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The course builds on my Introduction to Financial Accounting course, which you should complete first. In this course, you will learn how to read, understand, and analyze most of the information provided by companies in their financial statements. These skills will help you make more informed decisions using financial information....



Apr 10, 2016

Professor Bushee is fantastic!! Best accounting professor I've ever had, aside from a similar professor at UCLA (David Ravetch) who was able to bring humor to accounting in the same way.


Feb 26, 2017

Awesome!!!\n\nProfessor Brian Bushee teaching style is easy to understand & fun.I would love to study more accouting & finance course from professor. Please create more courses for us.


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创建者 Koh J L

Jan 30, 2019

It got tougher as it went along, but Professor Brian Bushee never failed to make it interesting or at the very least, understandable. His virtual students livened things up!

创建者 TORU K

Jan 07, 2019


创建者 Huide Z

Jan 07, 2019

Boring, difficult yet rewarding. Honesty just what I expected out of a financial accounting course. The professor really grew on me. Hope he does more courses.

创建者 Christopher P

Mar 08, 2019

Very good Course! Thank you so much :)

创建者 Daniel T

Sep 27, 2018

Basic financial accounting knowledge is desirable before entering this class

创建者 Uzoma P L I

Oct 03, 2018

It's good to be here

创建者 roshni r

Oct 04, 2017

It was a really easy to follow course.

创建者 Muhammad U M

May 06, 2016

Special thanks to Sir, Brian and respected Coursera Team. Best accounting courses being provided.

创建者 Adam S

Oct 22, 2017

Really enjoyed it. Learned a lot.

创建者 Joseph M

Aug 31, 2017

I have learnt immensely from the course. I can vouch, Prof. Brian Bushee is an amazing teacher and the courses Introduction to Financial Accounting and More Introduction to Financial Accounting are very well structured. It deserve a special mention that Prof. Bushee's one liners and sense of humor keeps all the videos even more lively.

创建者 Brice M

Sep 03, 2017

Great teacher, the course is very complete and fun in such a complex and difficult subject.

创建者 Jesús R

Dec 27, 2016

It's a very very well developed course, I'm very satisfied with all the content that this course can offer. I recomend take it !


Feb 19, 2017

Excellent teaching by Prof Brian Bushee

创建者 Karolis K

Feb 17, 2018

This professor is best the one I have ever seen. Not only in courera, but also from all lecturers and professors I have seen in my education. Really interesting and funny idea with virtual students, helps to keep focus when videos are over 15 min. long. And I really appreciate plenty of content (1-2 hours of videos a week?) when some courses are 4-5 hours total.

创建者 Caio A V

Oct 22, 2016

Until I decided to face my fears, Financial Accounting always has been hieroglyphs for me. But this course perfectly combines both the expected level of Financing knowledge of Wharton School and Coursera Platform into an extremely didactic overall comprehension regarding financing world. Also, it is brilliantly presented by professor Brian Bushee, with his tips and some effort you may easily surprise your hirer with a Top-B School MBA Level Financing Knowledge. The whole program was built with a hands-on problem making you ready for the action. My statement only corroborates what I testimony so far on the web, it is one of the best MOOC you will ever find.

创建者 Khaled Y E S E M S

Jan 21, 2017

Good oursr

创建者 Thomas S

Jun 14, 2017

Well structured course with great video's and slides and a very enthusiastic professor!


Feb 26, 2017


Professor Brian Bushee teaching style is easy to understand & fun.I would love to study more accouting & finance course from professor. Please create more courses for us.

创建者 ldeng002

Jul 22, 2016

I took the basic course 'Introduction to Financial Accounting', and I really like that one. Combined with this one, I made a great improvement in my accounting knowledge and analytical skills. Thank you professor for your wonderful lectures!

创建者 R. K

Sep 30, 2016

An excellent course supplementing the introduction to financial accounting. It gives a real life exposure in the accounting practices. The quizzes were very useful and required real effort in solving. Congratulations to the founders of this course.

创建者 Zichao X

Dec 28, 2016

Really good one

创建者 Bernard N K M

Feb 09, 2017

Challenging but interesting as need to research for concepts online to answer the tough questions in the quizzes.

创建者 Pablo B

Jun 12, 2017

If you want to learn from a truly talented accountant and professor (hard to find both in the same person) take this course. You will learn the fundamentals of USGAAP (and most IFRS) accounting, and the logic necessary to address them to both record complex transactions such as market securities, stock based compensation, deferred taxes, capital leases, etc. More importantly you will learn how to analyze them with a real Financial Report from a Public Company which will help you assess in a better way investment opportunities.


Sep 29, 2016

Professor Brian J. Bushee is nothing short of outstanding. He has a brilliant mind and a rare gift/talent in teaching. It was a real pleasure and I considered myself lucky - thanks to Coursera - to take this course. Thank you!

创建者 Сергей

Apr 25, 2017

An absolutely wonderful course! Gave me a deeper understanding of accounting principals and, more importantly, I learned how to conduct a structured analysis of Corporate Financial Statements. Professor Bushee's manner of teaching is very exciting, he won't give you a chance to get bored. Definitely recommended to everyone!