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Today, there is demand for people skilled in Sports Marketing. Organizations want your expertise to strength and grow customer bases and teams want to enlarge their fan base, attract new sponsors to their sport, build strong programs with existing sponsors, and run their fan conventions and other events. In addition, a wide range of companies recognize the value sports relationships have in positioning and building their brands. In this Sports Marketing MOOC, you will learn: — Ticket pricing strategies — How a crisis might happen in sport — How all types of companies are using sports to enhance and position their brands — How to promote and market a sporting event — How to develop sponsorships — How to use social media to grow your team’s follower base and promote your sporting events, conferences and conventions The Sports Marketing MOOC was created by Professor Candy Lee of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications. She is joined by experts in the many specialty topics important to Sports Marketing....



Jul 13, 2020

I really enjoyed this course, it was very informative and easy to follow. The videos were clear and the graded sections were great. The course as a whole was enjoyable and would recommend to others.


Jan 27, 2020

I am really into this lesson that is a practical subject that could be easily learned. and also, Assignments are a nice way to apply the knowledge from the course, I hope it has an advanced lesson.


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创建者 Jose F J C

Jul 29, 2019

Un curso genial! Con muy buenos recursos y materiales, realmente encantado porque me ayudo a fortalecer mis competencias sobre el Marketing y el Marketing Deportivo en general, he quedado muy satisfecho, lo recomiendo ampliamente.

创建者 Gilberto B

Feb 28, 2019

It is good, but it is a bit too basic.

创建者 Gibson B

Jul 21, 2021

I learned some things that I think will help me a lot in my future career. Loved the way you could read along with all the videos and save highlighted notes. I didn't like how much the course at times felt like it got away from primarily focusing on marketing. Because it is such a short course I would like to have spent a bit more time on product/service marketing, marketing agents, and endorsements or how to put ads together for sports related products or services. Although most of those things were covered, I feel like I spent just as much time learning about jobs in the world of public relations and journalism which although closely related, are not marketing.

创建者 Jennifer M

Jun 18, 2020

While the course was informative and interesting, it needs to be updated.

A number of web links no longer work, and the interviews and examples are now outdated after three years. Also, the professor doesn't seem to look over and grade assignments. It is just fellow students critiquing grading you. I would have liked the professor's critique on my assignments, especially since I paid $50 for the course.

创建者 millie l h

Jan 12, 2022

I really enjoyed the course, the mix of interviews and then just teaching videos was really good. The thought of having to do these long assignments was quite daunting and I didn't want to do them but with the help and the way they were set out it was really useful. The assignments were totally worth it and now I feel more confident in other things because of it. The only thing I would say that is bad is that you don't get a certificate unless you pay £40 which is more a problem with coursera than the sports marketing course.

创建者 Tomaso S

Nov 23, 2020

I have a University degree in Business and a Master in Business Administration (dated back in 2003), it's good to refresh my knowledges of marketing fundamentals and update my skills.

The course is very interesting, especially for people working in the sports business like me.

The Prof. Candy is very clear in her explanations. Easy to understand every class and the assignments are also very helpful.

I would definitely suggest it.

创建者 Tal A B

Jun 17, 2020

This was truly a fantastic course as it exposes you to the monumental influence marketing has in the world of sports. It has an array of interviews from respectable experts within the industry, who provide great insight into the module topics. I also enjoyed the peer-graded assignments since they allow you to be creative while practicing the concepts of writing a press release and planning a loyalty program.

创建者 jinichiro s

Jul 16, 2020

Thank you so much Ms. Lee!! This was a heck of a great course. I have had a curiosity in Sports Business in last couple of years, but I couldn't find out how to learn. This program just made my dream come true, and probably would help my career. It was fun to study in any module and video. Learning from people already have lots of experience in this business, getting more will to learn. Thank you, again!!

