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Ruby on Rails Web Service 及其与 MongoDB 的整合, 约翰霍普金斯大学

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In this course, we will explore MongoDB, a very popular NoSQL database and Web Services concepts and integrate them both with Ruby on Rails. MongoDB is a used to handle documents with a pre-defined schema which will give the developers an ability to store, process and use data using it’s rich API. The modules will go in-depth from installation to CRUD operations, aggregation, indexing, GridFS and various other topics where we continuously integrate MongoDB with RailsRuby. We will be covering the interface to MongoDB using the Mongo Ruby API and the Mongoid ORM framework (the MongoDB access counterpart to RDBMS/ActiveRecord within Rails). The last portion of the course will focus on Web Services with emphasis on REST, its architectural style and integration of Web Services with Rails. Core concepts of Web Services like request/response, filters, data representation (XML/JSON), web linking and best practices will covered in depth. This course is ideal for students and professionals who have some programming experience and a working knowledge of databases....


创建者 MM

Feb 17, 2016

This is definitely one of the best courses I have taken online.\n\nIf you are interested in learning Rub on Rials with MongoDB,\n\nstop reading this comment and sign-up.

创建者 JR

Nov 22, 2016

Love this course. Helped me understand angular 1 concepts very well and with great explanations and coding examples. Keep it up and keep eating those cookies :)


73 个审阅


May 20, 2019

Very useful and informative

创建者 Milan Trninic

Oct 20, 2018

not easy at all its professional level course, thumbs UP

创建者 olivier hergault

Oct 03, 2018

Not up to (my) expectations.

This course is not bad, I've seen much worse on coursera, BUT is it good enough to justify the investment, I'm not sure. Following the video is tedious, and boring. The instructor gives the impression he follows a recipe, and never explains why he's doing what he's doing: he rather describes what we already have on screen. I can read, thank you! I expect much more from an online course, supported by a reputable university. I expect some deeper explanation, I want to be taught why things are the way they are. Why do we choose MongoDB over a conventional RDBMS ? What are the benefits ? the drawbacks ? This should be explained to put things in context. Toward the end of first week, the instructor switches to "MongoLab". He never introduces it or explain what it is! One sentence would be enough to put things in context.

I'm not on coursera to follow a soulless recipe, Technical matters are often dry, repetitive, boring, I need to feel some excitment from the instructor, and I need him to put things in context, to unveil what is not obvious.

创建者 Victorique

Oct 02, 2018

This course requires more time commitment than the other ones in this specialisation. The explanation regarding MongoDB is pretty thorough, but the integration with rails takes some time to get a good hold of. I would recommend this course for just MongoDB.

创建者 Humberto Chacon

Jul 17, 2018

I think this course is more difficult than it's presented.

创建者 Ildar Salakhiev

Jun 13, 2018

The Modules are too long, the application takes instead of 6 hours up to 20-30The instructions are not en ought clear, most of things must be googled or even looked how it's done by another students ex. Module 2, Photos, 5 contentType vs. content_typeSome tests are passed even if program written wrong ex. find_nearest_place_id max_meters, i have returned place[:id] instead of place[:_id] and test passed. and this error made a lot of problems in further testsFor Module 3 it's written that app will take 12 hours I even afraid to start it. It could take up to 1 month of work, if do it 2 hours each day. Take it to attention, please. Usually this activity is should not take such long type. Make a splitting with GridFS, and Indexes to 2 weeks

创建者 Cristian Rodríguez

Jun 06, 2018

I learned a lot of MongoDB and how to integrate it with Rails.

创建者 Boulate Kwamboka

Mar 31, 2018

Very easy to understand the lectures and is taught by a professor who is well versed with the concepts.

I recommend this course 100%


Feb 23, 2018


创建者 Alejandro Escontrela

Dec 16, 2017

I didn't find it helpful that all the code was simply given to us and we kind of had to figure out what it did. I prefer that we're walked through the creation process, that way I understand not only how the code works, but how to build it myself.