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学生对 IBM 提供的 什么是数据科学? 的评价和反馈

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The art of uncovering the insights and trends in data has been around since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used census data to increase efficiency in tax collection and they accurately predicted the flooding of the Nile river every year. Since then, people working in data science have carved out a unique and distinct field for the work they do. This field is data science. In this course, we will meet some data science practitioners and we will get an overview of what data science is today....



Feb 22, 2019

Excellent quality content! It's a great introductory course that really gets you interested in Data Science. I would highly recommend it to anyone curious in learning about what Data Science is about.


May 12, 2020

Very learning experience, I am a beginner in DS, but the instructors in this course simplified the contents that made me I could easily understand, tools and materials were very helpful to start with.


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May 09, 2020


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Apr 29, 2020


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Mar 24, 2020


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Dec 22, 2019



May 11, 2019


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Oct 01, 2019


创建者 Ross E

Mar 25, 2020

Most of the transcripts of the videos were from old or different versions of the videoes. This fails the basic principle one of the core of the five Vs: Veracity. None done.

There were countless errors in the IBM voiced-over, animation videos. For example saying that data mining is "automated" when it was just explained that data priming - which is often highly manual at the outset - is an important part of the first steps of data mining. It is absolutely NOT inherently an automated process from end to end.

The final "capstone" assignment which was essentially regurgitation was graded incorrectly. Especially with respect to the final reading. Students were asked to list the "main" sections of what should constitute a report to be given to stakeholders following data science based research. Firstly, dictating sections is stupid as you need to customise to your audience and NO, doing it that way should never be prescribed as universal. Secondly, even adhering strictly to what the reading said and ONLY what the reading said, the grading criteria was WRONG. How on earth did you list Appendices, CLEARLY stated as OPTIONAL as one of the 10 main sections? Not only that, you listed sub-sections as whole sections. For students that got the answer correct, I graded them as such and commented that I'm doing this because the criteria was in fact erroneous.

It's one MOOC. How hard is it to get the basics right? What happened to the IBM culture that used to make software engineers write all their code without a compiler to MAKE SURE what they were building was as correct as possible before compiling because of a focus on quality?

Amateur hour over here. Not inspiring.


Sep 13, 2019

Was pretty upset that the answers on the final assignment were incorrect according to the course materials. I am an OCD person that is very by the book, who studies and seeks my answers directly from the materials. I am hear to learn and depend on you to have accurate learning materials and tests that follow the course materials.

I create procedure manuals for staff. One of the first things I do when I finish a new manual, is go through each thing, step by step, to make sure it is accurate. My manuals are for a handful of people, your learning materials are for thousands of people, many of which have language barriers, as English is not their first language. So this makes it even more important for your assignments/tests to be extremely clear in their questions and the answers correct according to the course material. When you have a tremendous amount of complaints about this on the discussion forums and no one of power is doing anything to correct this, this is a major issue.

I had started a specialization with Coursera a few months before and quit near the end of course two due to extreme frustration with these same issues. I love the idea of these specializations, and would love to take many of them. I hope and pray that the rest of this course will be a vast improvement over the last assignment in Course 1 week 3.

创建者 Krishna B

May 05, 2020

Honestly, I just expected too much from this course. It ended before I could even fully realise it had begun. Grading seemed to be less along the lines of "We want you to understand this" and more along the lines of "We want you to memorise a specific quote from a puzzlingly long video that you won't feel like watching throughout, and will follow up with a reading which is more or less a transcript of the video."

Take up the course if you've never come across the terms "data science" in your life. Otherwise, it's just time and cognitive effort down the drain. This course is basically clickbait that claims to need 3 weeks of your time, but can be completed in a single hour if you're a fast reader and have a long lunch break at work.

创建者 Greice d F K

May 15, 2019

- Texts have poor quality so they are hard to read and the references are not available.

- No extra materials are available.

- The quiz are pointless: you can answer without understand the text or the videos. You just need to find the key words on the text, no need to comprehend it.

- The videos are very boring. They are sometimes contradictory. Some questions are not answered and others are answered over and over again.

Finally, I thought the course poorly structured, boring and with low quality material. I could find better material on the internet for free.

