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学生对 科罗拉多大学系统 提供的 Symmetric Cryptography 的评价和反馈

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Welcome to Symmetric Cryptography! Symmetric cryptography relies on shared secret key to ensure message confidentiality, so that the unauthorized attackers cannot retrieve the message. The course describes substitution and transposition techniques, which were the bases for classical cryptography when the message is encoded in natural language such as English. Then, we build on product ciphers (using both substitution and transposition/permutation) to describe modern block ciphers and review the widely used cipher algorithms in DES, 3-DES, and AES. Lastly, we enable the use of block ciphers to support variable data length by introducing different modes of block cipher operations in ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, and CTR modes. This course is cross-listed and is a part of the two specializations, the Applied Cryptography specialization and the Introduction to Applied Cryptography specialization....



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创建者 Chivukula S

Jun 11, 2020

The course is well designed and highly useful to every cryptographer. The lectures are very explanatory and understandable. But the DES pseudo code assignment is somewhat difficult for non computer science people.

创建者 Ishan D

Apr 17, 2020

Peer graded assignments are not good cheaters are being passed but people like me who write original content are being failed by mere 1 or two points by peers.People are literally copying codes from websites and are being graded and given certification of completion.Its really the sad truth.

创建者 Tianxiang X

Jun 04, 2020

Very good course that covers a lot of material on symmetric ciphers.

One possible area of improvement would be to cover some possible attacks specifically against symmetric ciphers. A bit of this is done when discussing the weakness of 2DES (MITM attack), which is very interesting. More of this would help reinforce the sense that cryptology is a combination of both coming up w/ better algorithms & breaking existing ones.

创建者 Adri J J J

May 23, 2020

A great learning experience. I teach Cryptography in my Institution and this course helped me gain additional insights on the course.

创建者 Reza F

May 26, 2020

The course was very helpful. Thank you very much

创建者 Georgios P

May 25, 2019

Great course presented in an simple way!

创建者 Cesar A A

Apr 17, 2020

Very good content!

创建者 Manuel A D R

Aug 01, 2019

excellent course

创建者 Mohamed T

Jun 19, 2018

Excellent course


Jan 18, 2018

Excellent course

创建者 Benedict J W

May 27, 2019


创建者 Mr.Arif M A

May 18, 2020


创建者 Dasari V R

Jun 03, 2020


创建者 gajveer s r

Nov 21, 2019



Apr 23, 2020

Too delayed to earn this certificate because of not reviewed in the peer-graded assignment.I extended the due dates twice in April 13,2020 and April 20,2020 and now finally I got my certificate.This is the only negative thing that I felt.Please make sure that others peers wont get this complication.

创建者 Nikhil Y

Jun 04, 2020

it was an amazing experience!!

创建者 Rohan L

May 22, 2020

Good for fundamental understanding, but lacks mathematical foundations. So, if u get the math behind what's happening, u will enjoy the course and the quizzes. If not, for a more mathematical approach, refer NPTEL's IIT KGP Course

创建者 M M S

Mar 31, 2018

Reviewing assignment is no one is there

创建者 H.M.Raihan E

May 27, 2020

Okay enough for basics!

创建者 Ivon S S Q

May 23, 2019

is very difficult to understand.

创建者 Parth S

Oct 27, 2019

The instructor is not teaching the stuff that comes in the quizzes which makes the quizzes very difficult to pass and he is not able to develop interest in the subject.