obtain good results by sharing with plurality and concern for inclusion. I learned a lot, with direct practical use in my current roles in my company.


May 26, 2021

A solid course, even for somebody with extensive experience in managing remotely. This will help you move your department or company on the right path to a remote work structure that works for you.


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创建者 Adejugbe A H

Jun 3, 2022

great impact

创建者 Sanjam C

Mar 29, 2021

great course

创建者 George C

Mar 9, 2021

Great course

创建者 Himanshu S

Nov 18, 2020

Very Helpful

创建者 Christiana I

Jul 7, 2022


创建者 hassan k

Jun 9, 2022

very good

创建者 abdulwasiu42

May 29, 2022



Jan 24, 2021


创建者 Olusegun I O

Jun 28, 2022


创建者 okechukwu u

May 12, 2022


创建者 Suzanna K

Jun 24, 2022


创建者 Jev S

Feb 16, 2022


创建者 Yuval G

Aug 23, 2021

This is a good course to learn the basics of remote work management. I think that what makes this course a "must" to take for everyone who is interested in going remote is that it is provided by GitLab management, means a personal that is actually doing this everyday and are one of the only organizations in the world that is doing it 100% and proud of if enough to be 100% transparent with their procedures. Other than that, the course is well structures with high quality videos.

I gave 4 stars as I'm a little bit disappointed from the professional content. I expected to learn best practices, challenges and solutions from Gitlab management that I'm sure they have a lot what to say about it, but instead the content was very abstract, every talk is just a summary of a dry documentation and most of the content is pretty obvious without any special insights.

I think it would be much better if the team would present and discuss about case studies, real challenges they had faced, what is not going well now and they work to improve? any crisis? about real risks and so on. The videos are very short, and I suggest to add this content and even turn this course to be paid if that's what is needed.

Also, the home assignments was very easy - too much easy. I think that without going over any lecture I would get to grade 90 at least. I expected it to be more complex and more challenging.

The bottom line is that this course is a "worth to take" course and I recommend it to anyone that is managing a remote team or plan to do so.

创建者 Anvar A

Jan 19, 2021

For those who already moved to remote work over pandemic time, not all the lectures will be useful (because they already passed many steps), but I found some very interesting things, like "good questions about a remote experience on interviews" and "culture/values for remote companies". Also, it was very interesting to read which tools GitLab uses in their work (probably it will be better to add an additional week to this course about tools/technologies which are vital for remote teams)

创建者 Dario B

Mar 12, 2021

First training of this kind for me, so difficult to compare.

In general as online training I found it functional, linear, modules are not too long and you easily understand they key concepts, reference material is useful too. Tests could be a bit more challenging, knowing that you can repeat it as much as you want.

创建者 Mathias L

Nov 8, 2020

Very easy to follow, food for thought and a number of excellent points to consider when planning a transition to remote work. A bit too much recruitment for gitlab - but if their company works as they tell, it seems to be an excellent "place" to be (the advertisement works).

创建者 Manuel M

Feb 22, 2021

Great course. I only miss it was focused in Gitlab experience with his own product, but when you work for different clients and projects in multiple contexts, some things are pretty different to Gitlab experience.

创建者 Julia S

Jul 27, 2021

It was very structured, and well explained. The mixture between pre-read and additional texts were very good. I would like to have s short revue in bullied points to habe a recap. Thank you was a pleasure. Julia

创建者 Andrew M

Mar 8, 2022

A great course and extremely relevant as more organisations are moving to this remote style of working. I would have like to see a bit more theory based learning, more reading material and confirmatory testing.

创建者 Jay B

Feb 3, 2021

This was a very good course describing the path a company can take to working remotely in part or in full. I wish it had a little more detail for how individual supervisors might manage their remote employees.

创建者 Heather F B

Apr 12, 2022

Great course that covered communication strategies to implement. Would have liked to see more content tailored to practices that involved actually managing a remote team vs transitioning a company to remote.

创建者 Daniel N

Sep 23, 2021

I​t's a good introduction course with great tempo and a clear message. A little bit of a "sales" pitch for Gitlab but I guess thats fine when the course comes free of charge. Thank you!

创建者 Joyce K

Jan 4, 2021

I especially liked the GitLab resouces that were made available to all participants. This level of trnasparency and quality is a great example for those setting up remote teams.

创建者 Vittorio B

Mar 2, 2021

Excellent about either specific management principles and operative implications, maybe it could be a little more exhaustive about different attitudes, due to generational gaps.