创建者 Tiago F V C L

Jun 20, 2019

The course itself is too general; you complete the course and it's hard to say you actually learned something new. The exercises are extremely easy, you could easily skip all the videos, open the text for each assignment and answer. Furthermore, the testemonials appear to be randomly picked students who say what they think they're supposed to say, or just give their own opinion; this contributes very little to the viewer's actual learning. An introductory video to data science would've had the same outcome as this entire course.

创建者 Renan M d C

Feb 27, 2020

The course has a very basic approach. It's much more basic than I have imagined and to be honest it is not worth paying for. Everything taught here could be learnt on youtube in 1 or 2 hours. I was expecting basic exercises using data science tools, I mean, the same approach used by academic books: first you learn some concepts and then you make some exercises, then you proceed to the next topic. I'm not saying that what was presented was not good, it was great. But it could have been much deeper.

创建者 Priya A M

Jan 06, 2020

It would have been more time-effective for me to read the Wikipedia page on data science than spend the time watching these videos. The videos are much too basic with absolutely nothing technical and a fair amount of repetition of the themes across all weeks, for example, needing to be a good storyteller. The entire three module course could have easily been condensed to one module and something more substantial could have been added instead.

创建者 Kenneth I

May 28, 2020

Mostly awful. The majority of the videos are just college professors talking about "curiosity, and passion for data analytics" No concrete examples, just a lot of fluff. Actual verbatim: "A data scientist does data science" The quizzes are a joke. This honestly felt like a waste of time. I'm no closer to learning the "hard skills" necessary to become a data scientist than at the beginning of the course.

创建者 Sima S K

Nov 27, 2019

I wouldn't spend much time on this course. Although it is informative, it is filled with marketing for IBM and lengthy and sometimes repetitive interviews with people who work in this field. I'd rather skip these and jump to the real learning, software and analytics skills. Most people who are taking these courses already know this stuff and plus all this information is available for free online.

创建者 Jeremy S

Apr 14, 2019

Very thorough for anyone who is interested, but doesn't know what data science is. However, it is mind-numbingly basic and most of the reading is more theoretical application than instruction. Way too long of a course for how little information there was. The quizzes were frustrating, as well, as they simple referred to the reading, but didn't reinforce concepts.

创建者 Justin S

Dec 12, 2019

Very basic introduction. Would have liked a little more substance than just the QnA section with some people in the field and a couple short readings. This entire course could have been the first week in a real course. I also think the quizzes could have been better. They just copy paste sections of the reading to make sure you read the reading assignments.

创建者 Joe W

Oct 29, 2019

After working as a data scientist looking to add "credentials" based on these certificates, I didn't learn any new concepts. If you have never heard of data science and are in high school or just starting to learn about the field, this course would be useful. Otherwise, if you already have experience I would recommend against taking this course.


Jun 01, 2020

really very it is very basic thing to understand, what is data science, but it has been very lengthy process to understand this and unnecessarily time was engaged on IBM Cloud Platform, a person who's going to pursue the entire course will definitely use the tools but to introduce the field it should be very short and precise thing

创建者 Lawrence L

Jul 15, 2019

While I appreciate the talks given by these experts, the way this content was spread out with very little substance was demotivating for me and not an efficient use of time, in my opinion.

It could be much more concise.

I liked the final assignment as a recap and way to interact with my classmates.

创建者 Luigi d M N

May 09, 2020

The course offers some key definitions for what regards data science. The learner should not expect to understand more than just a list of new words related to the topic. The videos and reading material are moderately entertaining and the assessment strategy is excessively straightforward.

创建者 Guillaume T

Feb 24, 2020

The course consists mostly of generalities and has unfortunately nearly no examples.

Showing a data science project with the difference phases of a project would have been great: problem formulation, data collection, data exploration, analysis, visualization, report preparation, etc.

创建者 Max

Jan 27, 2020

Strange timings. Supposed to be 3-weeks course, but could be beaten in one evening. Also, it was not very informative. However, there was useful stuff such as report requirements. Hope, next courses will be more useful in terms of boosting my skills as data scientist.

创建者 Julie L

Oct 25, 2019

This course is for people with ZERO experience in data science. If you've never used a computer before, or have been hiding under a rock for the past two decades, then this is the course for you.

Otherwise, save your money and avoid it.

创建者 Aleksandr S

Oct 25, 2020

Generally useless pile of videos explaining basic stuff about data science without saying anything useful. Final assignment was a total joke focused only on one particularly uninteresting and not-so-relevant topic. Very disappointed