创建者 Mohamed N Y

Jul 4, 2020

This course is very important for anyone who wants to learn sports marketing fundamentals, also there are a lot of topics covered in this course with a set of skills needed for sports marketer like crisis management, events management, and how to write a press release. There are an interesting interviews with different stakeholders in the sports field.

创建者 Tarun K

Jun 8, 2020

very well designed course curriculum with a real-time syllabus, and both the assignment are also good, overall I can say that a many more I can understand about the sports marketing and being a teacher I am sure that with this course I can easily teach students seeking a career in sports marketing. thanx Coursera

创建者 Justin Y

Aug 12, 2022

G​reat Course! Professor Lee was clear and ahd a lot of intriguing lectures and itnerviews with professionals from the field. The assignments are a lot of fun becasue yu cna make it your own! I was able to talk about my favorite sports teams a lot, and explore a lot of ideas that I have as a sports fan!

创建者 Joshua A

Mar 6, 2021

this course has been very enjoyable......the lecturer and all resource persons showed their mastery and in-depth understanding of the subject of Sports excitement in Sports Marketing has reached greater heights by virtue of enrolling in this course...................

创建者 Ariadna Y F B

Apr 5, 2021

Con el curso aprendí otro lado de los deportes desde el punto de vista de mercadotecnia, organización de eventos, fijación de precios de tickets de juegos, comunicación en el medio, además de opiniones y entrevistas de expertos en temas específicos del curso, totalmente lo recomiendo

创建者 Wala A N

Feb 6, 2021

This course is very informative, and Professor Candy Lee has a great way of explaining each class, the interviews were excellent and I gained a lot of knowledge throughout this course, in addition to the assignments where you have to use everything you learned. Thank you very much!

创建者 Martin J

Mar 27, 2021

The Sport Marketing course is very good. I can recommend it to everyone. The lessons are enriched with expert discussion and that is pretty cool, learn from the best in the field. Thanks for very useful knowledge about sport marketing which can be applied in the real life.

创建者 Away N

Jun 10, 2020

I enjoy this online course really match during this quarantine period. The contents enriched my knowlegde of Sports Marketing and help me to understand the prinicples to marketing such as 5P. Will think about further study in this area for higher level. Thanks!

创建者 Sabrina V

Sep 11, 2021

​Very well organized, all the topics were interesting and very well teached. I learned new things and I'm sure they'll help me in my future job carrier. I reccomend this course to whoever likes the sport industry and wants to know its functions better.

创建者 Rodrigo F

May 29, 2020

My first time studying online and I find it very interesting. It's both easy to follow and deep in knowledge in the area - I work in the PR industry for 20 years and I learned a lot from this course. Congralutations for all Northwest University Team

创建者 chetan s

Jun 16, 2020

If you love sports, you would love this one (even if it doesn't have any academic/professional relevance for you) . Lot of interesting write ups and videos giving insights into working of sports organizations/brands/persons'. Really enjoyed it,

创建者 Francisco L

Jul 21, 2020

A great way to learn about the sports industry. I believe the use of interviews throughout de course help present different points of view in the subject, thereby showing students a in depth experience of what a sports professional does.

创建者 monty j

Apr 27, 2021

The course was a great eye opener for someone who has a degree in marketing. I love learning more detail about the sports industry. I love honing my marketing skills and able to flex into something different in the world of marketing.

创建者 Christopher A

Jun 14, 2020

Really informative, and helped broaden my understanding in sports marketing. As someone who is currently enrolled in public relations, with hopes to someday work in the sports field of it - this course has really taught me a lot.

创建者 Bamisebi S

Jan 20, 2021

Amazing compilation of course material. The videos were helpful and so were the peer-graded assignments. I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from it. Big thanks to Northwestern University and Professor Candy Lee.

创建者 Anirudh k

Aug 28, 2020


创建者 Jose E M

Apr 15, 2020

Good program that allows you to have an introduction and a global vision of the sports business. Highly recommended for those who work in the industry and for those who want to break into the world of sports business