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学生对 宾夕法尼亚大学 提供的 Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling 的评价和反馈

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How can you put data to work for you? Specifically, how can numbers in a spreadsheet tell us about present and past business activities, and how can we use them to forecast the future? The answer is in building quantitative models, and this course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of this critical, foundational, business skill. Through a series of short lectures, demonstrations, and assignments, you’ll learn the key ideas and process of quantitative modeling so that you can begin to create your own models for your own business or enterprise. By the end of this course, you will have seen a variety of practical commonly used quantitative models as well as the building blocks that will allow you to start structuring your own models. These building blocks will be put to use in the other courses in this Specialization....



Jun 15, 2019

Very clear and articulate explanation of the concepts. He doesn't skip a step in the sequencing ideas, drawing comparisons and differences, and illustrating both visually and story-telling. Excellent.


Nov 30, 2020

for the beginer like me i have experience in banking of 8 years still for me this fundamentals are new specially quantitative modelling.Kindly provide banking related examples in here too.



451 - Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling 的 475 个评论(共 1,537 个)

创建者 Mark A

Jan 25, 2021

Very organised and summarising the most important quantitative topics and methods as well

创建者 Sundaram R

Feb 9, 2020

I liked the course and pace. The information was good enough. Not too much or too little.

创建者 muskan

Mar 19, 2019

It was a informative course, and expanded knowledge about business models and decisions.

创建者 Alexander A

Feb 8, 2018

Great intro into quantitive modeling. Would love to have more examples about regression.

创建者 Letitia S

Dec 10, 2017

Great course, delivered in a very natural way for even the beginner or refresher course.

创建者 Simon V

Oct 10, 2016

This was an excellent overview course. The material was challenging and well structured.

创建者 Shabanova O

Feb 28, 2022

Excellent course, with a lot of useful information.Thank you University of Pennsylvania

创建者 Ankit S

May 17, 2020

Great course! Explained a number of methods to make models and interpret their results.

创建者 Byron C

Mar 26, 2018

Great course. Focused on foundational concepts. The concepts are explained very well.

创建者 Srikrishna S

Jul 26, 2017

Very well structured course. Loved the way the concepts were unraveled.

A big thank you.

创建者 Yogendra N P

May 10, 2016

This is a good course for brushing up, or learning the basics of quantitative modeling.

创建者 David W

Dec 22, 2021

Excellent way to crystalize the rationale behind the use of each regression model type


Jan 19, 2021

Great course! It really strengthens your understanding of basic quantitative modeling.

创建者 Prashant S

Sep 24, 2017

Very nice and concrete overview of basic modeling techniques for business and finance.

创建者 Ignacio J M R

Jul 23, 2017

Straight forward and filled with useful information, not too complex but not too easy.

创建者 Zain A

Jun 25, 2016

Its a very good course, the lecturers are very good and explain the concepts very well

创建者 Aldo F

Mar 7, 2016

Excellent introduction to the mathematical fundamentals used in quantitative modeling.

创建者 Abhishek K

Dec 8, 2019

Fantastic course by Wharton. You can make your base strong by completing this course.

创建者 Duro A

Dec 11, 2016

Solid course to develop or re-introduce the knowledge necessary to build quantitative

创建者 Praveer S

Jun 9, 2016

The course was very helpful with gaining knowledge about various quantitative models.

创建者 Iris

Jan 30, 2019

easy-learning and helpful, with many examples to deep my understanding of the models

创建者 Mahimn B

Sep 9, 2017

The course is great and gives a very good basic understanding of quantitative models

创建者 Steven G

Apr 11, 2017

A great refresher. Very practical examples and knowledge. Great fundamentals course.

创建者 Shivam T

Feb 12, 2017

Great course and instructor, related the models with day to day scenarios very well.

创建者 Monisha M

Mar 14, 2016

Great course covering all the fundamentals and well paced for working professionals.