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This course is designed to impact the way you think about transforming data into better decisions. Recent extraordinary improvements in data-collecting technologies have changed the way firms make informed and effective business decisions. The course on operations analytics, taught by three of Wharton’s leading experts, focuses on how the data can be used to profitably match supply with demand in various business settings. In this course, you will learn how to model future demand uncertainties, how to predict the outcomes of competing policy choices and how to choose the best course of action in the face of risk. The course will introduce frameworks and ideas that provide insights into a spectrum of real-world business challenges, will teach you methods and software available for tackling these challenges quantitatively as well as the issues involved in gathering the relevant data. This course is appropriate for beginners and business professionals with no prior analytics experience....


Apr 26, 2020

Excellente course. Very challenging especially for beginners. The motivation to achieve my final goal of reinventing myself professionally, makes every challenge a welcome experience. Thanks Coursera!

Jul 1, 2020

Operations Analytics helps me to understand how to solve Newsvendor problem by statisti, forecast SUK and predict the seasonal performance. Great lessions and thanks so much for the three Instructors!


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创建者 Ahmed m Y H

Aug 10, 2020

very rich course, it helps me widen my knowledge in so many ways, it will be very helpful for me in my career.

创建者 Prithvi R

Jul 13, 2020

The videos are lengthy. You can try making them into different parts or clips. Other than that it was amazing

创建者 Arthur P

Dec 6, 2016

Nice course with the basics foundation for business analytics. The examples are clear and easy to understand.

创建者 Vera O

Oct 10, 2017

Solid course with very detailed instructions on how to use standard/built in analytics tools within Excel!

创建者 Vignesh D

Feb 7, 2016

Good course explaining the uncertainity problems and teaches us the scientific decision making skills.

创建者 Raphael A d V B

Aug 20, 2018

Very good insights but also very basic for those with engineering or collage statistics background.

创建者 Luigi C

Feb 19, 2016

Beginners level, really well explained.

It's useful even for someone that never worked with numbers.

创建者 Ongun S

May 8, 2016

Well balanced content with theory combined with practical examples. Excel demos are a bit lengthy.

创建者 Parag W

Mar 1, 2020

Explanation in videos was very good and precise. Topics were properly organized in the course.

创建者 ely

Nov 23, 2017

Very well structure content and practical approach. For me was an excellent refresher. Thanks!

创建者 Amber Y

Jul 18, 2020

Week one was very confusing and scared me. But weeks 3-4 explained everything extremely well!

创建者 Joydeep K

Jul 6, 2020

Solver Optimisation and Simulation parts are good for revision, if one knows it beforehand.

创建者 Ezequiel T G

May 23, 2020

It's good but much more boring than Customer Analytics. Professors are great though!!!

创建者 Daniel M

May 3, 2018

Practical problem solving methods. Instruction and hands-on homework very effective.

创建者 Greg M

Dec 26, 2018

Started out pretty rough but it got clearer as the weeks progressed. Very useful!

创建者 Antonio R P

May 23, 2019

Great information... hard for people that has not seen Statistics previously.

创建者 Brittany M E

Mar 9, 2017

Mostly great- a few areas of poor instruction, making it difficult to follow.

创建者 Aditya D

Jan 10, 2017

Well structured course. But need to scale up difficulty level for quiz.

创建者 Kartik D

Jan 14, 2016

First hand understanding about News Vendor and Optimization techniques.

创建者 Miloš M

Nov 11, 2015

First week was not prepared well, slides and lectures are bad presented

创建者 Jigisha T

Dec 13, 2018

Good Examples. Nicely explained with data, calculations, spreadsheets.

创建者 Teja S

Jul 6, 2016

A basic introduction to various problems and optimization in excel.

创建者 Digvijay N A

Nov 20, 2019

Very well designed and professors explained the course very well.

创建者 Jason M

Jan 11, 2016

This course introduced very useful tools and methodology to do pr

创建者 kalyan M

Feb 8, 2019

Difficulty level of the practice exercises needs to be increased