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学生对 北卡罗莱纳大学教堂山分校 提供的 美国南部:故事,音乐和艺术 的评价和反馈

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From small farms to urban neighborhoods, from the region itself to the more distant worlds of the southern diaspora, we discover the stories, music, and art of the American South....



Oct 2, 2015

This were some amazing and enjoyable weeks to learn so ,much about stories and music of the South. Thank you very much and in particular for the fotos and the audio and video recordings.


Aug 13, 2015

One of the greatest courses I ever followed!\n\nInteresting, documentary, not even one minute boring, very well organized and easy to follow.\n\nMusic is part of our history.


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创建者 Chris C

Aug 26, 2015

Bill Ferris is a wealth of knowledge and experience - I only regret missing out on the classroom dynamic of a Ferris-led discussion of Southern arts, particularly the Blues.

创建者 Elizabeth S

Aug 14, 2015

One of the greatest courses I ever followed!

Interesting, documentary, not even one minute boring, very well organized and easy to follow.

Music is part of our history.


Jan 5, 2021

Its a very interesting presentation about the history of the American South and you learn a lot of new things especially if it isn"t in your culture knowledge.

创建者 Edward M

Oct 5, 2015

Amazing course! Conversational, relaxed lectures that are well-informed, paired with excellent archival footage--mostly generated by the presenting professor.


Apr 20, 2018

Very interesting and informative course, I have a better understanding of southern culture, the stories, music and art I often heard my grandmother speak of.

创建者 Julia B

Aug 4, 2020

I could tell that the professor was passionate about the subject and enjoys teaching it. His passion made everything more interesting and easier to learn.

创建者 Deleted A

Mar 29, 2016

Started this course, but had to stop initially because I started a PhD. But I couldn't stop thinking about it so resumed the other day. Loved it.

创建者 Margaret F

Feb 3, 2016

This has been an interesting and informative course. It would be nice if Prof Ferris could produce an intermediate course on the same topic.

创建者 Bill G

Nov 28, 2015

An excellent course. Truly informative and engaging. I recommend this course to those interested in the Blues, its history and birthplace.

创建者 Rocio D

Sep 10, 2015

This is a course given by a person who really loves and feels passion for the subject... and this is doubtlessly reflected on the course

创建者 Renu G

Nov 2, 2015

Wonderful course for the slated length-- wish it was more in depth and longer!

Professor is unspeakably amazing and knowledgeable!

创建者 Lily

Oct 29, 2017

very helpful an introduction! Making me really wanna know more about the South. Love the Story-telling oral tradition of South!

创建者 June m

Sep 27, 2020

Amazing course enjoyed every minute and would like to thank

Professor Ferris for sharing his knowledge in such a joyful way.

创建者 dristanta b

Jun 15, 2020

It was truly very informative and interesting more so since I've always been a fan of the blues. Highly recommended. :)))

创建者 Jennifer E

Nov 7, 2019

The lectures were so interesting and the interviews were amazing! The music added so much to the course! Highly recommend!

创建者 Lynn D

Nov 7, 2015

I really enjoyed this course. The lecturer has a style that keeps you interested. The content was very interesting.

创建者 miguel e a h

Jan 26, 2021

I loved this course. I learned about many interesting aspects in the southern lands of the united states.

创建者 Barbara K A

Aug 24, 2017

Loved it although i wish i could have taken the quizzes as an auditor just to check what i had learned.

创建者 Danielle C

Nov 1, 2017

I am so glad that I was able to participate in this class. It was so very enjoyable and informative.

创建者 rachelclark

Apr 11, 2021

A beautiful portrayal and study of the American south, I really enjoyed this course. Thank you

创建者 David J H

Mar 16, 2016

Fascinating introduction and lots of pointers to follow through if you want to explore more

创建者 Elizabeth P

Nov 9, 2015

Engaging and interesting, a review of Southern Culture with an excellent instructor.

创建者 Alice H S

Dec 29, 2016

Excellent! Full of treasure trove of information with History, stories and culture!

创建者 Susana G

May 18, 2020

Thanks to William R. Ferris, I have enjoyed and learned a lot with this course.

创建者 Olga d B

Feb 1, 2018

I really enjoyed the lectures. Thank you very much for such a great course!