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This course is designed to impact the way you think about transforming data into better decisions. Recent extraordinary improvements in data-collecting technologies have changed the way firms make informed and effective business decisions. The course on operations analytics, taught by three of Wharton’s leading experts, focuses on how the data can be used to profitably match supply with demand in various business settings. In this course, you will learn how to model future demand uncertainties, how to predict the outcomes of competing policy choices and how to choose the best course of action in the face of risk. The course will introduce frameworks and ideas that provide insights into a spectrum of real-world business challenges, will teach you methods and software available for tackling these challenges quantitatively as well as the issues involved in gathering the relevant data. This course is appropriate for beginners and business professionals with no prior analytics experience....


Jul 1, 2020

Operations Analytics helps me to understand how to solve Newsvendor problem by statisti, forecast SUK and predict the seasonal performance. Great lessions and thanks so much for the three Instructors!

Apr 26, 2020

Excellente course. Very challenging especially for beginners. The motivation to achieve my final goal of reinventing myself professionally, makes every challenge a welcome experience. Thanks Coursera!


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Feb 10, 2016

So good!

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Dec 25, 2018

love it

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Apr 29, 2016

Good !!

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创建者 Maprang

Feb 13, 2021

Not bad for someone with no business background like me who doesn't utilize Excel often in my job as I'd adopt python to crunch a massive amount of data instead. However, Excel does do an excellent job for a small amount of data, and when you're proficient at it, you'd be better at mingling with those business degree people at work. Don't be deterred by the lengthy videos as the concepts presented are intuitive and not very difficult (given that you're not bad at junior high/ high school level maths), so you can certainly skip some parts.

Some downsides about this course: I think it's too easy. The quizzes are too easy and the students do not have an opportunity to create their own Excel simulations because these are not required to pass the course. Watching how someone does Excel passively doesn't guarantee that you'd be able to do the same.

创建者 Anwar R

Dec 30, 2015

The course provides good overview of forecasting and operation analytics. Some operation research techniques like linear programming, network optimization, decision tree (not to confuse with decision tree from machine learning field), and simulation are nicely presented. Solver plugin of excel is used for all those problems which makes the analytic content becomes more concrete.

The presentation is from very, very high level point of view though, and lack from depth. It lacks of depth from business point of view, but also from analytic point of view. The quizzes are much too easy given the content. I expect that the quizz would be harder than example given in the course, but it's unfortunately the reverse.