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Data about our browsing and buying patterns are everywhere. From credit card transactions and online shopping carts, to customer loyalty programs and user-generated ratings/reviews, there is a staggering amount of data that can be used to describe our past buying behaviors, predict future ones, and prescribe new ways to influence future purchasing decisions. In this course, four of Wharton’s top marketing professors will provide an overview of key areas of customer analytics: descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and their application to real-world business practices including Amazon, Google, and Starbucks to name a few. This course provides an overview of the field of analytics so that you can make informed business decisions. It is an introduction to the theory of customer analytics, and is not intended to prepare learners to perform customer analytics. Course Learning Outcomes: After completing the course learners will be able to... Describe the major methods of customer data collection used by companies and understand how this data can inform business decisions Describe the main tools used to predict customer behavior and identify the appropriate uses for each tool Communicate key ideas about customer analytics and how the field informs business decisions Communicate the history of customer analytics and latest best practices at top firms...


Jan 30, 2019

Though I have worked on Customer Analytics with my previous work experiences and also on Surveys etc at George Brown College Canada, this module was more than insightful. Lots of learning to learn eh!

Aug 4, 2020

This course includes a comprehensive overview of the all the basic models that are used to analyze data concerning customer behavior. The real-life examples made it easier to relate to those theories.


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创建者 Celine X

Apr 10, 2016

need more specific tools instead of pure concepts.

创建者 Leonardo A

Dec 5, 2015

I little to much superficial. But still usefull.

创建者 Shirley Z

Dec 17, 2019

The instructor is extremely dull to listen to

创建者 Denis G

Dec 16, 2015

There are not enough quantity of assignments.

创建者 Sukirtha S

Oct 14, 2020

Pretty outdated but still somewhat useful!

创建者 Alexandra A

Aug 18, 2020

Lectures are very dry and unengaging.

创建者 Luis M

Jan 20, 2022

Some information needs to be updated

创建者 Brittany M E

Mar 28, 2017

Lots of talking, not a lot of doing.

创建者 Terry-Ann L

Feb 21, 2016

I found this course difficult...


Dec 12, 2017

A good workout for my brain :)

创建者 Cedric G

Apr 5, 2016

week 1 is a little complicated

创建者 Kumar A

Jun 21, 2016

It's provides good exposure!

创建者 Diego F

Feb 16, 2016

Good, but not on my scope.

创建者 Jiaqi Z

Sep 25, 2016

not so interesting

创建者 Saira B G

Aug 19, 2016

For the secod week

创建者 Mohamed M

Oct 19, 2016

very high level

创建者 Marica C

Dec 15, 2015

good insights!

创建者 Osama F

Nov 13, 2021

Decent Course

创建者 Brown S

Feb 14, 2021

Great Course.

创建者 Manish M

Mar 30, 2020

Not my thing!

创建者 麦仝历

Jun 10, 2019


创建者 Antonio P L

Dec 6, 2015

Good Course

创建者 Kayla S

May 20, 2020

This was an incredibly weak first course in the Specialization. It does lay necessary groundwork, but there are frustrations to be found. Lectures often do not clearly cover or even completely neglect to cover content found in the quizzes. One professor in particular seems to make it a point of pride that he has elected to create a quiz that requires an understanding of the topics beyond what he is willing to be provide. There is little to no interactivity with the concepts covered, which is a big disappointment. This course seems to primarily be an introduction to using data to better understand your customers; to that point, it would have been helpful to start the course off with a case study. As new concepts are introduced, they could be tied back to the study to better demonstrate where we use descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics and how their outcomes might further guide our research. For anyone turned off to the Specialization by the underwhelming and often frustrating content of this course: keep going. I continued with Operations Analytics, which is much more hands-on and overall more rewarding. It seems to get better.

创建者 Muhammad A

Apr 12, 2020

Course fails to go into any actual real-world 'customer analytics'. The focus is very high-level and just theoretical while analysis is limited to basic statistics applied in Excel (which much explanation). For context, the course talks about regression analysis but fails to explain what regression is, but just shows you how to create a regression line in Excel.

Course felt more like how to use Excel rather than diving into Customer Analytics.

创建者 Kaweerat P

Jun 21, 2020

On a good side, this course the essential understanding of Customer Analytics and in week 5, there's some interesting examples of how advance marketing analytics help businesses. But on the worse part, this course only provides the basic ideas - too broad. Most contents are solely based on examples each lecturer thinks of. It would be great if there's a case study or a data set sample for students to analyze and come up with recommendations.