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学生对 EIT 数字 提供的 Sustainable Digital Innovation 的评价和反馈

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Two of our most profound business challenges are digitalization and sustainability. They are rapidly changing the way we are doing business both today and in the future. Therefore, in the Sustainable Digital Innovation course, we explore the business opportunities that can open up when we align our strategy with sustainability goals. You will gather knowledge on: * understanding the sustainable contextual framework * the methods and tools for your business to address sustainable challenges of different means * how digital technologies can help you manage and innovate your role in your business ecosystem and support sustainable development in business and society * the existing and emerging cases of digitally-enabled sustainable solutions - as these solutions are of value to industries on various markets. Your course leads, Program Director - Staffan Movin, and Jan Agri - Senior Advisor Circular Economy, will guide you through the various perspectives of the field, providing you with the methods and tools you need based on applied research findings. You will also get valuable insights from major business leaders and experts. For example, you will meet: - Björn Stigson, former President of The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) - Elaine Weidman Grunewald, Sustainability executive, author, board member, founder of AI Sustainability Center, and former SVP at Ericsson - Henrik Henriksson, former President and CEO of Scania - Annika Ramsköld, Vice President Sustainability, Vattenfall. After the completion of this course, you can deepen your knowledge with the live professional course, Sustainable Digital Innovation. For more information and registration details follow this link:



Jun 19, 2021

Great insights, material and tools to help solving the challenges we are facing regarding the carrying capacity of the planet. well done!


Feb 25, 2021

Excellent and challenging course - a lot of very pertinent information for instilling sustainability as a core value in your organisation


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创建者 Ahmad A A

Jun 21, 2021

The course included a lot of aspects of digitalization and servicification. It was really interesting to know how sustainability is achieved in its truest sense by integrating it completely into a business rather than treating it as a secondary objective. This course also broadened my scope of sustainability.

However, I believe that some contents can be better explained with easier examples. It should not be necessary to use examples of huge companies present in the world to explain a concept. Even a made-up company can be used and its simple model be illustrated so to make things easy to understand.

Also, many of the points from different perspectives seemed to correlate. Therefore, it would have been good if classification of those points had been done under the correct headings.

Overall, a good and though-provoking course.

创建者 Mauricio A

Jun 20, 2021

Great insights, material and tools to help solving the challenges we are facing regarding the carrying capacity of the planet. well done!

创建者 Joe O

Feb 26, 2021

Excellent and challenging course - a lot of very pertinent information for instilling sustainability as a core value in your organisation

创建者 Tjerja G

Jul 15, 2021

Great course how digital innovations can help with more sustainable business models.

创建者 Charlotta L

May 17, 2021

The topics are great as an introduction to the topic and there were many good additional readings that I will continue looking into. The course cover many different angles of sustainability (UN goals, policies, frameworks, organizational change etc ) in a short period of time.

There were too many men presenting and too few women in the course. I also did not love the way that the camera changes angles during presentations. Better to keep one angle.

Staffan Movin is unfortunately a bit tiring to listen to and it is sometimes difficult to hear what he says as he sometimes rushes through the words and mumbles (which you can also see in the transcripts as they are a bit off at times).

I would have loved to get more out of the conversations with other participants, maybe there is an opportunity to moderate that more?

For coursera: there is an bug in test week 3, where the correct answer in one of the last question gives an error.

创建者 Joost V

Jul 30, 2021

General introduction into sustainable digital innovation. Interesting to hear the practical cases from Scania and Vattenfall, would have liked to have more of these. Also expected to hear about new technologies such as Blockchain in relation to sustainability

创建者 Min-Rui L

Jan 19, 2022

​It is a very informative course. There are also many references and recommmended readings which were helpful if one needs more basic knowledge or want to explore further on a certain subtopic. The course also uses a lot of examples relating to reality which makes it engaging and easy to understand the role of sustainable digital innovation in our ecosystem.

创建者 Jeff L

Apr 24, 2022

Great explanation of sustainable digital solutions. Hope the course can offer more use cases about how industries incorporate sustainable and digital solutions into daily practice as well as the change and achievement after doing so.

创建者 Marcus K

Feb 9, 2021

Even if I am not new to the field I gain some good values, I think this course fits for management teams there are some good points that speaks their language and foremost not decoupling Sustainability or Sustainable Business

创建者 Alex D

Oct 1, 2021

​great content and insightful knowledge, the professors were excellent

创建者 Ian L W

Apr 12, 2022

Enjoyable course, precise for an Initial Level

创建者 Prakash K

Apr 22, 2022

Very insightful learnings

创建者 Chantana V

Feb 27, 2021

Great course

创建者 محمد ج ا

Apr 6, 2022

thank yuo

创建者 Evgenia P

Apr 24, 2022

Great course. Thank you! Would have appreciated more practical examples.

创建者 Andrea R

Jan 10, 2022

Really well done