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统计推断, 约翰霍普金斯大学

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Statistical inference is the process of drawing conclusions about populations or scientific truths from data. There are many modes of performing inference including statistical modeling, data oriented strategies and explicit use of designs and randomization in analyses. Furthermore, there are broad theories (frequentists, Bayesian, likelihood, design based, …) and numerous complexities (missing data, observed and unobserved confounding, biases) for performing inference. A practitioner can often be left in a debilitating maze of techniques, philosophies and nuance. This course presents the fundamentals of inference in a practical approach for getting things done. After taking this course, students will understand the broad directions of statistical inference and use this information for making informed choices in analyzing data....


创建者 JA

Oct 26, 2018

Course is compressed with lots of statistical concepts. Which is very good as most must know concepts are imparted. Lots of extra reading is required to gain all insights. Very good motivating start .

创建者 AP

Mar 22, 2017

The strategy for model selection in multivariate environment should have been explained with an example. This will make the model selection process, interaction and its interpretation more clear.


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创建者 Paul Ringsted

Mar 13, 2019

Relatively, this is one of the best courses and lecturers of the specialization, Brian delivers clear, thorough and well-paced lectures. These lectures on statistics, regression and machine learning are where the rubber hits the road after a lot of prep work to learn R and principles/tools of data science taught in earlier classes.

创建者 Shimon Yannay

Mar 10, 2019

very unclear and monotonic lectures

创建者 Tommy Stone

Mar 08, 2019

I really enjoyed the course and material. Very good explanations in the video and the book does a good job of explaining what the videos go over.

创建者 Charbel Lahoud

Mar 08, 2019

Difficulty level is high...

创建者 Chris Woods

Mar 07, 2019

Not designed for people without good Stats knowledge. Formulae thrown onto the page at blistering speed. Terms and notations used that have not been defined. Course book pretty poor. I had to do another stats course elsewhere to have any chance of taking it in.

创建者 Bijan Seyednasrollah

Feb 28, 2019

super boring instruction, instructor is like a robot!

创建者 Pranjal Singh

Feb 21, 2019

Too vague in explanation and building a story

创建者 Matthew Stetz

Feb 10, 2019

Excellent course if you have some background in math or stats already. This course might be difficult if you don't have that background. The peer graded assignment does a good job tying everything together in my opinion.

创建者 Chadrick A Eakin

Feb 04, 2019

The course contains a lot I want to learn, but as someone with a limited background in statistics - I found many of the lectures not to provide clear explanations for concepts. I had to use a lot of outside material to try to learn and understand the concepts. The course lectures seem incomplete to me.

创建者 Colin Bissegger

Feb 02, 2019

Teacher is a bit erratic. It makes the course hard to follow.