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Do you want to be more successful? This course was designed to help you define what success means to you, and to develop a plan for achieving it. Wharton Professor G. Richard Shell, an award-winning author and the creator of the popular Wharton School course on the meaning of success, created this course to help you answer the questions that arise when you consider how best to use your life. Drawing on his decades of research and mentoring, Shell offers personalized assessments to help you probe your past, imagine your future, and measure your strengths. He then combines these with the latest scientific insights on everything from self-confidence and happiness to relationships and careers. Throughout, he shares inspiring examples of people who found what they were meant to do by embracing their own true measure of success. Get ready for the journey of a lifetime—one that will help you reevaluate your future and envision success on your own terms. Students and executives say that Richard Shell’s courses and executive training programs have changed their lives. Let this course change yours....


Jun 8, 2020

Excellent course gives you the tools and ideas to think deeply about how you define success and set you on a solid path to achieving your greatest professional and personal success possible.

Jan 2, 2021

Very enjoyable course - a good balance of video content and assignments. Facilitator was superb with a mix of personal stories and new ideas.\n\nWould recommend it to friends and family.


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创建者 Sarah M

Jul 19, 2020

It was a helpful course; would be even better if we received direct contact from Professor Shell, but the content I learned was valuable.

创建者 Jaime E Z

Dec 30, 2019

Me gusto mucho el curso, me hubiera gustado que sea un poco mas practico y no tanto teórico, pero en general creo que es un gran curso.


Dec 12, 2020

This was a very good course for understanding yourself and how to maintain success. From Emerson Overton

创建者 Altangerel E

Feb 11, 2020

I just audited this course. It happens to be a good course on how to have a happy life.

Thank you.

创建者 Jenny L

Mar 27, 2019

This course provides enlightment and basic structures to organize personal thoughts of success.

创建者 Yagnik P

May 13, 2020

I like the way this course is built and want to opt for more courses like this.

创建者 Angela M

Apr 13, 2019

The course was very thought provoking and very well presented. Thank you

创建者 Maryam S

May 20, 2020

Great learning experience! changed my perspective of success!!

创建者 Christian M

Oct 21, 2020

Healthy and valuable.

创建者 Pedro F P

Jul 14, 2021

Excellent content!

创建者 Kyriakos K

Apr 12, 2021

Much respect for Richard Shell, he talks and captivates you, he's really charismatic. Despite that if you're looking for methods, tips or tricks about achieving success or even a new helpful advice that will "say" something new in your mind and unlock an undiscovered area, you won't find it here.

创建者 Виктор В

Nov 16, 2018

There are many too obvious things. Especially after a second week. This is not the worst course, but not the best one

创建者 Derek D V

Jun 20, 2017

The course could share a miscellaneous of texts and videos outside the Coursera community

创建者 yiqiangzheng

Jan 26, 2021

That's a good course but some videos are not enough clear.

创建者 Rodrigo B d S

Jun 11, 2017

Interesting, but not deep enough, maybe.

创建者 Saad Z S

Jul 12, 2020

Lovely course.

创建者 Santosh S

Apr 19, 2017

Ok course.

When I am taking a course from Wharton school, and from adult learning perspective, more is expected than simply small lectures and few activities. Some areas that I see this may be improved...

1) Latest evidence based support (few articles/papers) on achievement and satisfaction (Success both parameters). This is widely discussed field as subjective and objective career success.

2) In addition to SAME - better instruments/scale those are easily available online.

3) Some better links to career related articles from Harvard/California management review or organization dynamics on the topics covered.

创建者 Pelit M

Sep 27, 2021

Some interesting points for thought, but there is also a lot of stating the obvious (like the trade-off between chasing success versus feeling content with what you have). If you have already set reasonable goals (such as "getting a promotion at work") this course won't help you make a realistic plan of achieving it.

创建者 Timur N

Dec 19, 2021

T​his course just wastes u time. Meaningless and unuseful. They just tell you some common phrase that u can take from Wikipedia.

C​ourse is worthless.