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学生对 纽约州立大学纽约州立大学 提供的 Solar Energy Basics 的评价和反馈

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This course gives you an introduction to the fundamentals of solar power as it applies to solar panel system installations. You will learn to compare solar energy to other energy resources and explain how solar panels, or photovoltaics (PV for short), convert sunlight to electricity. You will be able to identify the key components needed in a basic photovoltaic (solar panel) system, such as is found on a house or building, and explain the function of each component in the system. You will also learn how to calculate the electrical demand of a building, how to reduce the overall demand, and then how to design a solar panel system that can meet that annual demand at a given location. You will also compare the different types of pricing models that are being used and key regulatory considerations for grid tied systems (where a house or building is connected to the electrical grid and also generates electricity from solar panels). A capstone design project that entails both the simple audit of a building to determine demand, and a selection of components to design a solar panel system to meet that demand....



Jun 18, 2020

I would like to thank you and your team for this great course, I'm really appreciated, it was very helpful as starting in this field, and I will be the first one who will take all your next courses


Oct 14, 2019

Very good overview of solar energy and practical knowledge as well as end of course project. to improve, there should be more involvement from faculty in the project as the peer-review is flaw.


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创建者 Ed P

Jul 12, 2019

Nice introduction to practical solar installations. The lecture was clear and appropriate. The materials were easy to follow.

创建者 Karla M G C

Oct 06, 2019

This course is excellent! It includes all the important topics you need to know about solar energy and it is easy to understand. Definitely, it was a great decision to take it.

创建者 Kazim A

Sep 18, 2019

it was a great learning experience. Instructor way of teaching is fantastic. I recommend that for everyone who is interested in Solar career.

创建者 Mohsen S

Sep 16, 2019

it helps me a lot in my career

创建者 Timur M

Jun 25, 2019

Couse interesting by itself, but unfortunately can't pass it, due to payment requirements. Can't afford it. Usually payments for certification, but here you have to pay for a quizes

创建者 ricardo h

Oct 14, 2019

Very good overview of solar energy and practical knowledge as well as end of course project. to improve, there should be more involvement from faculty in the project as the peer-review is flaw.

创建者 Lagan G

Apr 21, 2020

I am very interested in the solar energy studies .basically I am a electrical engineering student.The coursera gave me a free chance to learn more about solar panel and it's installations.

创建者 Muhammad H N K

Jan 18, 2020

to the point and precise course on the basics. do able on just one weekend.

创建者 Andres E F C

Dec 06, 2019

Very good as an introduction to the topic.

创建者 Luis G

Jun 22, 2020

I really like this course. Great info!

创建者 Carlitos S I J

May 26, 2020

This is a great course. I began gaining interest for renewable energies about two years ago and I always tried to find ways to gain knowledge, especially about solar panels. So I would watch YouTube videos and research through articles here and there and they were good enough for me to get by, however with this course I learnt so much more and I already feel capable of taking the next step in this journey which is to gain practical experience and be able to understand each and every part of a PV array system. Thank God for this course and I pray I continue to have a successful journey in this endeavor.

创建者 Mushfiqur R

May 19, 2020

I enjoyed this course very much. It's an application based course. Although I think while calculating PV size there is a portion where you have to divide Target power to Annual Sun Hour and then divide it by efficiency. There is a certain mismatch between two sides of the equation. But overall, it was a nice experience to go through. I was looking forward to joining second part of this 4 part course. Although I got an email about joining the second course, clicking there I could not find the second course. There is no link for the 'Keep learning' option right now.

创建者 Vivek V

Apr 11, 2020

This course is very much useful for improving the knowledge in photovoltaics installation, audit calculation and improving my career as well. The explanation by the tutor in the lectures can be easily understood by anyone and has many key points which are useful in PV industry. I acquired the knowledge with help of this course.Thank you coursera for providing me such platform and course to improve my skill set.I recommend whoever is keen and interested to learn and improve their skill in solar PV to take this course


Jun 03, 2020

Very good course...I learnt lots of things about solar energy. I found this course very valuable. Solar energy is going to use in future almost in every sector. Till 2050 it would become main source of energy and most of the country will use 80% of electricity production from solar energy. So more professional courses should have been available on coursera. But still I found this course very helpful. I think this course will help me in future for implementing the renewable energy sources in my country.

创建者 Rohit V S

Apr 24, 2020

"I can't really express how much this certificate means to me. This acknowledgement is something that I will cherish throughout my life and would always look upon in those times when I feel low.

This course build my confidence about the solar energy field in electrical system that's why I know more knowledge about it and thank you so much ko Syria app thank you so much.


May 18, 2020

Hello everyone,

The course will help the participant to understand renewable energy generation systems, energy scenario and also in depth knowledge of SPV system implementation.

I loved the course a lot as the instructor makes the concept understand very easily. Also way of calculations is explained very neatly.



Jan 31, 2020

Very interesting, useful and profitable, spend time to finish this course. The teacher directs the lectures very well and focused on the practical, so that the objectives searched are fully achieved. Thanks coursera and the tutor who was in charge of the course, for giving this magnificent and well oriented teaching. EXCELLENT.

创建者 Gummadi J H

Jul 01, 2020

I love this course a lot, I never did any peer-graded assignment in my previous courses. Here, I did pre-graded assignment, so my knowledge must be checked by some other skilled student. Then, I will know my knowledge is upto level or not. I got two skills from this course 1.Estimation of electrical loads. 2.PV System basics.

创建者 Abdul H

Jul 04, 2020

it's a very good course. I just want to give an opinion that if the concerned university to add topics like making the design of a PV system that contains how the wiring from Solar panel to the inverter and then to the battery is done. how to make a layout diagram for the whole system. I hope you got my point. thanks

创建者 Virginia W

Apr 19, 2020

I found this class on the ESF website and I thought it sounded coll, low and behold it was and I feel like I learned a lot. It wasn't stressful and it was easy to go at my own pace. There's physics/math, science, economics, and a bit of history. It was really cool 10/10 would take again

创建者 SRI H K

Jun 11, 2020

The Course clearly explained how to calculate the load estimation and design the PV system. Different PV materials used are well explained with their pros and cons. Calculating the PV module efficiency is the key point explained. Different PV financial models are clearly explained.

创建者 Babiker Y

Jul 12, 2020

Well prepared course, really clarify my view about solar energy systems, designing and calculations. Also it gives me a wide view about the certifications in the field and how to use energy tools and websites, thanks to our instructor and to coursera platform for this opportunity.

创建者 João J O A

Apr 12, 2020

The teacher is really good, with good speach and easy to understand, and this is very important for this course, especially for students from other cities. I am a environmental engeneering student and this was very important for me. Thank you very much!!


Jul 10, 2020

A great course with a lot of information. Thank you for this course. There were several mentions about this course being in a specialization but sadly I do not think its is part of any specialization. If it was I would have taken those courses also.