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学生对 密歇根大学 提供的 Time Value of Money 的评价和反馈

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This course is an introduction to time value of money (TVM) and decision-making to help you understand the basics of finance. This course is part of a specialization titled “Foundational Finance for Strategic Decision-Making” and is helpful if you are interested in applying to an MBA degree program or learning the foundations of finance to be more effective in your career. This course is applied and problem-based with assignments that are intentionally introductory and simpler than real-world applications you will confront when making day-to-day financial decisions and in more advanced courses....



May 26, 2020

The course speed was really good for a noobie like me in the finance. Having a grip on fundamentals is essentials thanks for making me understand . Thanks and greets to Gautam Kaul. :)


Jul 04, 2020

A fantastic course that very clearly and efficiently lays out the fundamentals of finance. Would recommend for anyone trying to learn more about personal and other types of finance.


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创建者 Aadharsh

Jun 08, 2020

Professor Gautam kaul is a really an excellent teacher... Thanks to him he helped me appreciate the course and helped me get attracted to finance... I loved the journey...

创建者 Smrithi S

May 01, 2020

The professor, Gautam Kaul has amazing teaching skills, concept goes straight into the head. It is like he is teaching you in person. This is what we need!

It's amazing!

创建者 Chandra H

Aug 05, 2020

Professor Kaul does a great job of explaining the basic concepts and doesn't make the class overly difficult. This class was very enjoyable, I definitely learned alot.


Jun 23, 2020

Great course and very well planned. Teaches one the absolute necessary basics of time value of money in Finance. Instructor was really great and explained very well.


Apr 22, 2019

A course fundamental to finance taught passionately and intuitively. Highly recommended for all students and practitioners who want to get their fundas right!

创建者 Olivio A C J

Feb 27, 2019

Professor Gautam explains everything in an awesome way, very gradually and giving the students time to learn and practise. I recommend this course highly.

创建者 Bryan R

May 14, 2019

It is a great course to take over the summer. It is nothing to complicated but it is extremely valuable to know this stuff as early as possible.

创建者 Avinash B

Apr 05, 2020

Really loved the content and style of teaching. I was able to learn from the basics and reached to quite complex real life problems.

创建者 Nathan B

May 13, 2020

Brilliant course taught exceptionally, super clear teaching and really helpful for someone with little experience.

创建者 Pedro d J A V

Jul 03, 2020

Very simplified explaniation of topics mixed with the practical excercises made me understand in a faster way

创建者 Sreeparna M

Jul 19, 2020

Beautifully explained with all points clearly. Each formula was explained with meaning and use of the same.

创建者 Mithun s

Jan 21, 2020

a great platform for learning and i personally thank mr goutham kaul for giving such oppurtunity to learn


Aug 04, 2020

The most useful online course I've ever learned. I loved the way Gautam Kaul taught with a kindly smile.

创建者 Abhishek V

Jun 19, 2020

Very well explained! But the course is too short. Courses could be combined to make them more rigorous.

创建者 Abu Y M S

May 16, 2020

This course very helpful for making real life financial investment decisions and professional career

创建者 Christopher Q

Aug 27, 2019

Lectures are very well done. Content is excellent, problems we solve are real world and challenging.

创建者 Shrestha M

Mar 31, 2020

This course is really tremendous and is recommended for everyone who want to learn finance.

创建者 Christian J K

Jul 03, 2019

An entertaining and simple-to-understand introduction to the complexity money's time value.


Sep 08, 2019

Excellent instruction by Professor Kaul. Enjoyed it immensely. Will take the next course!

创建者 Lakshmi N

Jun 07, 2020

Excellent explanation of concepts. There will be something for everyone in this course.

创建者 Vinoth S

Apr 20, 2020

Very useful course to understand the Time value of money concepts with examples.

创建者 Roberto E G F

Apr 25, 2020

Excellent. Though the instructor is a bit verbose, he is an excellent educator.

创建者 Daniel H

Aug 28, 2019

A very interactive course, explained step by step by a good teacher. Excellent!

创建者 Dr. M J

May 14, 2020

Very logical and connected to personal finance decisions that we normally take

创建者 Douglas R

Sep 10, 2019

Great professor. Really enjoyed learning. Make sure you do all the problems.