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This free 6 week course is for anyone who wants to make a difference. Whether you are already familiar with the field of social innovation or social entrepreneurship, working for an organization that wants to increase its social impact, or just starting out, this course will take you on a journey of exploring the complex problems that surround us and how to start thinking about solutions. We will debunk common assumptions around what resources are needed to begin acting as a social innovator. We will learn from the numerous examples of social innovations happening all over the world. You will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone and start engaging with the diverse spaces around you. By the end of the course, you will have formed your own approach to social innovation, and you will have begun to develop the concepts, mindset, skills, and relationships that will enable you to start and evolve as a changemaker. You will be able to purchase a Verified Certificate if you wish to show evidence of your achievements, but this is optional, and you may apply for Financial Aid if you are unable to pay the certificate fee. The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship co-created this course with RLabs, a social movement ‘born-and-bred’ in Bridgetown, Cape Town that is now active in 22 countries. The movement empowers youth through innovative and disruptive technology by teaching them vital skills and providing much needed support and a sense of community. Advocating and supporting initiatives such as RLabs forms part of the Bertha Centre’s mandate. The Centre is a specialised unit at University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business, and is the first academic centre in Africa dedicated to advancing social innovation and entrepreneurship. You can view the course trailer at Tweet about this course using the hashtag #socinnMOOC...



Feb 10, 2018

Highly recommended for the change agents who have no background in social entrepreneurship. This course will walk you through step by step into changing the system for the better of humanity habitats.


Jul 2, 2020

This course was great! I learned a lot through discussion and project submissions. I have not only learned how to create change in my community but I have taken the first steps to make it a reality.


101 - Becoming a changemaker: Introduction to Social Innovation 的 125 个评论(共 564 个)

创建者 piyush m

May 25, 2020

This course is very much helpful to make ourself thing abroad about the system we live in, and have new innovative solution of any problem with different tangible and untangible resources with observing the ideation and prototype our idea in a enculcating way of aboundance

创建者 Aoyumi J

Dec 13, 2018

I like it!

A good course to dig deep into different layers of problems and find creative ways to tackle it.

The way can be right there which is called hidden resources or available asset that we do not know and try to find something superficial... This is so cool for me!

创建者 duvraska m

Sep 28, 2020

This course opened space to reflect, ask myself, seek resources and take action before I was ready. But above all to value experience as a differentiating resource. Recognize my strengths and start from there to innovate and positively impact my community in the future.

创建者 Lisa O

May 3, 2021

great subject of study, great instructors, real life examples, teaching style, videos, assignments, success stories, outcome, challenges and impact of idea demonstrations/situations, interviews. there's a lot more great things about this class that i didn't mention.

创建者 Felipe H

Sep 30, 2016

I'll strongly recommend this course for those who are interested to introduce themselves to the Social Enterprise world from scratch. Very well explained, easy to understand, logic order for the content, true stories as an examples, inspirational. 100% recommended!

创建者 Ayush K

May 20, 2020

This course is amazing it really helped me to get out of my comfort zone and think about what I can do to bring a social change within my possibilities and I was amazed that I could really think out some very beautiful ideas which I never thought of doing before.

创建者 Giuliana Z

Jul 9, 2019

It was amazing doing this course! The first step to start my social innovation and to bring real change to the world. If you want to learn more about social impact, start shaping your own idea and get pratical examples around the world, this course is for you!

创建者 Tadashi T

Jul 5, 2020

Gran curso. Trae algunas definiciones que me parecen interesantes y muchos casos reales. Tal vez reforzaría más herramientas y definiciones más especificas. Siento que puede faltar profundidad en las definiciones, pero está bien para ser un curso de inmersión

创建者 Ankit S

Jun 20, 2020

The course is the best first step for helping change makers to bring change in their communities. Recommend this course to all who feel that a societal issue needs your time and resources and this course will help you and motivate you to lead for the change.

创建者 Haridas R

Jun 2, 2020

Excellent course - Recommend for everyone who really wants to make a difference in communities or cities and wondering where to start. This is the best place to start and also now is the best time to start. Thank you coursera team for making this happen

创建者 Sayyed D A S H

May 1, 2020

This course has changed my life and I also learned a lot of new positive things. I hope I will play a vital role in changing and making our society better. The course met my expectations but I was expecting's amazing. In the end, a lot of thanks

创建者 Malikah R

Sep 16, 2021

I absolutely loved this course. It made me realize a lot and have a different outlook on the world and life on the whole. I have so many ideas running through my mind and this course gave me the courage to think even further and act upon my planning.

创建者 Denise

Apr 15, 2018

Great Course to get started on social innovation. I liked how it was partly the theoretical frame work, and partly a real case example through the RLabs story. Would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to embark on becoming a changemaker.

创建者 Mohamed N

Jun 7, 2020

It is such an amazing course with plenty of interaction and The Tutors are really pedagogical when stepping from one point to another !

I extremly enjoyed the course and would like to recommend it to anyone who seeking to become a social innovator .

创建者 Bunmi

May 10, 2020

The Lecturers were detailed and made the course easy to digest. It seemed nothing was impossible to achieve from conceiving the idea to its execution.

Marlon’s expertise is priceless and has helped in helping me carve out the execution of my ideas.

创建者 Alandrea D

Nov 7, 2016

This course is extremely informative and comprehensive without overburdening the learner with vocabulary, dated theories and complex concepts. It teaches you through the examples of verified Change Makers who are successful today!! Thank you!!!!!

创建者 Ntosh N N

Oct 28, 2017

i would like to thank the instructors as well as RLabs for the incredible knowledge and perspective. this course has skilled me the knowledge i need to kick off my social entreprenuership journey. i feel empowered and encouraged. thank you

创建者 Eisha S

Oct 7, 2020

This was a very easy and overall interesting course. Thank you for this course, I enjoyed every bit of it. And it was super informative. And now I'm definitely hoping to start working on my ideas about making social innovations around me.

创建者 Nadine M

Aug 30, 2020

Great course, very informative, inspiring and practical. I would give a small mark down as there were so many male voices, there are surely female experts in this area too. (The diversity in backgrounds of voices was appreciated though!)

创建者 Christian E

May 23, 2020

This is a 5 star course. It has been an interesting journey so far!

This course has changed my outlook of the world of social innovation. I'm now set to start executing my project.

Thank you Coursera for being part of my success story 🙏

创建者 arlene r

Oct 29, 2016

Excelent course. You will be taught with up-to-date information, guided by inspirational stories and taught by great professionals in the area. Really, a most take if you want to learn more about social innovation and, of course, impact.

创建者 Chua Q M

Aug 21, 2019

I love it, thank you! Using Rlabs case study to demonstrate the concepts allowed me to better understand. I aspire to be a changemaker and am glad that I have this resource to revisit as I am sure I will have queries during the journey.


Apr 27, 2018

This course has definitely increased my confidence and my understanding in social entrepreneurship!

I loved the videos, the recommended sources; the pedagogy is really well done, thanks a million to all people who made this MOOC!

创建者 Rudolph R

Jul 30, 2017

This course is very well thought through with a good combination of knowledge, practice and examples. Also the part of peer review makes is more lively and interactive. Great job, that will create great social business I think.

创建者 Sanjib S

Oct 9, 2017

This course is really interesting and well customised. all the sessions are effectively designed and the course moderators, the videos, RLABS story is wonderful. Learnt a lot on design thinking and way for social innovation!!