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UI Design Capstone, 明尼苏达大学

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This Capstone Course for the UI Design Specialization is a group design project in which you will combine and demonstrate the user research, design/prototyping, and evaluation skills you've learned by designing the solution to one of a set of selected projects....


创建者 RR

Oct 30, 2017

Great, informative course! Excellent faculty, meaningful assignments, flexible timing.

创建者 MU

Aug 13, 2017

Good a challenging way to test and resume all the other courses


13 个审阅

创建者 Konstantinos Anastassiou

Apr 25, 2019

What a wonderful experience ... took a lot of time to coordinate the teams from project lens but overall i find it SO GREAT HIGHLY recommend!

创建者 Robert Maxey

Feb 20, 2019

I really learned a lot through this course, working with different people also allowed me to learn more and more. One thing that I wish and thought I would do is the "designing" but it really did not but this still remains worth my time.

创建者 Eva Higueras

Jan 27, 2019

Overall it's an excellent specialisation, it has good materials and videos.

I enjoyed all courses, although some of the videos felt a bit slow and in my opinion could be improved by being more dynamic, using more examples and images. The way assignments are reviewed could also be improved, maybe having a more thorough process, but in general it's a good system.

The capstone gives students the opportunity to work on a team-based project collaborating via Slack.

Completing this specialisation (together with the Graphic Design and Interaction Design Specialisations) helped me to land my first job as a UX Designer!

Very recommendable

Thank you!

创建者 Sara P. Fernandes

Jan 22, 2019

Great course and great professors!

创建者 Tammie Letroise-Brown

Nov 14, 2018

Awful, unorganized, and unattended. No accountability from the teaching assistants - questions never answered. Team members left the group and we weren't notified. Communication challenges between team members are not addressed - meaning we are teamed up with people who don't have access to Google or other products. That's never considered. If I had known any of this going in, I would have not taken this capstone. I'm taking the Interaction specialization and will just do their capstone to include in my portfolio. Awful.

创建者 Carlos Benitez

Oct 02, 2018

awesome course

创建者 Julian Rivas Escobar

Mar 19, 2018

good project, excellent methodology. recommended for everyone that want to expand his UI UX knowledge.

创建者 Ihar Matsiunou

Nov 12, 2017

Extremely useful and fun! Great experience.

创建者 Rebecca rosso

Oct 30, 2017

Great, informative course! Excellent faculty, meaningful assignments, flexible timing.

创建者 Alina Rapp

Oct 29, 2017

One of the best course of UI and UX!