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学生对 加州大学尔湾分校 提供的 iOS 应用的网络与安全 的评价和反馈

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You will learn to extend your knowledge of making iOS apps so that they can securely interact with web services and receive push notifications. You'll learn how to store data securely on a device using Core Data. You’ll also learn to securely deploy apps to the App Store and beta users over-the-air. The format of the course is through a series of code tutorials. We will walk you through the creation of several apps that you can keep as a personal app toolbox. When you make your own apps after this course, you can bring in these capabilities as needed. When necessary we pop out of the code tutorials to talk about concepts at a higher level so that what you are programming makes sense. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Post Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo messages to social media using single sign-on on behalf of a user. 2. Use OAuth 2.0 to securely authenticate to Instagram and retrieve photos on behalf of a user 3. JSON 4. Describe JSON’s syntax 5. Write well-formed JSON 6. Work with JSON data objects in Objective-C 7. Appropriately set the security settings for App Transport Security in iOS 9.0 8. Use http, https and https with perfect forward secrecy to fetch web resources 9. Obtain permissions to receive local push notifications 11. Write an app that can send and receive local push notifications 12. Obtain permissions to receive remote push notifications 13. Write an app that can receive remote push notifications 14. Authenticate using Apple’s cryptographic services such that the developer can use 3rd party infrastructure to send remote push notifications to their app. 15. Securely store data on the user’s device. 16. Authenticate using Apple’s cryptographic services such that they can deploy an app to the app store...


Aug 3, 2017

Very detailed course that contains lots of practice. Some information is changed for the current versions iOS and XCode, but despite this I like the course! Thank you.

Nov 28, 2015

Excellent intermediate level course for objectives C. Good approach to the course presentation. Introduces concepts clearly and then drives into actual implementation.


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创建者 Nikolay S

Mar 8, 2016

I expected more information about security,

创建者 Fanick S B A

Nov 24, 2017










创建者 Tanmay B

Nov 30, 2015


创建者 Ramin A

Jun 5, 2016

This course was not as good as the first course. I found myself typing codes mindlessly a lot and feeling the guilt that I'm not learning a lot from the app I'm making because there is too much coding going on and it's not clear what's more important. The final exam was too easy (almost a joke!) and it didn't help me figure out if I actually did learn something by typing out all these codes. I would like more lecture, snippet of codes and explaining what they do and have us fill out part of a code by thinking through as oppose to typing out the whole thing.

创建者 Dheeman R

May 25, 2017

The course content is quite good and well thought out. This course teaches some fundamental concepts of storing data on the device and interaction with the app as well as interacting with external APIs using OAuth 2.0. The course does need updating though since a number of things have changed since the time the course was built. This makes following the current content a bit harder and in some cases it took considerable time to complete the assignment.

创建者 Usman M

May 16, 2020

the Networking and Security in iOS Applications is such an informative course but unfortunately its obsolete and now i can not follow along the course because whenever i implement something it turns out i can not use that feature and i can not even use any alternatives because then i will not get good point on my assignment

创建者 Omar A E A

Nov 8, 2018

Good course but unfortiontlay needs updates! many functions in core data and other lessons has been updated now in ios 11 and iOS 12, but over all good explanation of objective c and apple frameworks

创建者 Leandro N S N

Jun 15, 2016

You should skip module 8 from week 3. You can't work along because the website do not accept new members....

Don't rush to purchase an apple developer account!

创建者 Frank G

Nov 11, 2018

Course is out of date. Also, the style here is to essentially tell you what to type, and then have peers grade you (inaccurately), on how well you did. The bar MUST be raised. Course content that keeps up with the fast-paced changing development environment; more teaching of concepts and details, and less "type this magical incantation"; work graded by graders, or at least by objective automatic systems.

创建者 Adam G

Jul 6, 2020

This started off as a great specialization but by the second course it was clear that the content was out of date. If it were updated to use newer libraries, it'd be awesome. Thanks!

创建者 Jonas S H

Apr 5, 2017

Due to change from xcode 7 to 8, important parts of these lectures are outdates. Hence, it get complicated to follow the course.

创建者 Juan R S

Aug 19, 2017

Needs to have updated content in the lessons , really made me waste a lot of time .

创建者 Luca F

May 17, 2020

Quite old contents, most of them deprecated or updated

创建者 Nikolay A

Dec 20, 2019

The course material is outdated.

创建者 Sara S

Sep 24, 2019

Need updates!

创建者 David F

Aug 7, 2016

Without a doubt the worst course I have ever taken anywhere. When the instructor, who is supposed to be teaching you how to write iOS apps, takes (no exaggeration) SIX minutes to even figure out how to open XCode, you know you're in for a rocky ride. Still, I stuck with it for three more weeks. To my horror, the course only got worse from there.

This course was clearly thrown together with a minimum of effort by someone who is not qualified to teach the subject. It's an insult to Coursera customers, and a major failure of quality control.