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学生对 北德克萨斯大学 提供的 College Math Prep 的评价和反馈

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The College Math Prep MOOC is targeted at students preparing to enter college and who need to take the Math Placement Exam. Information in this course applies to all students who take the CollegeBoard Accuplacer Exam. However, there is information in the MOOC that is specifically tailored to Texas students because of initiatives set forth by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board....



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创建者 Kristen L

Jan 17, 2022

This course has no videos; it is comprised entirely of write-ups of foundational math concepts. These write-ups are done well, without being too bloated, and encompasses all the key concepts. They are also fairly easy to read, and the layout is easy on the eyes. For anyone wanting a review of these math concepts, this is an EXCELLENT course to take a refresher from.

HOWEVER, this courses' quizzes are BLOATED with bugs. There are three weekly quizzes that it is impossible to get 100 on, because the answer to the question is submitted incorrectly. Until this is fixed, my rating will remain as is.

Otherwise, this is a nice refreshment course and it's obvious significant effort went to creating it.

创建者 Jami L

Apr 4, 2022

While I found this course helpful as far as giving a nice review and I was happy with the learning experience as a whole, I was less pleased with the fact that there were so many errors in text and examples (clearly was not proofread) and ran into a few times when I had the correct answer on the quiz (asked others to work the equations/problems to verify) but was marked as incorrect. Seems like if this is for college prep, more attention would have been paid to details like these.

创建者 Matt

Apr 20, 2022

Decent course, although there are some mistakes in a few of the quizzes with week three.

创建者 Cor v H

Mar 28, 2022

mo certificate.

创建者 Gavin G

Mar 27, 2022

Most quizzes have lots of issues when submitting an answer

创建者 Yuliya A S

Jul 20, 2022

I already have bachlors in Mathematics, however need a quick refresher of basic mathematics, and really love the content of the course.

创建者 Michael T

Jun 19, 2022

great review of HS math

创建者 Hassan M C

Jul 2, 2022

Very enoyable course.

创建者 Monica H

Jul 24, 2022

It was a good review. It was not possible to enter some algebraic terms as answers. Maybe add a note in messages about how to enter the exponents and parenthsis. There were some typos that made the info confusing in places. Week 3 could be divided into 2 weeks because it is so much work.

创建者 John B

Jun 7, 2022

Some errors in typing as well as not able to input radicals, exponents, or square roots as answers. Otherwise it covers the topics well and is easy to work through and use.

创建者 idoctor v

Aug 12, 2022

I​ would give 5 stars if it was not for plenty of typo.

创建者 Stephen D

Jun 10, 2022

s​ome math values on text and in tests were unreadable

创建者 murat v

Aug 4, 2022

it was excellent, but there were some typos.