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学生对 元信息 提供的 Introduction to Social Media Marketing 的评价和反馈

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This course lays the foundation of social media marketing. You’ll learn what social media marketing entails, including the history and the different social media channels that exist. You’ll learn how to select a social media channel that fits your needs, set goals and success metrics, and determine who your target audience is. By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Understand the landscape of traditional, digital, and social media marketing • Understand how to become certified as a Digital Marketing Associate • Understand the major social media platforms, how they function, and what role they play in marketing • Create SMART goals and identify KPIs • Define your target audience and their customer journey • Choose the right social media platforms and learn how to create social media policies Whatever level of knowledge you start with, this course will help you build a solid foundation for social media marketing and gain applicable skills that will allow you to make your social media marketing efforts more successful and noticeable. Learners don't need marketing experience, but should have basic internet navigation skills and be eager to participate and connect in social media. Learners must have a Facebook account and an Instagram account helps....



Jan 16, 2021

This course is amazing! It gives me a new perspective of using social media, makes me know the power of social media, and teach me how to use social media for marketing purpose.\n\nThank you Mrs. Anke


Dec 26, 2020

Anke is just awesome! Her way of teaching the course keeps me engaged and eager to learn more. All the materials were explained in a clear, concise and and easy to follow ways. Really a great content!


301 - Introduction to Social Media Marketing 的 325 个评论(共 2,596 个)

创建者 Adinda S M

Jun 15, 2022

Aku sangat puas dengan sistem materi, quiz hingga pratek pembelajaran yang sangat mendalam terkait digital marketing. sangat lengkap dan tentunya penyampaian belajarnya sangat seru dan mudah dipahami.

创建者 Tanya S

Mar 30, 2022

The Introduction to Social Media Marketing course was very well presented. The information was broke down into digestable parts and easy to follow. Anke does a great job presenting the information.

创建者 Jai D

Oct 11, 2021

Great course to start in Social Media Marketing. Every topic contains deep insights to learn about social media marketing and advertising.

Thanks to Anke and Facbook to create such an amazing course.

创建者 Paulin A A A G

Apr 18, 2022

I​ am so glad that I joined this course. It is life-enriching. I've learned a lot from Prof. Anke Audenaert, the skills I've learned in this course is something that I can apply in my line of work.

创建者 Md. M R

Jan 13, 2021

I found your course very good. I hope that this course will benefit by applying all the subjects I have learned from this course to the digital marketplace. Thanks to Trainer for her amazing work.

创建者 Ali L

Jun 25, 2022

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand.

The instructor made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won't make me confused.

Thank you so much for this great course.

创建者 Ahmed A K

Feb 23, 2022

I am very happy to complete this course. I found this course best for businesses and also for marketers. I am very thankful to the staff of courseera who made such a great platform for the learner

创建者 Florhine B

May 11, 2022

I loved this course from beginning to end, every week was structured in a simple way to make me understand the most important basic elements of a social media strategy. Short, simple and precise.


Apr 12, 2022

Thank you very much, Anke Audenaert. I learned a lot of useful information that changed my perspective on social media and helped me a lot on my journey as an affiliate marketer. Thank you again.


Nov 13, 2021

This is a very interactive and informative beginner's course for Social Media Marketers and I learned a lot while taking a course and I am excited to continue my learning experience with Coursera

创建者 Martín B

Apr 30, 2021

An effective way of introduce yourself to the digital and social media marketing. And, if you have some bases about digital strategy, this course complements, in an effective way, your knowledge.

创建者 Muhammad R P S

Dec 12, 2020

The course is great. Not only you'll understand about social media marketing in general, but you also have to create some peer-reviewed assignments to make you understand the concept throroughly.

创建者 dhyani U

May 11, 2021

This course is incredible, I was able to learn new knowledge and mainly understand concepts that I had already studied, but now in an applied and fast way. Congragutations, Is an amazing course.

创建者 Olivia P B

May 17, 2021

Aprendí muchas cosas, practico, me llevó paso a paso, los videos, las lecturas y ejercicios muy bien. y lo mejor es que me sirve para mi proyecto de negocio. Gracias Facebook, gracias Coursera

创建者 Victorena D

Mar 28, 2021

Since I work in an advertising agency, a lot of the concepts here are familiar already. But I found the history and evolution of social media, as well as other niche platforms, very insightful.

创建者 Adam K

Feb 28, 2021

Although I thought I was pretty informed about social media, I deff didn't know how to focus into target audiences or establish KPIs, so useful! Will definitely aim to finish the certification.

创建者 Samudra C

Feb 4, 2021

This was really fun to know about the SMM, all the updated techniques, methods, etc. I was so excited that I finished the whole course in a week. A huge Thanks to my mentor Miss. Anke Audenaert

创建者 Regimantas I

Jan 13, 2021

Most well set up course ive done thus far, loaded with information. I came in with 0 expertise regarding the social media marketing landscape and can now say that i have a structured foundation

创建者 Raúl A M P

Oct 25, 2020

Los conocimientos aprendidos me permitirán avanzar cada día en mejorar las campañas y poder posicionar los productos y servicios de nuestra marca. El curso es excelente.

Continuaré estudiando.

创建者 Amy C

Apr 1, 2022

This course was extremely informative and it prepared me to continue my digital marketing journey. I am looking forward to the next courses that will prepare me for the final certificate exam.

创建者 Unica M A

Jul 6, 2021

I learned a lot throughout the entire course. It really help me build my brand as a starter. Thank you for this learning opportunity and I will be eternally grateful for this progress of mine.

创建者 Carla D d V

Jun 17, 2021

Gostei muito do curso! Possui uma ótima dinâmica e você consegue aprender de forma rápida. Ele nos dá um panorama geral das mídias sociais e é realmente uma introdução ao marketing nas mídias.

创建者 Farhan A

Dec 3, 2020

Intro to social media marketing is a very good and informative course. It fits my expectations. and I have enjoyed it very much and gain a lot. thank you for making a much informative course.

创建者 Keith L H

Mar 19, 2022

This is the most interactive and fun course I have ever done in my years of online learning! It has equipped me substantial skills that I can use for further success in career opportunities!

创建者 Humberto P

Nov 15, 2020

Great explanation about the Social Media Landscape and how it could help you to impulse your image, social entrepreneur, or your brand, and how to set your goals and measure them. Thank you!