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学生对 耶鲁大学 提供的 The Science of Well-Being 的评价和反馈

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In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate a specific wellness activity into your life. THE SCIENCE OF WELL BEING WAS PRODUCED IN PART DUE TO THE GENEROUS FUNDING OF THE DAVID F. SWENSEN FUND FOR INNOVATION IN TEACHING....



May 31, 2019

I absolutely enjoyed and learned a lot about happiness from this course. I will definitely recommend it to my peers, as it gets me to the core from my misconceptions to developing the right practices.


Nov 27, 2019

Loved the practical "rewiring" assignments that helped me with understanding what really makes us happy. Not only this course changed my life perspective but enriched the lives of the people around me


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创建者 Michaela K

Sep 13, 2018

It was a very interesting topic and it became clear to me that we could pass to many superficical moments and not recognize, enjoiy and act a little. I would like to say thank you for this beautiful time. with kind regard. Michaela Kirsch

创建者 Michaela W

Apr 02, 2019

I'm grateful for this wonderful course. It combines knowledge about wellbeeing and positive psychogy with pratice. You get to know many different ways to improve your life and boost your happiness. One of the best time investments in life!

创建者 Courtney B

Oct 20, 2019

I learned a tremendous amount that is not only been great for me but I am also sharing some of the knowledge with my therapy clients to help them live happier lives....such interesting information! Excellent class!!! Thank you so much :)

创建者 Marie L H

Feb 18, 2020

Easy to follow course. And very interesting. You can't help but pick up some new habits that supports your happiness feeling. Dr. Laurie Santos teaches in an easy to understand way. Should be mandatory for everybody to take this course.

创建者 Emma J

Mar 06, 2019

Great course - full of practical advice and structures that are easy to apply. Studies that are used as examples are solid and overall, the course and Laurie's delivery of it are credible, comfortable and if you let it - life-changing.

创建者 Laura P

Aug 22, 2018

I loved this course and the instructor! She made it interesting for non-academics and provided lots of insightful information. The format of the course was a perfect mix of lectures, activities, etc. for the ideal learning environment.

创建者 Ivan H J

Aug 08, 2019

make a change in your mind at the moment you realize, things are not like you feel at first. Our world and close environment has much more relation with happiness that we could think. Start find your way to well-being from the inside

创建者 Lena G

Jul 06, 2019

This course couldn't of come at a better time for me. It has brought me back to all the things I already kne, but had lost sight of. It's allowed me to find happiness in my current situation and shone light on where I had gone wrong.

创建者 Diana S F

Jul 26, 2019

It's interesting from both a personal and a professional point of view. Baased on studies and scientific research, proves that happiness can be reached if we work on ourselves and our mindset. Laurie Santos is a fantastic professor!

创建者 Dr. R S

Nov 16, 2019

Excellent course , would recommend everyone to take it . I really am grateful that our professor went through the tedious task of making such a comprehensive course and was really effective in bringing out changes in me ! Thankyou.

创建者 A S

Oct 23, 2019

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking at how to increase their sense of well-being. The techniques discussed in the course are based on science and really work if you put them into practice! Really a great course!

创建者 Phil D

Dec 28, 2018

Great course. Loved the feeling of engagement and the reference to the literature. It has assisted me both from an academic perspective but also team-wise with my staff and my personal life. Can't often say that about a Uni course!

创建者 Clare A

Jul 22, 2019

Had heard many good things about this course before I took it and was excited when I heard it was being offered free on line. I am enjoying it thoroughly. Great insights into how our minds operate around the concept of happiness.

创建者 Rohit S

Jul 15, 2019

Arguably one of the best course i have taken. It takes the best of all psychology learnings and puts it in one digestible course form. I really hope and will try by best to incorporate all that i have learnt to lead a happy life.

创建者 Jeanette V

Jun 18, 2018

This Professor Laurie Santos was an excellent guide. I learned a lot from this course with her help. Now I know that i can be happy if i focus and follow the strategies. I am going to keeping doing Meditation, Exercise, and Goals

创建者 Anurag G

Aug 29, 2019

A must do course to understand how one can enhance happiness. All modules are very nicely designed and introduced so nicely by Professor Laurie Santos. She totally changed my perception of seeing Psychology as a boring subject.

创建者 Sherri S

Jun 03, 2019

Course is very engaging and allows completing at your own pace. Laura really understands the science and has the data to back it. It is great being offered to the younger generation so they can build it into their daily life.

创建者 Tammy N

May 26, 2019

I learned to look at happiness in a new way. Rather than looking for material things to bring me happiness, I starting being more mindful of what really made me happy such as kindness and savoring the wonderful things around me.

创建者 Carla L

Jul 24, 2018

This course is beneficial for all regardless o age, demographic, ethnicity, etc. As with any course, you get out of it what you put into it, but the information is fascinating, the content is practical and the value is immense.

创建者 P. A T

Oct 22, 2019

Thanks to this course, I have become happier and more effectual. I will continue to employ the practices recommended in this course, and I think I will be a better, happier person because of this course for the rest of my life.

创建者 kelly r

Jan 30, 2019

I love the shift from focusing on attaining skills we don't have but instead focusing on our Signature Strengths. The thorough yet simplistic format of this class makes it very easy to follow along and retain the information.

创建者 Carmela P

Jul 29, 2018

Laurie Santos is an smart, clear and insightful teacher that motivates her students to keep going. The course is well-researched and, overall, meant for everyone who wishes to improve their life the best way possible, forever.

创建者 Ana C

Jun 17, 2018

I really enjoyed this class and the practical techniques to apply it to my daily life. I will continue putting into practice the tools that were provided. As a parent it made me rethink how I would define success for my child.

创建者 Kathleen J T

Nov 18, 2019

This course was well-structured. A lot of thought certainly went into the design of the course and how it can best benefit an online audience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to pursue a happier and healthier life.

创建者 Maria P

Sep 14, 2019

This course is really great! An once in a lifetime opportunity to change life with the help of science. I definitely recommend this course with Mrs Santos who is an excellent instructor, clear, detailed, positive and smiling.